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Roadie - Speaker accompanier, perhaps

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Roadie - Band's helper Roadie - Speaker accompanier, perhaps Roadie - Entourage member Roadie - Band hand Roadie - One rolling with the stones? Roadie - Rock-tour assistant Roadie - One of a tour crew Roadie - John's employee Roadie - Band aide Roadie - Amp toter Roadie - Amp schlepper Roadie - Band aid? Roadie - Tour schlepper Roadie - Tour manager, e.g Roadie - Behind-the-scenes band worker Roadie - Band tour toter Roadie - Microphone tester, perhaps Roadie - Touring band's employee Roadie - One who works with speakers? Roadie - Tour crew member, often Roadie - Carrier of drum cases, maybe Roadie - 'testing, testing, one, two' tech Roadie - Carrier of the band's equipment Roadie - Tour helper Roadie - Concert worker Roadie - Band aid Roadie - On-tour staffer Roadie - Music-tour worker Roadie - Rock band assistant Roadie - The person who handles the equipment for travelling entertainers Roadie - Drum tech, e.g Roadie - I help with gigs - i adore travelling Roadie - Worker with band on tour Roadie - Person moving and setting up band's equipment Roadie - Equipment handler for touring band Roadie - Dude with an iron maiden shirt and beer belly, at many shows Roadie - The street that is setting up the equipment Roadie - One handles the equipment for travelling entertainers Roadie - Course that is checking out sounds Roadie - One bringing a speaker onstage, maybe Roadie - One who sets the stage? Roadie - Rock concert staffer Roadie - Tour toter Roadie - Touring band's aide Roadie - Rock-concert aide Roadie - Tour-bus occupant Roadie - One in a tour group Roadie - Touring musicians' gofer Roadie - Toter on tour Roadie - Pop-group tour helper Roadie - He sets the stage for group travelling Roadie - Movement into a place Roadie - He renders aid, does touring? Roadie - Touring band's supporter Roadie - Touring band's helper Roadie - Musical tour crew member Roadie - Touring band's worker Roadie - Tour aide Roadie - Sounds like band aid instrumental in setting up the musicians Roadie - Tour worker Roadie - Touring pop group's equipment handler Roadie - One who lines up speakers? Roadie - One handles equipment for travelling entertainers Roadie - Travelling supporter to wander endlessly, then fade away Roadie - I adore going round (with pop group?) Roadie - New aide or anyone responsible for kit on group tour Roadie - Route that's for one supporting band Roadie - Band's assistant Roadie - Radio broadcast key for member of crew Roadie - Organiser of musical group that is on the way Roadie - Crew member's new idea on endless row Roadie - I adore crazy person on tour Roadie - One on tour Roadie - One working for kansas or alabama Roadie - Band entourage member Roadie - Tour crew member Roadie - Writing circle contacts most of those in 21 across for helping the group get set up Roadie - Member of the who's 'who's who'? Roadie - Worker who occasionally gets amped up on the job? Roadie - Band's equipment handler Roadie - Musician's gofer Roadie - Writing circle contacts a director that is helping the group get set up Roadie - Band's helper gets fee finally after radio broadcast Roadie - I dare somehow to conceal love as travelling supporter Roadie - He loads and unloads Roadie - Tour pa Roadie - He sets the show up Roadie - Band helper Roadie - Tour bus occupant Roadie - Drum technician on tour Roadie - One handling 4 down for travelling entertainers Roadie - Person setting the stage? Roadie - Band crew member Roadie - Pop tour worker Roadie - Way that is required for gig worker Roadie - I adore getting drunk with member of band's crew Roadie - Rock band's helper Roadie - Rock band's helper