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Screen - Drive-in feature

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Screen - Show for critics Screen - Drive-in feature Screen - Bug repellent, of a sort Screen - Hide Screen - Target of some projections Screen - Sun or smoke follower Screen - Insect repellent Screen - Bug barrier Screen - Filter Screen - Kind of pass or test Screen - Use caller id, e.g Screen - Sift Screen - Insect repellent? Screen - Show in theaters Screen - Storm-door insert Screen - Anti-insect application Screen - Projectionists target Screen - Window attachment Screen - "sun" or "smoke" follower Screen - Silver __ Screen - Porch protector Screen - Projection target Screen - Review applicants Screen - Window insert Screen - Present for viewing ... or prevent from being viewed Screen - Hearth accessory Screen - Big imax feature Screen - With 71-across, people whose names begin the starred entries Screen - Fly catcher Screen - Filter, as phone calls Screen - Listen to before answering Screen - Tv part Screen - Shield from view Screen - Conceal Screen - Bug blocker Screen - Select, in a way Screen - Weed out weak applicants Screen - Computer monitor Screen - Movie-theater fixture Screen - Theater fixture Screen - Use caller id Screen - Use an answering machine Screen - Mosquito thwarter Screen - Select, as incoming phone calls Screen - Movie star's milieu Screen - All is not well with whistler, itseems. top him up once more Screen - What one sees about the brute is enough to make it safe Screen - Counsel never gets back for the cinema Screen - That's enough to make one look up at the stars Screen - The crescendo may be perceived to be in the last of 13 across Screen - The riddle of the camera Screen - Will counsel never come back to the cinema? Screen - The riddle is how one sees stars on this Screen - What a riddle for the cinema? Screen - The riddle of the cinema Screen - It's quite a riddle to get through this Screen - It's a riddle how this could be viewed about the crescendo Screen - What a riddle that there should be pictures there! Screen - It's a riddle how there can be so many holes there Screen - Test or examine for the presence of disease or infection Screen - A film is projected onto it Screen - Surface on which to project pictures Screen - Test for the presence of disease or infection, in the cinema? Screen - Surface for projection of pictures Screen - Test for the presence of disease Screen - 'it provides protection, against insects, say (6)' Screen - Set of foldable hinged panels Screen - Counsel never comes back to the cinema for it Screen - Projected on this, it may be seen about the crescendo Screen - Surface, for showing movies say Screen - Filter the mobile partition Screen - Examine carefully to select or eliminate Screen - Onto which pictures are projected Screen - Show pictures on the surface Screen - Films are projected onto it Screen - Divider to select for suitability Screen - Conceal or sift Screen - It can serve both to conceal and to show something Screen - Surface on which pictures are projected in cinemas Screen - Examine methodically Screen - Film is projected on to this Screen - Examine for suitability, sift Screen - More of a riddle than a clue to cover this Screen - That's the riddle of hollywood Screen - The riddle of where one sees stars Screen - That's the riddle of the cinema Screen - There's little of this in your laptop Screen - The riddle of the pictures Screen - Counsel will never come back to the cinema Screen - Filter out Screen - Camouflage Screen - Movable partitions Screen - Movie theater fixture Screen - Word that can mean 'show' or 'hide' Screen - Cineplex need Screen - Show a film that prevents one viewing? Screen - Lint catcher Screen - Hide or show Screen - Riddle: 'it's silver in the cinema' Screen - Investigate the 20s Screen - Camouflage protection Screen - Check for security guard Screen - Guard seen protecting crown Screen - Show or hide Screen - Show picture of riddle Screen - Riddle for vet Screen - Hide - show - partition Screen - Blind - hide from view Screen - Protect - project Screen - Show - hide Screen - Movable partition - cinema Screen - See 13 Screen - Partition - cinema Screen - Shield Screen - Light partition providing shelter, concealment etc Screen - Partition - the cinema Screen - Flat surface onto which images are projected Screen - Cover - cinema Screen - Shield - broadcast Screen - Protect(ion) Screen - Show a motion picture (of) Screen - Means of concealment - the cinema Screen - Block out Screen - Show a film Screen - Cinema need Screen - Counsel never returning to see show in cinema Screen - Movable partition Screen - Show at a theater Screen - Partition Screen - Preselect Screen - Show? yes and no Screen - Basketball play Screen - One getting the picture Screen - Veil; vet Screen - Hide shield Screen - Protective frame Screen - Directions covering american indian broadcast on tv Screen - Conceal, protect Screen - Investigate (someone) for suitability; conceal Screen - Upright partition Screen - Show (a film) Screen - Show (film) Screen - To show or not to show? that's a riddle Screen - Shelter made from loose stones found on bottom of tarn Screen - Room partition; vet Screen - Conceal; test Screen - Councillor in spotted cloak Screen - Standing partition Screen - Check candidates for cinema's reception area? Screen - Partition; test suitability Screen - Sieve; tv display Screen - Show; cover Screen - Cover loose rock facing north Screen - Those wanting a look-in need such protection Screen - Room divider Screen - Carry out a security check and show the public a picture Screen - Show; hide Screen - Hide from a monitor Screen - Censer (anag.) Screen - Will it keep insects out in the cinema? Screen - It's put in the fireplace for show Screen - Vet show on tv Screen - Put on to hide Screen - Vet show on television Screen - To show or not to show? Screen - Check cinema feature? Screen - Sort out Screen - If blue this cannot be finally seen, but it can be seen if it has extremes of colour Screen - Vet that's on tv Screen - Hide from vet Screen - Put on brave face in nightmare after heading for sherry Screen - Stones below cliff before number is broadcast Screen - Shelter for american indian in daylight ends Screen - Shelter made from loose stones, indefinite number Screen - Show on television loose material that's new Screen - Dividing partition Screen - Guard noticed protecting crown Screen - Storm-door feature Screen - Display panel? Screen - Sift through, as job applications Screen - One at a multiplex Screen - Vet; monitor Screen - Type of door Screen - Riddle of knight found under a pile of loose rock Screen - Iphone component Screen - Television vet Screen - Project at the theater Screen - Mosquito barrier Screen - Show in a theater Screen - Bruce: "the ___ door slams, mary's dress waves" Screen - Some rockers wind up on the big one Screen - Bruce "the ___ door slams, mary's dress waves" Screen - Projectionist's need Screen - Writing in new scene relates to partition Screen - Display or conceal test for illness Screen - Test monitor Screen - Attempt to weed out, as bad applicants Screen - Loose stones, any number forming barrier Screen - Assess suitability of project Screen - Meshy window insert Screen - Hide, as from view Screen - Monitor tribe in outskirts of sudan Screen - Short gridiron pass Screen - Fireplace adjunct Screen - Sheltering row of trees Screen - Blind test?