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Oiled - Lubricated

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  • Oiled - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word D

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Oiled - Able to run smoothly, say Oiled - Added lubricant to Oiled - Added lubrication to Oiled - After round, i was first to become tipsy Oiled - Aimed to reduce friction Oiled - Anointed Oiled - Applied 3-in-one to Oiled - Before getting this, bearings start to be heated Oiled - Beyond tipsy Oiled - Blotto Oiled - Boozed up Oiled - Bribed not to squeal? Oiled - Call for attention with a display, when drunk Oiled - Cooked topless when tipsy Oiled - Cooked, removed bottle top and got drunk Oiled - Cut down on noise, maybe Oiled - Cut, as silk may be Oiled - De-squeaked Oiled - Dealt with a squeak Oiled - Did routine maintenance Oiled - Dirty but cleared of sulphur and protected from rust? Oiled - Dirty topless drunk ... Oiled - Discarding spades, covered in dirt and greasy Oiled - Drunk as a skunk Oiled - Drunk not making a squeak? Oiled - Drunk that is occasionally caught by pedestrian Oiled - Drunk was working having missed start Oiled - Drunk, in slang Oiled - Drunken contingent from 9, 10 repelled Oiled - Ended the squeaking Oiled - Feeling no pain Oiled - First to open shop, back running smoothly? Oiled - Fixed a squeak Oiled - Fixed, as a squeak Oiled - Given a lube job Oiled - Glistening, like a mr. universe contestant's skin Oiled - Got rid of a squeak Oiled - Got rid of a squeak in Oiled - Got the squeaks out of Oiled - Greased Oiled - Greased to attract someone¿s attention to the french director Oiled - Having got nothing, i was smoothly in the lead Oiled - Hot buttered rum "well ___ machine" Oiled - Hot buttered rum "well-___ machine" Oiled - Juiced Oiled - Kept from squeaking Oiled - Kept from sticking Oiled - Koffin kats "well ___ machines" Oiled - Like a bike chain, usually Oiled - Like a bodybuilder, during competition Oiled - Like a bodybuilder, in competition Oiled - Like a smooth-running machine Oiled - Like mr. universe in competition Oiled - Like smooth-running machines Oiled - Like some bodybuilders' bodies Oiled - Like some smoothly running machines Oiled - Like some wrestlers' bodies Oiled - Like well-maintained engines Oiled - Lit Oiled - Lubed Oiled - Lubed (up) Oiled - Lubed up Oiled - Lubricated Oiled - Lubricated (with drink?) Oiled - Lubricated or drunk Oiled - Made a hinge less squeaky Oiled - Made quiet, maybe Oiled - Made quiet, perhaps Oiled - Made slick Oiled - Made smooth, in a way Oiled - Made unctuous Oiled - Mark wills "humming like a big well-___ machine" Oiled - Moved with difficulty, not having front bit lubricated Oiled - Newly silent, perhaps Oiled - No grating where ten up came first Oiled - No longer noisy, perhaps Oiled - No longer squeaking Oiled - No longer squeaking, maybe Oiled - No longer squeaky Oiled - O, i was in the van, smoothly Oiled - Oldie (anag) Oiled - Oldie drunk is well this Oiled - Pie-eyed Oiled - Plastered Oiled - Quiet now, perhaps Oiled - Quieted squeaks Oiled - Quieted, as a hinge Oiled - Quieted, as noisy hinges Oiled - Quieted, in a way Oiled - Quireboys "well ___" Oiled - Readied, as an alley Oiled - Rejected overture, if not drunk Oiled - Removed a squeak Oiled - Reviewed sandwich shop offering nothing that's covered in grease Oiled - Reviewed sandwich shop offers nothing that's covered in grease Oiled - Rid of squeaks Oiled - Ring shop selling food on the way back, drunk Oiled - Roaring drunk Oiled - Running smoothly, perhaps Oiled - See 5 Oiled - Seeing pink elephants Oiled - Silenced a hinge Oiled - Silenced, in a way Oiled - Slick, perhaps Oiled - Slicked up Oiled - Smashed Oiled - Smoothly running band i conducted Oiled - Snockered Oiled - Snookered Oiled - Social need at intervals to get drunk Oiled - Squelched a squeak Oiled - Squelched, as a squeak Oiled - Starting ten back, it came first without a squeak Oiled - Stewed Oiled - Stinko Oiled - Stopped a squeak Oiled - Stopped from squeaking Oiled - Stopped the squeaking Oiled - Tanked up Oiled - Tended a squeak Oiled - Tight Oiled - Tipsy Oiled - Tipsy but well able to move around? Oiled - Too drunk to squeak? Oiled - Treated with wd-40 Oiled - Treated with wd-40, say Oiled - Treated, as a squeak Oiled - Used lubricant on Oiled - Used wd-40 on Oiled - Well prepared engine? Oiled - Well prepared in the pit? Oiled - Well-___ (drunk) Oiled - Well-___ (working smoothly) Oiled - Well-___ machine Oiled - What drum kit nuts & bolts should be Oiled - What it is after 10 across - ten back that was in the front Oiled - Worked hard - no time to get drunk Oiled - Worked hard without time to get drunk Oiled - Worked topless and got drunk Oiled - Worked with head covered (it could get greasy) Oiled - Worked without leader so that all should go smoothly? Oiled - Working smoothly?