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Doctor - Alter deceptively

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Doctor - Alter deceptively Doctor - Treat Doctor - No, for one Doctor - Person who's been given the third degree? Doctor - Strangelove or kildare Doctor - Adulterate Doctor - Tamper with Doctor - Neurologist or orthopedist Doctor - Hippocratic oath taker Doctor - Falsify Doctor - Photoshop, say Doctor - Fraudulently alter Doctor - Clinic worker Doctor - Hippocratic oath reciter Doctor - Medic Doctor - One who usually doesn't treat anyone well? Doctor - Medico Doctor - Might make you wellor, in turn, make the fish bad Doctor - And 9 across, medical man in the mire Doctor - It's up to him to make the fish go bad to a certain degree Doctor - Well, that's what one makes one Doctor - One treats the ill Doctor - Medical practitioner Doctor - An apple a day keeps him away Doctor - Medical practitioner, for instance Doctor - Medical professional or university don Doctor - Medic or holder of highest university degree Doctor - Licensed medical practitioner Doctor - Learned to make the fish go bad back there Doctor - One's learned to turn to make the fish go bad Doctor - One may make one better to turn the fish bad Doctor - Med-school graduate Doctor - House on tv, e.g Doctor - 19-across, e.g Doctor - Cook up rubbish fish Doctor - Who, say, is spike? Doctor - See 7 Doctor - Month before last at hour 4, in derogatory latin 1across 9 Doctor - A person well able to deal with any ill-feeling! Doctor - Tamper with bones Doctor - Cook sending tripe and fish back Doctor - See 11 Doctor - Man of words caught in entrance wearing long pants? Doctor - Physician Doctor - Gp Doctor - Foster, who, jekyll or livingstone Doctor - Tamper with - falsify - one of the 14 films Doctor - Tamper with for the minister Doctor - Medical school graduate Doctor - Alter fraudulently Doctor - Medical worker or holder of highest university degree Doctor - See 5 Doctor - Member of the ama Doctor - Introductory line for explorer in tv guide: 'mostly old inspector morse reruns' Doctor - ------ my eyes (the jacksons) Doctor - Ship's cook throws back rubbish to fish Doctor - Put up with eight fish bones Doctor - One seeing cases getting caught in exit? Doctor - Who possibly could be caught breaking into house? Doctor - Eg, surgeon Doctor - Who perhaps has erected fake dartmoor landmark? Doctor - Onshore breeze in spot starting to cool men Doctor - Bones for spike? Doctor - Adulterate; medic Doctor - Tamper with in the hospital Doctor - Fish rising to right treat Doctor - His job is to prevent ill-feeling Doctor - Consultant's opening taking scan Doctor - Who possibly gets caught in entrance? Doctor - Who, for example, is to cook? Doctor - Lace is caught in entrance Doctor - Who, for example, returned fish to river? Doctor - Cook's treat Doctor - 'the --', painting by luke fildes Doctor - With 69-across, subject of this puzzle Doctor - Cook crumble and fish in turn Doctor - No or oz, e.g Doctor - Gp finds court inside entrance Doctor - Who might this be on tv? Doctor - Treat from cook? Doctor - Spike is responsible for 15 across Doctor - Medic or coordinator fails to get on air Doctor - One who might try a diy cure? Doctor - One who's gotten the third degree? Doctor - Who's this first on tv? no, in bond film