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Resource - It can be drawn on

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Resource - Backup help Resource - It can be drawn on Resource - Money or property, e.g Resource - It may be natural Resource - Money, property or asset Resource - It's available Resource - It's available to use Resource - Url part Resource - 27-across, e.g Resource - Available means Resource - Is that something about the origins of initiative? Resource - What ingenuity one might show in the matter of the start of the street Resource - Reserve to draw upon when needed Resource - Available reserve Resource - Available supply to draw on Resource - Reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed Resource - Available reserve to draw on Resource - Anything that's there to assist when needed Resource - Available supply reserve Resource - From which help can be obtained Resource - Natural asset Resource - Reserve supply Resource - Reserve supply to be drawn upon when needed Resource - That's about the beginnings of ingenuity Resource - Initiative - that's about where it starts Resource - It may be renewable Resource - Possibility of help about spring Resource - Means of support for soldier crusoe served with Resource - Help Resource - Ingenuity - expedient - supply Resource - Means of help in project Resource - Expedient - supply for use Resource - Provide money to religious education informant Resource - Natural or renewable supply Resource - Military informant shows initiative Resource - Asset Resource - Water facility? Resource - Find a new supplier for useful device Resource - An expedient; a supply Resource - An expedient; ingenuity Resource - Stock, supply Resource - Expedient to swap two characters in theology lectures Resource - Provide with stock/assets Resource - A supply of materials Resource - Stock of assets Resource - Showing ingenuity, about to change course Resource - Distribute or secure aid Resource - Support we can call on partly secures our centre Resource - Possibility of help or rescue at sea Resource - Supply to draw on when needed Resource - Means to help about spring Resource - Stock or supply to draw on Resource - Coal or oil, e.g Resource - To find a new supplier is expedient Resource - Facility Resource - Available supply Resource - Insecure or secure supply