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Tailspin - Dangerous dive

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Tailspin - A state of panic dogs spike Tailspin - A steep drop to follow political bias Tailspin - Alpinist (anag.) Tailspin - Chaotic situation, it's plain, gets out of control Tailspin - Confusion of alpinist in an awful state Tailspin - Confusion that doesn't have one's head in a whirl Tailspin - Critical downturn Tailspin - Dangerous dive Tailspin - Dive where the coin doesn't come down heads? Tailspin - Dogs heading off pell-mell in a state of panic Tailspin - Downward spiral Tailspin - Dramatic decline Tailspin - Dramatic downturn Tailspin - Dramatic fall Tailspin - Ducks put leg below bottoms and dive Tailspin - Follow journalists finally from press for dramatic downturn Tailspin - Follows page in state of panic Tailspin - Follows target in alley in greatly agitated state Tailspin - Follows the tot back in a state of panic Tailspin - Formal wear preferred at first in chaotic situation Tailspin - Great panic when i slap, struggling, into the can! Tailspin - Out-of-control drop Tailspin - Panic when pal is chucked roughly in can Tailspin - Pilot's danger Tailspin - Possible call -- secret number -- that could result in crash Tailspin - Precipitous downturn Tailspin - Rapid plunge Tailspin - Severe decline Tailspin - Severe downturn Tailspin - Spiral aeroplane dive Tailspin - Spiral dive bothered alpinist Tailspin - Spiral dive of aircraft in trouble Tailspin - Spiral dive of an aeroplane Tailspin - Spiral dive, it's plain disastrous Tailspin - Stalks cut back in downward spiral Tailspin - State of panic follows fix Tailspin - Stricken alpinist in increasing panic Tailspin - Sudden and precipitous downturn Tailspin - Sudden collapse Tailspin - Sudden collapse into failure Tailspin - Sudden decline Tailspin - Telling of story with bias brings a state of panic