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Napoleon - Pastry named for a french emperor

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Napoleon - Continental system proponent Napoleon - Pastry named for a french emperor Napoleon - Waterloo loser Napoleon - Author of the advice Napoleon - Custardy pastry Napoleon - Flaky pastry Napoleon - Brits call it "vanilla slice" Napoleon - Custard pastry Napoleon - "amimal farm" pig Napoleon - Layered pastry Napoleon - Oblong pastry Napoleon - Cream-filled oblong pastry Napoleon - One pole on the end of the north in france Napoleon - Has the north got one pole upon it for france? Napoleon - One could have made himb-randy! Napoleon - Has the north got a pole in it to make it so famous? Napoleon - The north is famous for having a pole on it Napoleon - Frenchman known as the little corporal Napoleon - Seems that the north has got a famous pole on it Napoleon - The north has got a famous pole on it Napoleon - The north has a famous pole upon the end Napoleon - The french north pole upon it in a general sort of way Napoleon - Is there really a pole at the north or just a bone, apart from this? Napoleon - The little french general Napoleon - French general and emperor Napoleon - What the north has - enoughto make an emperor Napoleon - No one, pal, matches this little corporal Napoleon - Open loan to the french general. strangely Napoleon - The familiar bonaparte Napoleon - It's not at the south that a pole was on there for france Napoleon - Has the north got a pole on it from france? Napoleon - 'was he from poland on there at last? no, originally from corsica (8)' Napoleon - The little corporal turned up an n or s on the end Napoleon - A frenchman and how he refuses capturing north or south Napoleon - Raised article on about staff of emperor Napoleon - A piece of cake Napoleon - Piece of gold found in the patisserie Napoleon - A 20-franc piece lost at waterloo Napoleon - Coin issued by its namesake Napoleon - Coin for pig Napoleon - Sleep with nothing on, having eaten two slices of lemon cake Napoleon - Two card games from 'animal farm' and 'star wars' for 'the man from uncle' Napoleon - An east european to be stifled by no french emperor! Napoleon - Former french gold coin Napoleon - Corporal and emperor Napoleon - Corsican conqueror Napoleon - Emperor - brandy Napoleon - French emperor, d.1821 Napoleon - With 41-down, title teen in a 2004 indie hit Napoleon - Complex guy? Napoleon - Christmas opus, a new revolutionary early 19th-century piece Napoleon - One of those old ones over 8 across is from corsica Napoleon - A european captured by none - except the english! Napoleon - Emperor given denial by his compatriot about a fellow european Napoleon - Head pig on animal farm Napoleon - French emperor Napoleon - Have second thoughts about taking liner in rough seas Napoleon - Ex-dictator who could be a pig Napoleon - Emperor, and his refusal to engage a staff Napoleon - Pig of an emperor Napoleon - Name an east european working for french vip Napoleon - Penultimate event has a european riding a pig Napoleon - Frenchman's refusal to accept a foreigner as his emperor Napoleon - Emperor's granny concealed east european origins at first Napoleon - Emperor's apt refusal to engage a staff Napoleon - Emperor's refusal to cross one of earth's extremes Napoleon - A pig farmer was chased by french opposition member carrying a stick Napoleon - Emperor penguin's end, after refusal to cross a part of antarctica Napoleon - Extended nap for emperor Napoleon - Cry of encouragement given during bet on card game Napoleon - Symphony offered before his pianoplayers appeared Napoleon - In exasperation a pole once attacked a corsican Napoleon - Name of three french rulers between 1804 and 1870 Napoleon - Former french coin worth 20 francs Napoleon - French emperor who was defeated at waterloo Napoleon - Reportedly a bony old emperor Napoleon - Game and a berkshire boar at manor farm Napoleon - No parisian drinks a european brandy Napoleon - Pole? no, another corsican with big ideas! Napoleon - French refusal to accept a slav as their emperor Napoleon - French refusal to accept a staff general Napoleon - Name a european working for a military commander Napoleon - French refusal to accept a european dictator Napoleon - No parisian should imprison a european emperor Napoleon - Emperor's new guard cut by half in a long time Napoleon - Emperor's granny concealing eastern european origins, originally Napoleon - Emperor gives his refusal to hold a stake Napoleon - Emperor's east european origins initially concealed by grandma Napoleon - French leader turned an east european on Napoleon - Emperor exiled to elba Napoleon - Emperor who's down over christmas rising Napoleon - *"animal farm" tyrant Napoleon - Pastry dessert Napoleon - Rich french pastry Napoleon - Old french coin Napoleon - Relative shelters eastern european ring from corsica, hailed by 8 across Napoleon - Famous crosser of the 115-across Napoleon - European working under north american general Napoleon - Emperor not french, consuming a perch? Napoleon - Layered dessert Napoleon - What brits call "vanilla slice" Napoleon - Negative response about a european leading negotiation hailed by the french Napoleon - Leading pig in animal farm Napoleon - Il est mort alors qu'il était interné à sainte-hélène