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Hearst - 'citizen kane' inspiration

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Hearst - Cosmopolitan publisher Hearst - 'citizen kane' inspiration Hearst - Citizen kane's real-life model Hearst - San simeon builder Hearst - Diversified publishing giant Hearst - Tribune company competitor Hearst - Big name in publishing Hearst - Newspaperman william randolph ___ Hearst - San simeon castle builder Hearst - Big media name Hearst - His life inspired "citizen kane" Hearst - Heiress in 1974 news Hearst - Big name in the newspaper business Hearst - Magnate "citizen kane" was partly based on Hearst - 'citizen kane' model Hearst - Patty or william Hearst - Publisher of cosmopolitan and good housekeeping Hearst - San simeon castle Hearst - Cosmopolitan owner Hearst - Newspaper giant Hearst - Newspaper publisher william randolph ___ Hearst - San simeon citizen Hearst - San francisco employer of twain and bierce Hearst - Pulitzer contemporary Hearst - Pulitzer rival Hearst - Big name in yellow journalism Hearst - Publisher who was the inspiration for "citizen kane" Hearst - Real-life inspiration for kane Hearst - Publisher with a castle Hearst - West coast castle builder Hearst - Publisher of cosmopolitan and esquire Hearst - Newspaper mogul randolph Hearst - Media magnate william randolph -- Hearst - San simeon publisher Hearst - California's ___ castle Hearst - On the street catch the sound of old newspaperman Hearst - Newsman who famously defined news as 'something somebody doesn't want printed' Hearst - Early newspaper magnate Hearst - Publisher of "elle" and "o" Hearst - California "castle" builder Hearst - "citizen kane" inspiration Hearst - Newspaper mogul changed suit at the end Hearst - Us newspaperman is informed about times leader Hearst - News chief demanding strong leader in essence Hearst - Minority owner of espn Hearst - Old newspaper man put sun leader in the middle Hearst - William randolph - - (tycoon) Hearst - Former publisher listens to tory leader Hearst - Us newspaper publisher whose career inspired the orson welles film 'citizen kane' Hearst - William randolph --, us newspaper publisher (1863-1951) Hearst - 'citizen kane' with welles finally in character Hearst - William randolph --, american newspaper publisher Hearst - Publisher of redbook Hearst - Whom kane in 'citizen kane' is based on Hearst - Publisher who inspired 'citizen kane' Hearst - Media giant Hearst - The real citizen kane Hearst - Good housekeeping publisher since 1911 Hearst - Citizen kane's real-life model randolph Hearst - Real-life model for citizen kane Hearst - Publisher of esquire Hearst - King features syndicate parent Hearst - Street cutting through centre, one with an obligation, is one of 4's