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Abort - Scrub the mission

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Abort - Cancel, as a launch Abort - Scrub at nasa Abort - Scrub Abort - Scrub a launch Abort - Halt Abort - Scrub the mission Abort - Cut short Abort - Cancel Abort - Scrap the mission Abort - Scrub, cape kennedy-style Abort - Scrub, at cape kennedy Abort - End early Abort - Terminate, at cape canaveral Abort - Mission-stopping command Abort - Call off Abort - Scrub, nasa-style Abort - Call off, in a way Abort - Cancel, as a rocket launch Abort - Call off, as a launch Abort - Scrub, at cape canaveral Abort - Scrap a space mission Abort - Scrub a mission, e.g Abort - Scrub, as a mission Abort - Scrub, as a space launch Abort - Cancel the launch Abort - End prematurely Abort - Cancel, to nasa Abort - Cancel, as a mission Abort - Expel Abort - Call off, as in an emergency Abort - Stop early Abort - Call off, at cape canaveral Abort - Cancel liftoff Abort - Scrub, at nasa Abort - Call off suddenly Abort - Call off, at canaveral Abort - Scrub the launch Abort - Withdraw, as from a mission Abort - Scuttle, as a mission Abort - Scuttle a take-off Abort - Scrub the liftoff Abort - Nasa "stop!" Abort - Scrub a mission Abort - Keep from ending normally Abort - Cancel the mission Abort - Scrub the mission Abort - Cancel a mission Abort - Scrub a nasa mission Abort - Scrub, as a launch Abort - Stop prematurely Abort - Stop - or bat - it too soon Abort - Bring to premature end Abort - Terminate prematurely Abort - Bring to premature conclusion Abort - Decide not to finish Abort - End, nasa-style Abort - Call off the launch Abort - Stop in midstream Abort - '___, retry, fail?' (dos error message) Abort - Scrap a launch attempt Abort - Stop abruptly Abort - Stop, as a launch Abort - Scrub, as a space mission Abort - Cancel, nasa-style Abort - Cancel on short notice Abort - Mission-ending order Abort - End abruptly, nasa-style Abort - End the mission early Abort - End abruptly Abort - End a mission early Abort - Cut short, as a takeoff Abort - Bring further progress to an end Abort - Miscarry Abort - End a started record attempt Abort - Call off (mission) because of problem Abort - Abandon the record attempt Abort - Bring to a premature end Abort - Terminate Abort - Prematurely stop Abort - Prematurely terminate Abort - Scrap the space mission Abort - Call off, as a mission Abort - Stop midstream to bar criminal Abort - Stop in cab or taxi Abort - Cancel space flight, there's an unpleasant smell in craft Abort - Muscle or fat's ultimate check Abort - Call off a launch Abort - Cancel, as at nasa Abort - Op-ending order Abort - Cancel, at 64 across Abort - Nix, at nasa Abort - Cancel a spaceflight Abort - Prematurely end Abort - Stop the launch Abort - Terminate the mission Abort - Mission directive Abort - Scrap, as a mission Abort - Scrub, in a way Abort - Cut short, as a flight Abort - Cancel, as a liftoff Abort - Cut a tour short Abort - Cancel a rocket launch Abort - Stop the countdown Abort - Stop show for weather Abort - Call off a spaceflight Abort - Scrap at canaveral Abort - Scrap, at nasa Abort - Nip in the bud Abort - "cancel the launch!" Abort - Scuttle a takeoff Abort - Cancel at canaveral Abort - Cut short a project Abort - Cut short, at 8-down