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Lop - Emulate a landscaper

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  • Lop - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word P

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Lop - Take a bough Lop - Cut Lop - Chop off Lop - Cut (off) Lop - Shorten Lop - ___-eared Lop - Prune Lop - Emulate a landscaper Lop - Cut off Lop - One way to take a bough Lop - Eliminate as excessive Lop - Hack (off) Lop - Cut, as a branch Lop - Slice (off) Lop - Remove a branch Lop - One way to make a bough break Lop - Sever Lop - Cut off from a whole Lop - Hack off Lop - Hang loosely Lop - Truncate Lop - Slice Lop - Sided antecedent Lop - Dock Lop - Chop (off) Lop - Cut off, as branches Lop - Take off Lop - Cut short Lop - One way to remove a branch Lop - Cut branches (off) Lop - Discerp Lop - Trim a limb, e.g Lop - Truncate, as a branch Lop - Make the cut? Lop - Chop (off), as a branch Lop - Take a bough? Lop - Trim Lop - Do some pruning Lop - Shorten, in a way Lop - Prune with clippers Lop - Truncate (with "off") Lop - Thin out branches Lop - Word with "eared" or "sided" Lop - Cut short, as a branch Lop - More than trim Lop - Take shears to Lop - Hack Lop - Chop off, as branches Lop - Do more than prune (with "off") Lop - Droop Lop - Remove, as branches Lop - Cut off, as a branch Lop - Make cuts at the branch Lop - Make a bough break? Lop - Shear (off) Lop - Prune with an axe Lop - Shorten, with "off" Lop - Cut (off), as with a sweeping motion Lop - Cut (off), as branches Lop - Intro to eared or sided Lop - Cut off branches from Lop - Remove branches Lop - Remove, as a branch Lop - Swamp Lop - The gal might be in a hurry to do the cutting like this Lop - Cut away branches or twigs Lop - Cut the top off Lop - Prune, cut the top off Lop - Amputate (with "off") Lop - Behold, how soft it sounds to cut this off Lop - Cut with a sweeping motion Lop - Make cuts in Lop - Cut back Lop - Cut (off), as a branch Lop - Emulate a tree pruner Lop - Intro to "eared" or "sided" Lop - Use a machete Lop - Cut and run, lacking energy Lop - Cut off the top Lop - Shorten, with 'off' Lop - Sever, with "off" Lop - Cut-off from trim Lop - Remove Lop - Chop off, as a branch Lop - Cut off, tree branches say Lop - Cut off, as tree branches Lop - Cut (e.g. branch off) Lop - Cut (branch) Lop - See top of plane cut back Lop - Cut off (branches) Lop - Cut off (branch) Lop - Cut off (a branch) Lop - __-eared Lop - Trim a tree Lop - Chop, as limbs Lop - Cut, as limbs Lop - Big prune? Lop - With 7-down, like some rabbits Lop - Trim off Lop - Prune, as a tree branch Lop - Remove unceremoniously Lop - Cut roughly, as limbs Lop - Chop, as tree limbs Lop - Cut, as a tree Lop - Cut band from label Lop - Crudely cut, as a branch Lop - Prune, as a branch Lop - Do some branch management? Lop - Do a hack job Lop - Slice off, as a branch Lop - ___-eared rabbit Lop - Work as a branch manager?