Leap - Giant hop

Word by letter:
  • Leap - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word P

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Leap - ". . . one giant ___ for mankind" Leap - "... one giant __ for mankind" Leap - "... one giant ___ for mankind" Leap - "able to ___ tall buildings ..." Leap - "look before you . . . . " Leap - "look before you . . . ." Leap - "look before you __" Leap - "look before you ___" Leap - "quantum ___" Leap - '... one giant ___ for mankind' Leap - 'able to ___ tall buildings...' Leap - 'look before you . . . .' Leap - 'look before you ....' Leap - 'look before you...' Leap - *leave the ground Leap - 14-across, for one Leap - A look might precede one Leap - Abandon ship, in a way Leap - Abrupt change; spring Leap - Abrupt increase Leap - Abrupt transition Leap - Acknowledge 2/29 Leap - Acknowledge 2/29? Leap - Act like an antelope Leap - Act of faith Leap - Act of faith? Leap - Act precipitately Leap - Act rashly Leap - Action associated with lynn davies Leap - Adjective for '08 Leap - At each entrance, lager's enjoyed around pub vault Leap - Axel or lutz Leap - Axel, e.g Leap - Ballerina's jete Leap - Ballerina's jete, e.g Leap - Ballet move Leap - Ballet practice Leap - Basket you get in spring Leap - Be a bounder Leap - Big jump Leap - Big spring Leap - Big step Leap - Bissextile year Leap - Bob beamon made a famous one Leap - Bound Leap - Bound found in the four longest across answers Leap - Bound not to be this year Leap - Bound to be one in four in time Leap - Bound to console a patient in part Leap - Bound to find energy in drink Leap - Bound to identify extra day? Leap - Bound to provide grassland parking Leap - Bound upward Leap - Bound, as 1984 was Leap - Break in logic Leap - Broad jump Leap - Capriole Leap - Capriole or jeté Leap - Capriole or jete Leap - Cause of a non sequitur Leap - Clear a hurdle Leap - Clear a hurdle? Leap - Clear hurdles Leap - Do a grand jete Leap - Do a lutz or axel, say Leap - Dramatic increase Leap - Emulate a leopard Leap - Entrechat, e.g Leap - Event celebrated in this puzzle, and an example of how the theme works Leap - Every fourth year Leap - Express joy, in a way Leap - Faithful decision? Leap - Flaw in logic Leap - Flying ___ Leap - Frog "step" Leap - Frog maneuver Leap - Frog move Leap - Frog or year Leap - Frogs do it Leap - Get off the ground Leap - Get off the ground? Leap - Get over a hurdle Leap - Giant hop Leap - Go bungee jumping Leap - Go for a rebound Leap - Go for the rebound Leap - Grand jeté, e.g Leap - High jump Leap - Hop Leap - Hop, skip or jump Leap - Hurdle Leap - Hurdle (over) Leap - Hurdle-clearing action Leap - Illogical step Leap - In time it's bound to come one in four Leap - Jeté, e.g Leap - Jeté, for one Leap - Jeté, say Leap - Jump Leap - Jump a long way Leap - Jump across Leap - Jump high Leap - Jump over Leap - Jump suddenly Leap - Jump, spring Leap - Jump; type of year Leap - Kind of year Leap - Lambeau ___ Leap - Leave the ground Leap - Leave the ground, in a way Leap - Logician's error, maybe Leap - Long spring Leap - Look before you do this Leap - Look before you __ Leap - Look before you ___ Leap - Look follower? Leap - Lutz or axel Leap - Lynn davies could do it better than most Leap - Meadow has first of primroses in spring Leap - Meadow quiet in spring Leap - Michelle branch "___ of faith" Leap - Mimic a kangaroo Leap - Momentary abandonment of logic Leap - Move like a kangaroo Leap - Neil armstrong made a giant one for mankind Leap - Not 2002 Leap - Observe 2/29? Leap - Of faith? Leap - Omission in logic Leap - One may be taken in faith Leap - One way to abandon ship Leap - One way to clear a hurdle Leap - One way to tackle a hurdle? Leap - Parachute Leap - Parachute, e.g Leap - Part of a bungee jump Leap - Penny goes to the meadow in spring Leap - Plunge Leap - Pounce Leap - Proceed impulsively Leap - Quantum event? Leap - Quantum follower? Leap - Quantum movement? Leap - Quantum __ Leap - Quantum ___ Leap - Route to an illogical conclusion Leap - See 18 Leap - See 7 Leap - Sharp increase Leap - Sort of year's circuit: june finally enters Leap - Spring Leap - Spring from the ground Leap - Spring fruit cored, halved and chopped about Leap - Spring in field leading to first pond Leap - Spring over Leap - Spring suddenly Leap - Spring this year's a little longer Leap - Spring this year's a little longer than most Leap - Spring up Leap - Springing movement Leap - Start a bungee jump Leap - Stunt cyclist's feat Leap - Such a year for spring Leap - Sudden bound Leap - Sudden increase Leap - Sudden rise in spring Leap - Sudden transition Leap - Take the plunge Leap - Take the plunge? Leap - Take to the air Leap - That's bound to come every 1 across Leap - That's boutn to be one year long Leap - The french press agency is needed for going one way then another in dublin Leap - This year's long, especially affecting pisceans for starters Leap - Try to make it over a chasm, say Leap - Type of year Leap - Type of year 2020 will be? Leap - Vault Leap - Vault (over) Leap - Welshman's second and second to last in record jump Leap - With 40-across, periodic correction of the 64-across Leap - Word with "frog" or "year" Leap - Word with "lambeau" or "quantum" Leap - Word with "quantum" Leap - Word with frog or over Leap - Word with frog or year Leap - Word with lambeau or quantum Leap - Word with quantum Leap - Year or frog leader Leap - You take a big one for stage dive Leap - __ of faith Leap - __ year Leap - __ year (2008 or 2012) Leap - __ year (2016, for one) Leap - ___ day (feb. 29) Leap - ___ of faith Leap - ___ second Leap - ___ year (2004, e.g.) Leap - ___ year (period of 366 days) Leap - ` `look before you ....' '
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Giant hop (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - giant hop. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter P.

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