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Looter - Plunderer

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Looter - Blackout criminal Looter - Blackout thief Looter - Criminal during a blackout Looter - Crook during a power outage Looter - Did the thief go back to make another implement? Looter - He steals up to do a refit Looter - He takes things the wrong way Looter - Inventory taker? Looter - It's up to the thief to modernise the factory Looter - Might he steal away to get fresh implements? Looter - One has to steal to get a new set of implements back here Looter - One taking inventory perhaps to modernise factory in recession Looter - One taking turns to provide new machinery Looter - One who lifts goods after sacking? Looter - One who rifles Looter - One who takes inventory? Looter - One who's taken from others in war Looter - Opportunist of a sort Looter - Pillager Looter - Pillager, plunderer Looter - Pirate, for one Looter - Pirate, often Looter - Plunderer Looter - Plunderer provides stolen goods for hospital ward Looter - Provide new kit for returning criminal Looter - Riot opportunist Looter - Riot participant, maybe Looter - Riot robber Looter - Riot thief Looter - Robber at a riot Looter - Stealer during riot Looter - Stealer of goods Looter - The thief is up to do the re-fitting Looter - The thief will get back to bring his equipment up to date Looter - The thief will get new equipment back here Looter - Thief during a power outage Looter - Thief during a riot Looter - Thief during unrest Looter - Thief in a riot Looter - Thief in small room starts to take everything regardless Looter - Thief of a sort Looter - Thief returned instrument used by queen Looter - Thief wants to get new equipment on the way back Looter - This thief comes back to get a new set of instruments Looter - Wartime thief Looter - Window shopper perhaps returns instrument from hospital Looter - Window shopper perhaps won't pay for it Looter - Window smasher, maybe