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Serenade - Activity at a sorority

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Serenade - Ballet to tchaikovsky's music, by george Serenade - Swain song Serenade - A little night music Serenade - Activity at a sorority Serenade - Victor herbert operetta, with 'the' Serenade - Sing for a lover Serenade - Beau's ballad Serenade - Romantic air from below the sill Serenade - Woo, in a way Serenade - Under-the-window performance Serenade - Suitor's song Serenade - One might be heard under a balcony Serenade - Love notes? Serenade - Court, in a way Serenade - Play to the balcony? Serenade - Sing to a lover, or the song itself Serenade - Court by concert Serenade - Night air? Serenade - Sing to a lover, e.g Serenade - Fraternity activity Serenade - Woo musically Serenade - It might be heard from one going to court Serenade - Wooer's rendition Serenade - Sing to Serenade - Sing to your sweetie Serenade - Woo with song Serenade - Have the danes e'er a bit music that's not for the day? Serenade - Solo for the lady, by the sound of it Serenade - Romantic song under fair lady's window Serenade - It's played or sung at a lover's window Serenade - Musical performance, under a lady's window? Serenade - It's sung to her by father back there in a calm way Serenade - It's played under a lover's window Serenade - Woo with a tune Serenade - Play to the balcony Serenade - The strain of going to court Serenade - Song composed about the present time Serenade - Romance in the air? Serenade - Music played by lover Serenade - Piece of music for lovers at night Serenade - Evening music (played outside woman's house) Serenade - Piece of music for courtship Serenade - (romantic?) song or tune Serenade - Song of romance Serenade - Sing to a sweetie Serenade - Look to entertain european king, after backing vocals in the moonlight? Serenade - Sing (for someone on a balcony?) Serenade - Still holding onto an old penny piece Serenade - Music appropriate for evening Serenade - Publicity in serene surroundings for divertimento Serenade - Piece sung beneath beloved's window Serenade - Song (under window) Serenade - Streetlife -------- (billy joel album) Serenade - Commercial interrupting tranquil piece of music Serenade - Need ears tuned to this? Serenade - Sing to (lover) Serenade - Murder Serenade - Song sung by suitor Serenade - Song Serenade - Dear seen playing composition Serenade - Short advert during calm piece of music Serenade - Lover's song Serenade - Noted performance of plucky chap looking up to girl? Serenade - Air coming in through the window? Serenade - Evening love song Serenade - Song to a lover Serenade - Open-air song Serenade - Song often sung under a window Serenade - Song under a lady's window Serenade - Send notes to the girlfriend Serenade - Lay under window Serenade - Play to win Serenade - Song composed by edna rees Serenade - For the commercial in, composed music Serenade - It's a strain for one, going to court Serenade - Love music Serenade - Bars under a window Serenade - A number in calm surroundings provide music Serenade - Play up to someone you want to gain favour with Serenade - Bars for ladies only Serenade - A lover's song Serenade - Winning number, it is hoped, for the lady Serenade - Lied, perhaps, in an endeavour to win Serenade - Carol composed about the present time Serenade - Need ears free for piece of music Serenade - In the game of love, play to win! Serenade - Declarations of love sent by air Serenade - Unperturbed about modern-style music Serenade - Are needs transformed by such a song? Serenade - Unruffled about modern style music Serenade - Various needs are expressed in song Serenade - Bars outside the window Serenade - Love is in the air here Serenade - Lied to impress a girl Serenade - Unruffled by incoming puff of air Serenade - A number in quiet surroundings provide music Serenade - Back eurovision's first scandinavians covering queen song Serenade - Unperturbed about commercial song Serenade - Calm, accepting a date's love song Serenade - Sing to a duke in comfortable surroundings Serenade - After partner's heart, play this Serenade - Sing to a lover Serenade - Woo with music Serenade - Beau's song Serenade - Noted performance of plucky chap, perhaps, looking up to girl? Serenade - Sing to a daughter in calm surrounding Serenade - Lover's tune Serenade - Sad ears need music Serenade - Unperturbed about commercial music Serenade - Outdoor air that could benefit a lady? Serenade - Play in attempt to win a hand? Serenade - Bill interrupts peaceful song Serenade - Song to the balcony