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Lays - "betcha can't eat just one" chips Lays - "he ___ in the reins" iron & wine Lays - "peaceful, the world ___ me down" Lays - "so crisp you can hear the freshness" snack food brand Lays - 'betcha can't eat just one' chips Lays - Air pops chips maker Lays - Alternative to ruffles Lays - Arranges ballads Lays - Ascribes, as blame Lays - Attacks, with "into" Lays - Attributes, as blame Lays - Ballads Lays - Be idle when reciting short narrative poems Lays - Be idle, by the sound of it, with such affirmatives by the half-hundred Lays - Bets on macaulay's songs Lays - Big name in chips Lays - Big name in potato chips Lays - Brand of chips Lays - Carefully places Lays - Chip brand Lays - Chip brand that comes in a kc masterpiece barbecue flavor Lays - Chip name Lays - Chips with a "do us a flavor" contest Lays - Chips with a 'do us a flavor' contest Lays - Deposits Lays - Deposits of ancient rome maybe Lays - Deposits of ancient rome perhaps Lays - Deposits, as eggs Lays - Dismisses, with "off" Lays - Does a hen's job Lays - Drama doesn't start with songs Lays - Fifty affirmatives for the minstresl Lays - Fires, with "off" Lays - Fritos shelf sharer Lays - Has an egg Lays - How pertelote produces literary works? Lays - How the minstrel goes in for egg-production Lays - Idle-sounding songs Lays - Installs, as a carpet Lays - Installs, as carpet Lays - Installs, as carpeting Lays - Installs, as tile Lays - Is a productive hen Lays - Is a valuable hen Lays - Laws of tessellation ... Lays - Lots of drama with no quiet songs Lays - Macaulay's '___ of ancient rome' Lays - Major chip maker Lays - Masked assassin Lays - Melody ultimately in place of hollywood's songs Lays - Minstrel songs Lays - Minstrel's ballads Lays - Minstrel's melodies Lays - Minstrel's repertoire Lays - Minstrels' songs Lays - Old ballads Lays - Old narrative songs or poems Lays - Old songs Lays - One puts this down in the nest Lays - Pepsi sub-brand Lays - Pepsico snack brand Lays - Places Lays - Places (bets?) Lays - Places down Lays - Places down, as carpeting Lays - Popular chips Lays - Popular name in chips Lays - Potato chip brand Lays - Potato chip brand owned by pepsico Lays - Pringle's alternative Lays - Pringles alternative Lays - Pringles competitor Lays - Pringles rival Lays - Produces (eggs) Lays - Produces an egg Lays - Produces eggs Lays - Produces the eggs for the minstrel Lays - Puts Lays - Puts a bet on 'take it easy,' as stated Lays - Puts down Lays - Puts down - narrative poetry Lays - Puts down narrative poems Lays - Puts down old songs Lays - Puts down, as a 23 across Lays - Puts down, as tile Lays - Puts down; songs Lays - Puts on the floor Lays - Relaxes, with "back" Lays - Reportedly idle poets may write them Lays - Sets (down) Lays - Sets down Lays - Sets down at a city in the us ... sounds wise Lays - Sets down fifty the wrong way, say Lays - Sets down poems Lays - Sets down songs Lays - Sets down the old songs Lays - Sets, as a trap Lays - Songs don't work on the radio Lays - Songs for the hen when she produces an egg Lays - Southwestern queso brand Lays - Sung poems Lays - The sort of ballads that will not sound energetic Lays - The sort of music a hen produces when she does her work? Lays - They're for the last minstrel when he produces the eggs Lays - Tolkein's "the ___ of beleriand" Lays - Verses Lays - Wagers Lays - What a fan does to bon jovi with "hands"? Lays - What the fowl does for the ballads Lays - What the hen does for minstrels? Lays - What the hen does for the minstrel Lays - Wise competitor Lays - Wise competitor? Lays - ___ an egg (bombs) Lays - ___ down a bunt (sacrifices)