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Letter - 'l' is for 'hirer' Letter - 'sesame street' sponsor? Letter - 'wheel of fortune' guess Letter - A landlord involved in correspondence Letter - A or b? Letter - A sign? Letter - A to z? Letter - A written form of communication Letter - A written message Letter - A, b or c Letter - A, b or c, for example Letter - Allow 'er to sound male, by the sound of it Letter - Allow 'er to write this, by the sound of it Letter - Allow her to begin 8 down, by the sound of it Letter - Allow her to have a dear beginning, by the sound of it Letter - Alphabet character Letter - Alphabet soup bit Letter - Alphabet unit Letter - Alphabetic character Letter - Alphabetic symbol Letter - An accommodating character? Letter - An alphabetic unit Letter - An initial, e.g Letter - Any monogram initial Letter - Athletic award Letter - Athletic honor Letter - Athletic recognition Letter - Athletic reward Letter - Beth, for one Letter - Bit of a monogram Letter - Bit of comic strip text Letter - Bit of mail Letter - Bit of romantic memorabilia Letter - Both words in each answer to a starred clue begin and end with the same one Letter - Box tops classic "the ___" Letter - Buffalo tom "big red ___ day" Letter - By the sound of it, allow 'er to be stuck up in 20 down Letter - By the sound of it, allow 'er to go with the male Letter - By the sound of it, allow her to be stuck down at the post Letter - By the sound of it, allow her to have the post Letter - By the sound of it, allow her to make it all right, by the sound of it Letter - By the sound of it, this might allow 'er to be male Letter - Character Letter - Character - landlord - epistle Letter - Character - mail - landlord Letter - Character dispatched communication Letter - Character has sly look when holding tourist trophy Letter - Character of the alphabet Letter - Character reference, for example Letter - Character who hires something out? Letter - Character who makes provision for tenants? Letter - Character; landlord Letter - Character; missive Letter - Communication Letter - Communication from landlord Letter - Communication one allows? Letter - Communication via the postman Letter - Correspondence for landlord Letter - Crossword entry Letter - Despatch in alphabetical order Letter - Do calligraphy Letter - E or g, e.g Letter - E-mail predecessor Letter - E.g. a landlord? Letter - Eg, a Letter - Envelope contents Letter - Envelope insert Letter - Envelope's contents Letter - Envelope's contents, often Letter - Epistle Letter - Epistle, missive Letter - Fielding writers in play Letter - For example, a landlord Letter - Hamlet tersely delivering line Letter - Handwritten rarity, these days Letter - Honor stitched to some jackets Letter - I, for one Letter - I, for, one, will probably start, dear Letter - Inscribe Letter - Is there a nasty look about that teetotaller? Letter - Is this why the postman got the sack at the end of 22 across? Letter - It's got a male sound Letter - It's one of twenty-six he leases Letter - Item on a high school jacket Letter - It¿s in the post to allow her ¿ that¿s what i heard Letter - Landlord - epistle Letter - Landlord's a character Letter - Landlord's correspondence Letter - Landlord's strict verbal interpretation Letter - Love __ Letter - Maybe i allowed cockney woman to be heard Letter - Might allow her to sound like a male? Letter - Missive Letter - Missive, character Letter - Monogram component Letter - No menace in trace element that came in the post Letter - Not the tenant, it seems Letter - Note Letter - Note a fair amount of 18 across Letter - Note from the landlord Letter - Note what's leading for all sides today Letter - One giving permission, i say? Letter - Opposite of "spirit" Letter - Perhaps a cigarette lighter's held upside down Letter - Perhaps a permit to speak? Letter - Perhaps i will be the one to provide accommodation Letter - Perhaps one who would allow one get the post Letter - Permit that girl to hear character Letter - Piece of correspondence Letter - Piece of mail Letter - Piece of snail mail Letter - Play varsity ball Letter - Red ____ day Letter - Renter from a renter Letter - Scrabble tile, essentially Letter - Scrabble unit Letter - See 1 down Letter - See 17 Letter - See 29-across Letter - Signed message for landlord Letter - Something sent to santa Letter - Sounds as if one might allow her to be 8 down Letter - Sounds as if one might allow her to do the right thing with this, by the sound of it Letter - Sounds as if this will allow 'er to get the post Letter - Sounds as if this will allow the girl to be 16 across, for instance Letter - Sounds like male, rather than female Letter - Sounds like the way to allow her to be male Letter - Sounds one may allow 'er to have the post Letter - Stagger up gripping teetotal character Letter - The character of a landlord? Letter - The character whose flat you're occupying? Letter - The landlord goes into the box? Letter - There's a post for e for a in 17 across Letter - This might allow `er to be male, by the sound of it Letter - This sounds as if it might allow 'er to be a male Letter - Thorn, once Letter - Uncommon writing of late Letter - Unit of alphabet Letter - Up front, 18 across finds lawrence right character Letter - Varsity athlete's honor Letter - Varsity award Letter - Varsity member's prize Letter - With 9-across, post office mail slot ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme Letter - Word with cover or love Letter - Written character Letter - Written character - landlord Letter - Written communication Letter - Written message Letter - Written message from landlord's in character