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Eliot - Prufrock's creator

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Eliot - Ness of 'the untouchables' Eliot - 'silas marner' author Eliot - 'middlemarch' author Eliot - 'cats' lyricist Eliot - 'the mill on the floss' writer Eliot - 'the waste land' poet Eliot - 'the hollow men' poet Eliot - 'romola' writer Eliot - 'a cooking egg' poet Eliot - 'silas marner' novelist Eliot - 'cats' poet Eliot - Part of t.s.e Eliot - Untouchable ness Eliot - Poet t. s. ___ Eliot - 'the sacred wood' writer Eliot - Marner's creator Eliot - 'the mill on the floss' author Eliot - T. s., the poet Eliot - "adam bede" author Eliot - Prufrock's creator Eliot - T. s. or george Eliot - J. alfred prufrock's creator Eliot - "the waste land" penner Eliot - George who was a woman Eliot - "silas marner" novelist Eliot - "a cooking egg" poet Eliot - George who was mary Eliot - 'middlemarch' novelist Eliot - 'four quartets' poet Eliot - 'i shall not want honor in heaven' poet Eliot - The "e" in literary monogram tse Eliot - 'mr. apollinax' poet Eliot - Kevin's role in "the untouchables" Eliot - "ash wednesday" poet Eliot - "the sacred wood" author Eliot - "adam bede" novelist Eliot - 'the sacred wood' writer, 1920 Eliot - "silas marner" novelist george Eliot - 'felix holt' novelist Eliot - Gangbuster ness Eliot - Prufrock creator Eliot - T.s. of literature Eliot - "silas marner" author Eliot - "silas marner" creator Eliot - 'scenes of clerical life' writer, 1857 Eliot - "the hollow men" poet Eliot - "cats" t.s Eliot - "the cocktail party" poet Eliot - 'daniel deronda' writer Eliot - 'the sacred wood' essayist, 1920 Eliot - 'little gidding' poet Eliot - Writer george or t. s Eliot - Poet t.s Eliot - Author t. s. ___ Eliot - "the cocktail party" writer Eliot - Silas marner's creator Eliot - "adam bede" author george Eliot - T.s. or george Eliot - Pound contemporary Eliot - Victorian-era novelist Eliot - Writer t.s Eliot - T-man ness Eliot - George who was mary ann Eliot - Author t.s. __ Eliot - "middlemarch" author Eliot - 'whispers of immortality' poet Eliot - Author/poet t.s Eliot - Writer t.s. __ Eliot - 'ash wednesday' poet Eliot - "the naming of cats" poet Eliot - Bede's creator Eliot - 'murder in the cathedral' playwright Eliot - "middlemarch" writer Eliot - T.s. ____ Eliot - 'the wasteland' poet Eliot - "middlemarch" author george Eliot - T.s., the poet Eliot - "the waste land" writer Eliot - George or t.s Eliot - "untouchable" ness Eliot - 1948 literature nobelist Eliot - Poet who wrote 'immature poets imitate; mature poets steal' Eliot - Author t.s Eliot - "silas marner" author george Eliot - "a cooking egg" writer Eliot - Poet who inspired "cats" Eliot - "mr. mistoffelees" poet t.s Eliot - "cats" inspirer Eliot - Mr. rosewater in kurt vonnegut's 'god bless you, mr. rosewater' Eliot - "four quartets" poet Eliot - He brought down al Eliot - T-man's first name Eliot - "cats" poet Eliot - Gangbuster's first name Eliot - Ness of "the untouchables" Eliot - Novelist george Eliot - Prufrock creator t.s Eliot - Poet whose work inspired "cats" Eliot - Middlemarch author Eliot - 'the elder statesman' playwright Eliot - Kevin in "the untouchables" Eliot - Silas marner author Eliot - 'scenes of clerical life' author, 1858 Eliot - "the wasteland" poet Eliot - "silas marner" writer Eliot - 'the cocktail party' poet Eliot - Economist janeway Eliot - "middlemarch" novelist Eliot - Silas marner creator Eliot - Poet who wrote 'old possum's book of practical cats' Eliot - Poet who wrote 'this is the way the world ends / not with a bang but a whimper' Eliot - "a cat must have three different names" poet Eliot - Rum tum tugger creator Eliot - Girl george? Eliot - Writer t. s. or george Eliot - "the waste land" poet Eliot - Writer t. s Eliot - Writer of the 1950 tony-winning play 'the cocktail party' Eliot - Untouchables leader ness Eliot - He said 'most editors are failed writers - but so are most writers' Eliot - "silas marner "author Eliot - Poet whose work inspired 'cats' Eliot - George who wrote 'the spanish gypsy' Eliot - Ex-governor spitzer Eliot - Al's nemesis, circa 1930 Eliot - "ash wednesday" poet t.s Eliot - Mungojerrie's creator Eliot - 'adam bede' novelist Eliot - English poet born in st. louis Eliot - Poet t.s. __ Eliot - "cats" lyrics source Eliot - Ex-governor spitzer of new york Eliot - 'cats' creator Eliot - 'the wasteland' author Eliot - 'adam bede' author Eliot - 'cats' inspirer Eliot - Writer george Eliot - Lawman ness Eliot - Mary ann evans' pseudonym Eliot - Spitzer of new york politics Eliot - His work inspired 'cats' Eliot - 'cats' inspiration Eliot - With 113-across, al capone's nemesis Eliot - Poet t.s. -- Eliot - 'cats' librettist t.s Eliot - Name on "cats" sheet music Eliot - T s . . . . . wrote "the waste land" Eliot - T s ......, poet of 'the waste land' Eliot - T s ..., poet of 'the waste land' Eliot - T s ..... wrote 'the waste land' Eliot - T s . . . . . wrote 'the waste land' Eliot - T s ..... wrote ` `the waste land' ' Eliot - T s . . . . ., great poet of 'the waste land' Eliot - Poet of "prufrock" fame Eliot - 'gerontion' poet Eliot - Lyrics source for "cats" Eliot - Al's nemesis Eliot - "cats" inspiration Eliot - "cats" poet t.s Eliot - J. alfred prufrock's creator t. s. ___ Eliot - See 10 Eliot - Endlessly overworked writer Eliot - Priest (old testament), composer of four quartets Eliot - Priest books writer Eliot - Writer offers priest set of religious books Eliot - British poet, d. 1965 Eliot - Poet who wrote 'in the room the women come and go / talking of michelangelo' Eliot - Writer george or t.s Eliot - Poet and priest at his location Eliot - First name in prohibition history Eliot - Poet who inspired the musical "cats" Eliot - "cats" credit Eliot - "burnt norton" poet t.s Eliot - Spitzer who succeeded pataki as new york governor Eliot - Evans became this endlessly worked up Eliot - T.s. who inspired "cats" Eliot - "daniel deronda" (1876) was her last novel Eliot - Poet who wrote 'do i dare / disturb the universe?' Eliot - "the waste land" poet t.s Eliot - Inspirer of 58-across Eliot - Well-known american poet Eliot - Creator of adam bede and silas marner Eliot - Lie to model poet Eliot - 'i have measured out my life with coffee spoons' writer Eliot - Former new york governor spitzer Eliot - Mark twain's belief Eliot - Agent ness Eliot - T. s. ---, poet Eliot - Writer mostly worked hard, given rise Eliot - John all but upset poet Eliot - The waste land author Eliot - One of two writers having material rejected Eliot - He/she contributing nothing to english literature? yes and no Eliot - Writer, endlessly worked up Eliot - Murder in the cathedral author Eliot - One of two writers having thin material rejected Eliot - Author of middlemarch Eliot - Pseudonymous writer getting worked up no end Eliot - Practical cats author Eliot - T. s. -, poet Eliot - George's transparent cloth backing? Eliot - Priest and where he's written about poet Eliot - T. s. - (the waste land) Eliot - One of two writers needing material brought up Eliot - In english literature there's place for old poet Eliot - Poet with features of clerical cut, not nice to meet Eliot - Evans, novelist to lie about Eliot - Poet laboured endlessly, suffering setback Eliot - He wrote about most of the office Eliot - One of two writers turning material over Eliot - Writer rejecting dress material Eliot - Author's work rejected by audience, finally Eliot - Writer, first to explain linguistics in ordinary terms Eliot - Author can cut back Eliot - Priest and old testament poet Eliot - He wrote "ash wednesday" Eliot - Adam bede's creator Eliot - 'the waste land' poet t.s Eliot - Samuel's teacher turns to george Eliot - George - - , pen-name of mary ann evans Eliot - The writer will find a quarter back labour Eliot - George - - (novelist) Eliot - T s - - , poet Eliot - Old testament priest, old testament poet Eliot - T s - - (poet) Eliot - Poet, one entertained by english group Eliot - George --, novelist and pseudonym of mary ann evans Eliot - George --, pseudonym of mary ann evans Eliot - George --, english novelist Eliot - George --, author of 'adam bede' Eliot - George --, real name of mary ann evans, english novelist Eliot - Poet's english work rebuffed Eliot - Work turned up by english author Eliot - American producing verses from part of bible, following priest Eliot - T.s. or george? Eliot - Poet and priest with holy books Eliot - T. s. --, 1888-1965, us-born british author Eliot - Female novelist and male poet to lie awkwardly together Eliot - Writer t. s. ___ Eliot - George or t.s. of literature Eliot - Female george Eliot - Name on "memory" sheet music Eliot - 'cats' lyricist t.s Eliot - Governor between george and david Eliot - Literature nobelist who won two posthumous tony awards Eliot - Legendary lawman ness Eliot - 'the love song of j. alfred prufrock' poet Eliot - Old deuteronomy's creator Eliot - Creator of j. alfred prufrock Eliot - Author george Eliot - Poet and priest taken with religious books Eliot - George who created 1-across Eliot - "not with a bang, but a whimper" source Eliot - See 14 Eliot - Eponym of a united kingdom poetry prize Eliot - 'not with a bang but a whimper' poet Eliot - "the waste land" author Eliot - T.s. or george of literature Eliot - T.s. -, poet Eliot - Surname in the 'cats' credits Eliot - "four quartets" poet t.s Eliot - Author whose verses inspired "cats" Eliot - Crimefighter ness Eliot - Creator of bede and marner Eliot - Author george who was a woman Eliot - T.s. who wrote "the sacred wood" Eliot - Literature nobelist of 1948 Eliot - Ness who pursued capone Eliot - George __, the pseudonym of mary ann evans Eliot - Material sent back for english novelist or american-born poet Eliot - Writer t.s. or george Eliot - 'adam bede' writer george Eliot - 'burnt norton' poet Eliot - T.s. who wrote "ash wednesday" Eliot - "prufrock" poet Eliot - Poet in small room, endlessly upset Eliot - Author of adam bede, d.1880