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Pepsi - Old 'hits the spot' sloganeer

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Pepsi - Famous test participant Pepsi - Cola choice Pepsi - 'gotta have it' sloganeer Pepsi - Kind of challenge Pepsi - Slice maker Pepsi - Old 'hits the spot' sloganeer Pepsi - Product introduced by a north carolina pharmacist in 1898 Pepsi - One marketer? Pepsi - 'gotta have it' sloganeer, once Pepsi - It was originally called 'brad's drink' Pepsi - Coke competitor Pepsi - Spears shills for it Pepsi - Britney promotes it Pepsi - Old 'hits the spot' marketer Pepsi - Popular pop Pepsi - Beverage since 1898 Pepsi - 'it's the cola' brand Pepsi - Michael jackson pitched it Pepsi - Beverage created in 1898 Pepsi - Quaff with caramel coloring Pepsi - Product with a circular red, white and blue logo Pepsi - Drink with a "generation" Pepsi - "it's the cola" sloganeer Pepsi - Soft drink since 1898 Pepsi - Pop hit Pepsi - Kfc acquirer in 1986 Pepsi - Jeff gordon sponsor Pepsi - 'hits the spot' sloganeer, once Pepsi - Cola Pepsi - Michael jackson once pitched it Pepsi - Cola wars contender Pepsi - Pop label Pepsi - Fountain choice Pepsi - Rice-a-roni corporate colleague Pepsi - Coca-cola rival Pepsi - Cola with a variety with a twist Pepsi - Trademarked cola Pepsi - 'taste that beats the others cold' sloganeer, once Pepsi - Twist maker Pepsi - ___ max Pepsi - Soda selection Pepsi - Pop icon? Pepsi - It 'hits the spot' per an old jingle Pepsi - Caramel-colored quaff Pepsi - Michael promoted it Pepsi - Soda originally named brad's drink Pepsi - Soft drink with a "generation" Pepsi - Coke rival Pepsi - The 'it' in the 1990s slogan 'gotta have it' Pepsi - 'refresh everything' sloganeer Pepsi - Brand whose ads once featured michael jackson Pepsi - 'twice as much for a nickel' sloganeer, once Pepsi - Rival of 25-across Pepsi - Big name in pop Pepsi - Drink with a max variety Pepsi - Soft drink that started out as "brad's drink" Pepsi - "for those who think young" soft drink Pepsi - Mountain dew producer, informally Pepsi - Cola brand Pepsi - Coke challenger Pepsi - Soft drink that started out as 'brad's drink' Pepsi - Soft drink choice Pepsi - Is to go back for a drink Pepsi - Cola wars 'combatant' Pepsi - #2 pop Pepsi - It 'hits the spot,' per old radio ads Pepsi - Mountain dew bottler, informally Pepsi - Brand originally named brad's drink Pepsi - 'live for now' soft drink Pepsi - Cola wars cola Pepsi - Drink that lost the second part of its name in 1961 Pepsi - Old 'gotta have it' sloganeer Pepsi - Drink-machine selection Pepsi - Product once pitched by michael jackson and mariah carey Pepsi - It was originally named brad's drink Pepsi - Giant in soda Pepsi - Soft drink with a red-white-and-blue logo Pepsi - Coke alternative Pepsi - 'the choice of a new generation' sloganeer, once Pepsi - Alternative to coke Pepsi - Drink invented by a north carolina pharmacist Pepsi - Old "hits the spot" sloganeer Pepsi - Cola wars participant Pepsi - Brand with the old slogan 'more bounce to the ounce' Pepsi - Brand originally called 'brad's drink' Pepsi - Pop choice Pepsi - Side in a decades-long war Pepsi - Cola with emoji bottle labels Pepsi - "cola wars" brand Pepsi - It debuted in 1893 as 'brad's drink' Pepsi - Cola wars competitor Pepsi - Sister brand of crush Pepsi - Cola originally called "brad's drink" Pepsi - Coca-cola competitor Pepsi - Drink with a wild cherry variety Pepsi - "cola wars" combatant Pepsi - Product created by a north carolina pharmacist Pepsi - Certain cola Pepsi - Drink with a zero sugar variety