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Lear - 'here i disclaim all my paternal care' speaker

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Lear - "all in the family" creator norman Lear - "all in the family" producer Lear - "all in the family" producer norman Lear - "good times" producer Lear - "i am a very foolish fond old man" speaker Lear - "king __" Lear - "king ___" (shakespeare work) Lear - "king ___" (shakespeare) Lear - "maude" creator norman Lear - "maude" producer norman Lear - "o, let me not be mad" speaker Lear - "o, that way madness lies" speaker Lear - "runcible spoon" coiner Lear - "sanford and son" co-producer Lear - "sanford and son" producer Lear - "sanford and son" producer norman Lear - "that way madness lies" speaker Lear - "the jeffersons" producer norman Lear - "the jeffersons" writer norman Lear - "the owl and the pussy-cat" poet Lear - "the owl and the pussycat" poet Lear - "the owl and the pussycat" poet edward Lear - 'a book of nonsense' author, 1846 Lear - 'a book of nonsense' poet Lear - 'all in the family' producer norman Lear - 'darkness and devils!' shouter Lear - 'here i disclaim all my paternal care' speaker Lear - 'i am a man more sinn'd against than sinning' speaker Lear - 'i am a very foolish fond old man' speaker Lear - 'ingratitude, thou marble-hearted fiend' speaker Lear - 'king __' Lear - 'laughable lyrics' poet Lear - 'laughable lyrics' writer Lear - 'maude' creator Lear - 'maude' producer norman Lear - 'more sinn'd against than sinning' protagonist of shakespeare Lear - 'nonsense' poet Lear - 'oh, that way madness lies' speaker Lear - 'old king cole' artist's covered Lear - 'the jumblies' poet Lear - 'the owl and the pussycat' poet Lear - 'the owl and the pussycat' poet edward Lear - 'there was an old man ...' poet Lear - 'there was an old man with a beard' writer Lear - 'which of you shall we say doth love us most?' asker Lear - 'which of you shall we say doth love us most?' speaker Lear - (see 16ac) Lear - -- jet Lear - 1953 welles role Lear - 2004 broadway role for christopher plummer Lear - A jet or a king Lear - A king or a jet Lear - A real playful king Lear - Albany's father-in-law Lear - Almost memorise nonsense this man wrote Lear - Archie bunker's creator Lear - Aviation innovator in the inventors hall of fame Lear - Be apprised (of) Lear - Big jet name Lear - Big name in business jets Lear - Big name in jets Lear - Big name in private jets Lear - Big name in private planes Lear - British king in play Lear - British king of literature Lear - British limerick writer Lear - Bunker's creator Lear - Business jet Lear - Business jet company founder Lear - Business-jet pioneer Lear - Cessna competitor Lear - Cordelia's dad Lear - Cordelia's father Lear - Cordelia's pop Lear - Cornwall's father-in-law Lear - Creator of 'all in the family' Lear - Disinheritor of cordelia Lear - Drama king Lear - Drama king? Lear - Duke of cornwall's father-in-law, in shakespeare Lear - Earl created king Lear - Earl may be mistaken for king Lear - Edward --, writer of nonsense verse Lear - Edward known for limericks Lear - Edward made a nonsense of the playful king Lear - Edward who popularized the limerick Lear - Edward who wrote 'a book of nonsense' Lear - Edward who wrote 'the owl and the pussycat' Lear - Edward who wrote humorous verse Lear - Edward, writer of nonsense verse Lear - Eng. poet (the jumblies) Lear - English limerick poet Lear - Father of cordelia Lear - Father of goneril Lear - Father of regan Lear - Fictional king - english humorist Lear - First speaker of "nothing can come of nothing" Lear - Get to know, briefly, a humorist Lear - Gloucester's king Lear - Goneril's dad Lear - Goneril's father Lear - Having no clubs, unblocked king Lear - He gave us "good times" Lear - He produced "good times" Lear - He says to cordelia, "thy truth, then, be thy dower" Lear - He was royally mad with three daughters and at fifty, near-decapitated Lear - He wrote 'there was an old man of thermopylae / who never did anything properly ...' Lear - Heartless composer makes a tragic figure Lear - Humorist about to leave clare confused Lear - Humorist, edward -- Lear - Humorous writer, tragic figure abused by children Lear - Ill-fated king Lear - Jet giant Lear - Jet name Lear - Jet or king Lear - Jet or set name Lear - Jet pioneer Lear - Jet set jet Lear - Jet set jet, perhaps Lear - Jet type Lear - Jet-set jet Lear - Jet-setter's jet Lear - Kind of jet Lear - King -, edward - Lear - King among poets? Lear - King articulate but no leader Lear - King edward Lear - King edward, the humorist Lear - King edward? Lear - King has to get the hang of being without knight Lear - King in a shakespearean tragedy Lear - King noted for saying 'how sharper than a serpent's tooth it is / to have a thankless child!' Lear - King of drama Lear - King of shakespeare Lear - King of shakespearean tragedy Lear - King of the puzzle arthur ... Lear - King of the stage Lear - King of tragedy Lear - King on a stage Lear - King to gain knowledge when knight has fled Lear - King who raged to edgar on the heath Lear - King who said 'nothing will come of nothing' Lear - King who says, 'o! that way madness lies' Lear - King who was the father of cordelia Lear - King with the immortal line 'who is it that can tell me who i am?' Lear - King with three daughters Lear - King you may have read about Lear - Limerick maker Lear - Limerick master Lear - Listener behind old sovereign more sinned against than sinning in will¿s tragedy Lear - Literary king Lear - Mad king of literature Lear - Mad king of shakespeare Lear - Mad king of the stage Lear - Mad king of theater Lear - Mad monarch of brit lit Lear - Mad shakespearean king Lear - Member of the jet set? Lear - Monarch of the bard Lear - Mostly pick up title role in shakespeare Lear - Name in jets Lear - Name on a jet Lear - Nearly come to understand writer of nonsense Lear - Nonsense poet Lear - Nonsense poet edward Lear - Nonsense poet; drama king Lear - Norman of sitcom fame Lear - Norman of tv fame Lear - Norman who created 'all in the family' Lear - Norman who created the bunkers Lear - Norman who produced "all in the family" Lear - Noted limerick creator Lear - Olivier role Lear - One of shakespeare's kings Lear - One writing nonsense disheartens composer Lear - Part of the jet set? Lear - Personal-aircraft pioneer Lear - Playful king and writer of nonsense verse Lear - Playful king edward - what nonsense! Lear - Playful king of nonsense Lear - Poet edward Lear - Poet spotted in meadow by river Lear - Poet virgil's last letter to head Lear - Private jet brand Lear - Private jet maker Lear - Private jet producer Lear - Private-jet maker Lear - Private-jet pioneer Lear - Raving king of drama Lear - Regan's dad Lear - Regan's father Lear - Role at stratford as writer of comic verse Lear - See 12 Lear - See 24 Lear - See 27 across Lear - See 52-down Lear - Shakespeare - 'king . . . .' Lear - Shakespeare's "king ___" Lear - Shakespeare's 'very foolish fond old man' Lear - Shakespeare's king Lear - Shakespeare's legendary king Lear - Shakespeare's tragic king Lear - Shakespeare's tragic king (4) Lear - Shakespearean character Lear - Shakespearean character who calls himself 'a very foolish fond old man' Lear - Shakespearean character who laments the pain of having a thankless child Lear - Shakespearean father of three Lear - Shakespearean father who calls ingratitude a 'marble-hearted fiend' Lear - Shakespearean king Lear - Shakespearean king betrayed by two of his daughters Lear - Shakespearean king who partly inspired kurosawa's 'ran' Lear - Shakespearean king with three daughters Lear - Shakespearean monarch Lear - Shakespearean protagonist Lear - Shakespearean royal Lear - Shakespearean royalty Lear - Shakespearian king Lear - Sitcom king norman Lear - Sitcom producer Lear - Sitcom producer norman Lear - Small jet maker Lear - Sovereign's appreciation of humorist Lear - Such a playful king edward! Lear - Swiss jet magnate Lear - The bard's foolish king Lear - The duke of albany's father-in-law Lear - The earl of kent is his courtier Lear - The jumblies poet Lear - The type of jet in my mansion's hangar Lear - Tragedy for comic writer Lear - Tragic character runs to the meadow Lear - Tragic daughter-misjudger Lear - Tragic figure since 1606 Lear - Tragic king Lear - Tragic king in play Lear - Tragic king of literature Lear - Tragic king seen in meadow by rex Lear - Tragic monarch Lear - Tragic shakepearean king, for real Lear - Tragic shakespeare king - quite real Lear - Tragic shakespearean king Lear - Tragic shakespearian king Lear - Tv legend norman Lear - Tv producer norman Lear - Type of jet Lear - Whom cordelia called "as mad as the vex'd sea" Lear - William piper contemporary Lear - Writer who coined the term 'runcible spoon'