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Shell - Pyrotechnic device

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Shell - Beach souvenir Shell - Pyrotechnic device Shell - Hardcover? Shell - Clam's home Shell - Part of some pastries Shell - Beach find Shell - Combing attraction? Shell - Beach memento Shell - Hard covering Shell - Pasta piece Shell - Henley boat Shell - Shore thing Shell - Turtle cover Shell - Cowrie cover Shell - Turtle's enclosure Shell - Racing boat Shell - Find at the beach Shell - Turtle's covering Shell - It covers your nut Shell - Pasta shape Shell - Beachcomber's find Shell - Nut case Shell - Snail feature Shell - Pearl protector Shell - Royal dutch ___ Shell - Crime scene evidence Shell - Snail's protection Shell - Hard case Shell - Carapace Shell - Mollusk's exoskeleton Shell - Hard cover Shell - Bermuda memento, perhaps Shell - Beach home? Shell - Combing find Shell - Turtle's 'home' Shell - Nut part Shell - Pistachio part Shell - Nut case? Shell - Pie case Shell - Conch, e.g Shell - Shades, perhaps, of what's hard outside Shell - Shades of having a hard cover Shell - It's hard to cover the shades with this, perhaps Shell - Shades, perhaps, of being hard outside Shell - Hard to get outside such shades, perhaps Shell - Perhaps shades of what's in the tank Shell - She will, in short, have shades of this on the outside Shell - Carapace or explosive missile Shell - Hard outer covering Shell - Carapace or cartridge Shell - The woman will be hard outside Shell - The lady will shortly be hard outside Shell - Shades of being hard outside Shell - Turtle's protection Shell - Hatchling's former home Shell - Case put under fire Shell - Explosive device found on the beach Shell - Outer case Shell - Characteristic feature of crustacean Shell - Outer covering Shell - Outer covering of 1 across, say Shell - See 18 Shell - Tortoise's home Shell - Protective outer casing Shell - Turtle covering Shell - Magazine article for oil company? Shell - Taco exterior Shell - Yellow-and-red gas station symbol Shell - Clam cover Shell - Beach house? Shell - Manitoba's white _____ Shell - Pasta bit Shell - Mortar missile Shell - Pistachio covering Shell - Bullet casing Shell - Casing Shell - Snail coverer Shell - Hard casing; a racing boat Shell - All that's left of building, after this hits? Shell - Squeeze pulled mussels from one Shell - Missile a woman will use Shell - Case a woman will briefly make Shell - (turtle's) carapace Shell - Bombard hard behind southern english lines Shell - Carapace; bombard Shell - Female will attack with bombs Shell - Lord lytton's initials on book cover Shell - Mollusc's casing Shell - Boat's hull Shell - Case made by poet losing backing of the old Shell - Hard outer case Shell - Walls of gutted building Shell - Mollusc's protection Shell - A little pasta and pepper? Shell - Trials and tribulations after second attack Shell - The lady is going to hull Shell - Hard casing Shell - Peanut cover Shell - A cover girl will Shell - Last thing soldiers will want, something bringing pain or destruction Shell - Bill no longer attached to old record case Shell - Empty case in racing boat Shell - Attack lines ending novel Shell - Get rid of old bob where the devil looks after his own Shell - Part of a beach house collection Shell - That woman will peel outside Shell - Narrow boat Shell - Pay, with "out" Shell - See 28-down Shell - Hard case; projectile Shell - Hard protective case Shell - Coxswain's command Shell - £2 printed on book cover Shell - You come out of it when you rock out Shell - Crustacean's protection Shell - Conch's covering Shell - Thimblerig object (and a link to 17- and 59-across and 11- and 29-down) Shell - Explosive projectile Shell - Light racing boat Shell - Drop bombs on second place of torment Shell - Outside of an egg Shell - M&m's exterior Shell - Bombard mollusc's casing Shell - Cartridge Shell - Woman will fire shots from large gun Shell - Oyster's protection Shell - Big name at the pumps