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Ledge - Jumping-off point?

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Ledge - "i wish you would step back from that ___, my friend" Ledge - A claim we hear without first letter sticking out Ledge - A narrow shelf Ledge - A step away from so-called gerrymandering Ledge - Ability to contain one's emotions Ledge - Book slightly too big for this shelf Ledge - Books not right for shelf Ledge - Break in a building's facade Ledge - Building projection Ledge - Building shelf Ledge - Cat burglar's perch Ledge - Cliff dweller's setting Ledge - Cliff projection Ledge - Cliff protrusion Ledge - Cliff's projection Ledge - Cliffhanger locale? Ledge - Climber's respite Ledge - Climber's rest stop, maybe Ledge - Climber's toehold Ledge - Dangerous path between balconies Ledge - Dove's perch Ledge - Eta leaves delegate hanging over cliff Ledge - Feature of a bluff Ledge - Fifty on the side and that's sticking out Ledge - Fleetwood mac song: "the ___" Ledge - Flowerpot spot Ledge - Guided, for example, back to the shelf Ledge - Home for some houseplants Ledge - Houseplant place Ledge - It may be just outside your window Ledge - It runs around a building Ledge - It's just outside your window? Ledge - It's sticking out at the side at last Ledge - Jumping off point? Ledge - Jumping-off point Ledge - Jumping-off point? Ledge - Jumping-off spot? Ledge - Left on side of shelf Ledge - Mantel Ledge - Mantel, for example Ledge - Mantel, for instance Ledge - Mantelpiece Ledge - Mining layer Ledge - Mountain projection Ledge - Mountaineer's rest stop Ledge - Narrow projecting shelf as from window Ledge - Narrow projecting shelf, on cliff or building Ledge - Narrow projection Ledge - Narrow projection from a cliff Ledge - Narrow projection or shelf Ledge - Narrow shelf Ledge - Narrow shelf of a building Ledge - Narrow shelf, often attached to window Ledge - Natural projection Ledge - Natural sitting spot Ledge - No bar in belgrade with extension? Ledge - One place for potted plants Ledge - Outcropping Ledge - Overhang Ledge - Overhanging rock Ledge - Overlook Ledge - Part of a tall building Ledge - Perch for plants Ledge - Perch, at times Ledge - Pigeon perch Ledge - Pigeon perch, sometimes Ledge - Pigeon place Ledge - Pigeon's city perch Ledge - Pigeon's perch Ledge - Pigeon's perch replacements sang of, with "the"? Ledge - Pigeon's perch, at times Ledge - Pigeon's perch, perhaps Ledge - Pigeon's place Ledge - Pigeon's roost, often Ledge - Place for a potted plant Ledge - Place for flowerpots Ledge - Place for plants Ledge - Place for potted plants Ledge - Place to dangle one's legs Ledge - Place to perch Ledge - Possible pigeon perch Ledge - Potted plant place Ledge - Potted plant's place Ledge - Precarious perch Ledge - Precarious place Ledge - Precipice promontory Ledge - Projecting ridge Ledge - Projecting ridge on a mountain Ledge - Projecting shelf Ledge - Projecting shelf, horizontal projection Ledge - Projection Ledge - Projection of line down to border Ledge - Rest stop for a rock climber Ledge - Ridge Ledge - Ridge or shelf Ledge - Ridge was in front, for example, when climbing Ledge - Rock climber's resting place Ledge - Rock climber's stop Ledge - Rock shelf Ledge - Rocky projection Ledge - Shelf Ledge - Shelf life began before the border Ledge - Shelf life begins with slight advantage Ledge - Shelf not quite big enough for the accounts book Ledge - Shelf where there's incomplete book of accounts Ledge - Shelf-life projection Ledge - Shelf-like projection Ledge - Shelflike projection Ledge - Shown the way, say, to put up shelf Ledge - Sill Ledge - Sitting spot Ledge - Skyscraper feature Ledge - Some frilled geckos found halfway up a cliff? Ledge - Something just outside your window? Ledge - Spot for a window box Ledge - Spot for knickknacks Ledge - Submerged underwater shelf Ledge - Surface under e.g. window Ledge - Tanning ___ (swimming pool adjunct) Ledge - This might be nearby when jamming to "on the roof" Ledge - Unfinished book shelf Ledge - Urban pigeon's perch Ledge - Window projection Ledge - Window sill Ledge - Window sill, for one Ledge - Window __ Ledge - Windowsill, e.g Ledge - Windowsill, for one