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Ind - Alternative to dem. and rep Ind - Bach's "toccata and fugue ___ minor" Ind - Bach's 'toccata and fugue ___ minor' Ind - Ballot abbr Ind - Ballot word: abbr Ind - Beethoven's symphony #2 __ major Ind - Birthplace of rex stout and kurt vonnegut: abbr Ind - Colts, on a scoreboard Ind - Corn belt st Ind - Designation of two us senators Ind - Din over postal abbrev. of american state Ind - Evansville's st Ind - For the poet, the subcontinent has begun its independence Ind - Ft. wayne's home Ind - Gary loc Ind - Gary's home: abbr Ind - Gary's loc Ind - Gary's st Ind - Gary's state: abbr Ind - Great lakes st Ind - Home of christmas lake village: abbr Ind - Home of many of the 1-across: abbr Ind - Hoosier st Ind - Hoosier st. airport code Ind - Hoosier state (abbr.) Ind - Hoosier's home (abbr.) Ind - Ill. neighbor Ind - Illinois neighbor: abbr Ind - It's w. of oh Ind - Its st. flower is the peony Ind - Ken. neighbor Ind - Kind of candidate: abbr Ind - Ky. neighbor Ind - Lake mich. state Ind - Like 23 of haydn's symphonies Ind - Like an unaffiliated rep Ind - Like bach's 'magnificat' Ind - Like beethoven's 2nd Ind - Like beethoven's second symphony Ind - Like bernie sanders, before 2015: abbr Ind - Like brahms' symphony no. 2 Ind - Like maine sen. angus king Ind - Like maine's sen. angus king Ind - Like many write-in candidates: abbr Ind - Like pachelbel's canon Ind - Like perot in the 1992 pres. election Ind - Like ross perot, in 1992: abbr Ind - Like sen. king and sen. sanders Ind - Like sen. sanders Ind - Like some candidates: abbr Ind - Like some tickets: abbr Ind - Like vermont's sen. sanders Ind - Like vermont's sen. sanders, pre-2015 Ind - Like very few cong. members Ind - Like vt. senator sanders Ind - Line c, maybe, in a voting booth: abbr Ind - Line in a voting booth: abbr Ind - Loc. of gary Ind - Mich. neighbor Ind - Muncie's st Ind - N.y.c. subway Ind - Neighbor of ill Ind - Neighbor of ill and mich Ind - Neighbor of ky Ind - Neighbor of mich Ind - Neither 20-down nor 26-down Ind - Neither blue nor red?: abbr Ind - Neither dem nor rep Ind - Neither dem. nor rep Ind - Neither red nor blue?: abbr Ind - Neither rep. nor dem Ind - Neither rep. or dem Ind - Non-party regular: abbr Ind - Nonaffiliated voter: abbr Ind - Not bound to hillary or donald: abbr Ind - Not committed to a pol. party Ind - Not d. or r Ind - Not dem. nor rep Ind - Not dem. or rep Ind - Not of a party: abbr Ind - Not rep. and not dem Ind - Not rep. or dem Ind - Not the party sort: abbr Ind - Not the party type?: abbr Ind - Not voting the party line: abbr Ind - Notre dame u. home Ind - Oh./ill. separator Ind - Pacers' home: abbr Ind - Party ticket on which h. ross perot ran in 1992 Ind - Party-shunning: abbr Ind - Perot follower: abbr Ind - Person with a 114-across?: abbr Ind - Pol. choice Ind - Pol. label Ind - Pol. maverick Ind - Polit. designation Ind - Polit. label Ind - Polit. maverick Ind - Political poll abbr Ind - Politically unaffiliated (abbr.) Ind - Poll abbr Ind - Rep. or dem. alternative Ind - Rep.'s foe Ind - Row c abbr., maybe Ind - Row c, maybe: abbr Ind - Sans affiliation: abbr Ind - Sen. angus king's affiliation Ind - Sen. angus king, e.g Ind - Sen. jeffords' designation Ind - Sen. lieberman's affiliation, now Ind - Sen. lieberman's classification Ind - Sen. sanders's designation until november 2015 Ind - Senator sanders of vt., on ballots Ind - South bend's st Ind - State whose quarter says 'crossroads of america': abbr Ind - Swing voter, for short Ind - Swing voter, perhaps: abbr Ind - Swing voter: abbr Ind - Terre haute's state: abbr Ind - The colts, on a scoreboard Ind - The hoosier state (abbr.) Ind - Third line on a ballot: abbr Ind - Third line on many a ballot: abbr Ind - Third party (abbr.) Ind - Third party abbr Ind - Third-party abbr Ind - Unaffiliated: abbr Ind - Voter's choice: abbr Ind - Vp pence's home Ind - Where e. chicago is Ind - Where ft. wayne is Ind - Where the wabash r. flows Ind - ___ paper (abrasive)