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Avenger - John steed, for one

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Avenger - Retribution seeker Avenger - John steed, for one Avenger - Satisfaction seeker Avenger - He gets even Avenger - Los angeles indoor football player Avenger - Hamlet, notably Avenger - One out to right a wrong Avenger - Emma peel, e.g Avenger - Steed or mrs. peel Avenger - Eye-for-an-eye seeker Avenger - Steed of british tv Avenger - Ant-man, iron man, wasp or thor, in marvel comics Avenger - Hamlet, for one Avenger - Emma peel, for one Avenger - Score evener Avenger - Nemesis Avenger - Five in a green gets just ice Avenger - All one wants is just ice Avenger - An s.c. would get only the leftovers of the justice he seeks (7) Avenger - One comes after just ice Avenger - With this an sc would be after just ice or bits of it Avenger - He seeks satisfaction or retribution Avenger - One exacts retribution Avenger - One carries out retribution Avenger - One who seeks or obtains satisfaction for injury Avenger - One bent on retaliation Avenger - One who exacts reparation for a wrong Avenger - Ve in a rage when all one wants is just ice Avenger - One who rights old wrongs Avenger - Fury in bremerhaven, germany Avenger - Nemesis starts to vilify evil-doer in fury Avenger - I get my own back in rage about 5, if missing Avenger - Maintain exterior to english classic car Avenger - One exacting payback on another's behalf Avenger - Someone seeking to settle a score Avenger - One motivated by a score Avenger - Payback seeker Avenger - Good wishes no good on hospital ward returning the injury Avenger - Fury makes us make a statement about some people Avenger - One settling a score Avenger - Engrave (anag) Avenger - Wrongdoer pursuer Avenger - Crudely engrave 'nemesis' Avenger - Vindicate using extremes, consumed by wrath? i might Avenger - Originally engrave 'count of monte cristo,' for example Avenger - Craven gerrymandering restricts one seeking to get even Avenger - Hillman for mrs peel? Avenger - One exacting retribution Avenger - Engrave with incorrect spelling? fury results Avenger - One who gets even senior cleric in terrible rage Avenger - Bringer of retribution Avenger - One doing harm to get their own back Avenger - One gets even a priest beginning to gall a monarch Avenger - Inflicter of retribution Avenger - One wanting to put things right? it's no good getting into a twist Avenger - One taking retribution Avenger - Iron man or thor Avenger - A green revolution over victory for nemesis Avenger - Steed, perhaps, with endless energy prancing after a victory Avenger - One who retaliates Avenger - Declare english taken in by one seeking retribution Avenger - Eve rang round for righter of wrongs Avenger - Righter of wrongs Avenger - Marvel's thor, captain america or iron man Avenger - A very excited green is one looking for things to be put right Avenger - State entered by english person seeking rough justice? Avenger - Get even worse at the centre looking for justice Avenger - Iron man, e.g Avenger - Someone wanting to get even Avenger - Count of monte cristo, e.g Avenger - Engrave (anag.) Avenger - One wanting retribution Avenger - Fury, perhaps, of archdeacon in time meeting resistance Avenger - One inflicting retribution Avenger - Thor, in two billion-gross films Avenger - One who gets even Avenger - One gets even angrier, initially, with five green bananas Avenger - Peel, say, in england, banged up by state Avenger - Superhero group member Avenger - Steed, cathy gale, emma peel or tara king Avenger - Member of a marvel comics group Avenger - Member of a marvel comics group