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Blew - Gusted

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  • Blew - Letter on B
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Blew - "blue wind ___" townes van zandt Blew - A sad-sounding 'muffed it!' Blew - According to report, athlete spent recklessly Blew - Blasted Blew - Botched Blew - Botched up Blew - Breathed hard Blew - Breathed hard, making unhappy sound Blew - Cooled, in a way, with "on" Blew - Did horribly on, as a test Blew - Emulated a fan? Blew - Emulated gabriel Blew - Erupted Blew - Erupted, as a volcano Blew - Exhaled sharply, we hear, when depressed Blew - Expanded a balloon Blew - Exploded Blew - Exploded, as a tire Blew - Extinguished, as birthday candles, with 'out' Blew - Extinguished, in a way Blew - Extinguished, with "out" Blew - Failed, as a fuse Blew - Flubbed Blew - Gusted Blew - Hear athlete is puffed Blew - Howled, as the wind Blew - Huffed and puffed Blew - Inflated, with "up" Blew - Left, in slang Blew - Lost intentionally Blew - Lost, as a big lead Blew - Made a bubble, in a way Blew - Made a mess of Blew - Made bubbles, in a way Blew - Malfunctioned, as a fuse Blew - Messed it up for barman getting stew right Blew - Messed up Blew - Mishandled Blew - Missed, as a chance Blew - Muffed Blew - Nirvana song about wind? Blew - Overloaded, as a fuse Blew - Panted Blew - Played a trumpet Blew - Played the trumpet Blew - Played, as a trumpet Blew - Puffed Blew - Puffed and panted Blew - Put out the candle Blew - Recklessly paid out Blew - Ruined, in a way Blew - Sound athlete breathed hard Blew - Sounded (a horn) Blew - Sounded (a whistle) Blew - Sounded (horn) Blew - Sounded a trumpet Blew - Sounded sad to those listening Blew - Sounded, as a horn Blew - Sounded, as a trumpet Blew - Sounding a shade puffed Blew - Sounding down - and puffed Blew - Sounds a shade past 6 across Blew - Sounds as if it was just a shade windy Blew - Spent (money) recklessly Blew - Spent frivolously Blew - Spent recklessly - depressingly, by the sound of it Blew - Spent recklessly; exploded suddenly Blew - Spent unwisely Blew - Squander in the past - and present, we hear Blew - Squandered Blew - Squandered university award, we hear Blew - Squandered, as a lead Blew - Strung out song that wailed? Blew - Sucked Blew - Sucked big time Blew - The puffin did sound just a shade like 8 across, by the sound of it Blew - Took a breathalyzer test Blew - Took off Blew - Totally bungled Blew - Totally messed up Blew - Used a breathalyzer Blew - Utterly failed at Blew - Was breathalyzed Blew - Was gusty Blew - Was really lame Blew - Wasted Blew - Wasted, as an opportunity Blew - Wasted, as cash Blew - We get the pound back that caused inflation maybe? Blew - Went off Blew - Went, as a fuse Blew - What ac/dc did to "your video" Blew - What the wind did Blew - With 66-across, left speechless Blew - ___ over (subsided)