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Lira - Pisa dough

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  • Lira - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word R
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Lira - Italy's capital Lira - Trevi fountain coin Lira - 100 kurus Lira - It's tender in turin Lira - Coin no longer minted Lira - Foreign currency Lira - Trevi toss-in Lira - Bit of euromoney Lira - Money in milan Lira - It's spent in trent Lira - Italian bread Lira - Italian money Lira - Italian moola Lira - Bit of italian bread? Lira - Turkish money Lira - Money in the banca Lira - Money in milano Lira - Dough for pizza Lira - Milan moola Lira - Coin no longer being minted Lira - Money in 31-across Lira - Cassino money Lira - 100 centesimi Lira - Cash in capua Lira - Milano moolah Lira - Dough for pizza? Lira - Livorno lucre Lira - Pisa dough Lira - Old italian money Lira - Italian coin no longer minted Lira - Old vatican city monetary unit Lira - Turkish dough Lira - Trevi fountain coin, once Lira - Old italian bread Lira - Old money Lira - Maltese monetary unit Lira - Old money in milan Lira - Onetime italian bread Lira - Former italian exchange unit Lira - Old cremona coin Lira - Former roman currency Lira - Pre-euro currency Lira - Coin replaced by the euro Lira - Old italian coin Lira - The euro replaced it Lira - Old milano money Lira - Coin in the trevi fountain, once Lira - Money replaced by the euro Lira - Turkish currency unit Lira - Turkey bill Lira - Pisa dough, once Lira - Euro predecessor Lira - One-time venetian coin Lira - Former italian money Lira - One-time italian coin Lira - Old currency in milan Lira - Former italian currency Lira - It equals 100 kurus Lira - Pound of turkey Lira - Istanbul currency Lira - Old modena money Lira - Old italian cabbage? Lira - One-time italian currency Lira - One-time italian currency unit Lira - Capri coin, once Lira - Italian currency, once Lira - Foreign currency of old Lira - Turkish coin Lira - Certain currency of old Lira - One-time change in rome Lira - One-time foreign coin Lira - Italian coin of old Lira - Old roman coin Lira - Turkey tip? Lira - Old italian bread? Lira - Coin collected by a numismatico Lira - Bologna bread, once Lira - Former venetian coin Lira - It was once circulated Lira - Turkish bread? Lira - Money in malta Lira - It was tender in turin Lira - Malta moolah, once Lira - Former capital of italy Lira - Old italian currency Lira - Livorno currency, once Lira - Italian forerunner of the euro Lira - Maltese money Lira - Turkish currency Lira - Ankara cash Lira - Pre-euro unit Lira - Former italian coin Lira - Old bread Lira - Milan moola of old Lira - Old trevi toss-in Lira - Italian currency Lira - Former cash on capri Lira - Campania coin, once Lira - Former italian bread Lira - Milan money of yore Lira - Trevi coin, once Lira - Something the euro replaced Lira - Former coin in the trevi fountain Lira - Outmoded money Lira - Money in 17 down Lira - Old italian capital Lira - Certain euro precursor Lira - Money for marco Lira - Tender in turin Lira - Former milan money Lira - Italian currency, during y2k Lira - Old money of milan Lira - Bit of old italian bread? Lira - Turkish monetary unit Lira - Italian money, once Lira - Italian coin Lira - Recently replaced monetary unit Lira - Certain forerunner of the euro Lira - It equaled 100 kurus Lira - Euro forerunner, in 50 Lira - Old bologna bread Lira - Milan money, once Lira - Certain euro forerunner Lira - One-time naples currency Lira - Former currency of vatican city Lira - Money that's an anagram of 2-down Lira - Italian dough, once Lira - Pound of turkey? Lira - Italian money before the euro Lira - Franc : france :: ___ : italy Lira - Istanbul coin Lira - Capital of italy, once Lira - Stale italian bread? Lira - One-time florentine currency Lira - Bit of outdated currency Lira - Trevi fountain throw-in, once Lira - Istanbul money Lira - Money in milan, once Lira - Coin depicting ataturk Lira - Old capital of 36-across Lira - Old banca d'italia unit Lira - 100 centesimi, once Lira - Vatican city monetary unit, once Lira - Forerunner of 42-across, in italy Lira - One-time money in milan Lira - Bread in bologna, once Lira - Vatican city coin, once Lira - Italian currency before the euro Lira - Coin with the words repvbblica italiana Lira - Pisa pocket change, once Lira - Former money of milan Lira - Old italian currency unit Lira - Former italian monetary unit Lira - It was replaced by the euro Lira - Turkey's currency Lira - Euro predecessor in malta Lira - Former milanese money Lira - Money in the banca, once Lira - Former money in milan Lira - Bygone european capital Lira - Former maltese currency Lira - Turkey purchase of less than a dollar Lira - Euro forerunner Lira - Italian currency unit, once Lira - Old italian dough Lira - Vatican coin, once Lira - Onetime italian coin Lira - Venice money, once Lira - Old milan money Lira - Pre-euro italian currency Lira - Old trevi fountain coin Lira - Old trevi fountain toss Lira - 100 maltese cents Lira - Italian pre-euro coin Lira - 100 turkish kurus Lira - Trevi toss, historically Lira - Pre-euro italian money Lira - Trevi toss, once Lira - ... and yesterday Lira - Unit of money in italy Lira - Is that what a crooked rail might cost you? Lira - Italian money unit Lira - In italy is it worth having fifty with the army in ireland? Lira - You can make money if you go by rail Lira - On the continent one might get money by rail Lira - Obsolescent currency Lira - Old unit of italian money Lira - Former unit of money in italy Lira - Unit of italian currency Lira - Unit of italian money Lira - Unit of money for 26 across Lira - Monetary unit of italy Lira - Pre-euro currency unit in italy Lira - How you pay on rail in italy Lira - This did get one by rail in italy Lira - Former coin of italy Lira - Coin depicting kemal atatuerk Lira - Money in turkey Lira - Former coin of cremona Lira - Currency on which marconi appeared Lira - Milan exchange unit, once Lira - A month back, penniless in old money Lira - Former italian currency unit Lira - It was tender in turin, once Lira - Old sicilian coin Lira - Stale pisa dough? Lira - Throwaway at trevi Lira - Italian coin, once Lira - Money in italy or turkey Lira - Former calabrian coin Lira - A euro forerunner Lira - Old currency abbreviated 'l.' Lira - Coin once used in italy Lira - Cremona currency, once Lira - Retired coin Lira - Pre-euro italian coin Lira - Former capital of italy? Lira - Large paramilitary organisation in old italian capital Lira - Old european capital Lira - Euro precursor Lira - Former florence money Lira - Turkey dough Lira - Old pisa dough Lira - Currency superseded by the euro Lira - Banca d'italia unit, once Lira - Italian coin no more Lira - Coin once tossed into italian fountains Lira - Venetian coin, once Lira - A euro predecessor Lira - Locked in retirement acct Lira - Winner of the wager in 17-/56-across, depending on how you fill the circled squares in this puzzle Lira - Old vatican coin Lira - Currency no more Lira - Money in 48-down, once Lira - Cash in turin, once Lira - Money in italy, once Lira - Old money in italia Lira - Old malta money Lira - Old milanese money Lira - Currency runs into trouble in recession Lira - Old spanish currency Lira - Turkish currency note in possession of inland revenue Lira - Coin for fellini Lira - Foreign currency, once Lira - Money in milan, before the euro Lira - Twisted liar? Lira - Former vatican money Lira - Left terrorists with old money Lira - Pound one's given to artist, money no longer acceptable Lira - Yesteryear's money, pounds given to battling republicans Lira - Old capital of italy Lira - Trevi fountain toss, once Lira - Currency in turkey Lira - Former italian capital Lira - Change in rome, once Lira - Pre-euro money Lira - Former currency Lira - Capital of turkey Lira - Italian money no more Lira - Coin in capri, once Lira - Tip of italy, once? Lira - Former currency of the vatican Lira - Coin with kemal ataturk on the reverse Lira - It's no longer paid in pisa Lira - Old italian bill Lira - Pre-euro currency of italy Lira - Unit of turkish tender Lira - Coin of roma, once Lira - Money in milan no more Lira - Italian currency of old Lira - Trevi toss-in of old Lira - Trevi toss-in, once Lira - Old coin of italy Lira - Old capital of italy? Lira - Maltese monetary unit, once Lira - Pre-2002 trevi toss Lira - Currency from the latin for 'pound' Lira - Coin depicting kemal atatürk Lira - Italian cash, once Lira - Italian money of old Lira - Art brut has "18,000" of them Lira - Old currency divided into centesimi Lira - Currency replaced by the euro Lira - Italy's pre-euro currency Lira - Constantinople coin Lira - Late ottoman currency Lira - Ankara money Lira - Italian money until 2002 Lira - Italian bread that's become toast? Lira - Coin depicting vittorio emanuele ii Lira - Milano moolah of old Lira - Turkey bacon? Lira - Asia minor capital Lira - Turns up, no parking in april in old european capital Lira - Former italian bills Lira - Former italian bills Lira - Milanese money, once Lira - Milanese money, once