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Skit - Short sketch

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Skit - "in living color" piece Skit - "laugh-in" segment Skit - "madtv" segment Skit - "saturday night live" bit Skit - "saturday night live" offering Skit - "saturday night live" piece Skit - "saturday night live" segment Skit - "saturday night live" segment, e.g Skit - "sctv" segment Skit - "snl" bit Skit - "snl" segment Skit - "snl" segment, e.g Skit - "snl" staple Skit - "the kids in the hall" bit Skit - "the kids in the hall" segment Skit - 'in living color' segment Skit - 'laugh-in' segment Skit - 'madtv' bit Skit - 'madtv' feature Skit - 'monty python' segment Skit - 's.n.l.' bit Skit - 's.n.l.' piece Skit - 'saturday night live' bit Skit - 'saturday night live' segment Skit - 'saturday night live' sketch Skit - 'saturday night live' staple Skit - 'sctv' bit Skit - 'short comedy sketch, a parody (4)' Skit - 'snl' offering Skit - 'snl' segment Skit - 'the kids in the hall' bit Skit - 'the tonight show' piece Skit - 'the tonight show' tidbit Skit - 36-across segment Skit - A bit of vaudeville Skit - A piece of humorous mimicry Skit - Be seated around little kay, just for a joke Skit - Bit of burlesque Skit - Bit of comedy Skit - Bit of improv Skit - Blackout Skit - Blackout, e.g Skit - Blackout, for instance Skit - Blackout, maybe Skit - Brief comic performance Skit - Brief satirical sketch Skit - Burlesque Skit - Burlesque - parody Skit - Burlesque bit Skit - Burlesque or burnett bit Skit - Burlesque piece Skit - Burnett forte Skit - Camp performance Skit - Child's play, perhaps Skit - Comedic routine Skit - Comedy act Skit - Comedy bit Skit - Comedy routine Skit - Comedy sketch Skit - Comic episode involving second gear? Skit - Comic piece Skit - Comic routine Skit - Comic sketch Skit - Comic vignette Skit - Comical miniature Skit - Comical piece Skit - Comical sketch Skit - Comical theatrical bit Skit - Cute scene Skit - Flap that's not right for take-off Skit - Funny bit Skit - Funny business Skit - Funny number Skit - Funny piece Skit - Funny sketch Skit - Garment not right for short piece on stage? Skit - Getting spoof tickets, etc., out to distribute Skit - Go around with no end of paper for sketch Skit - Hoax; satire Skit - Humorous performance from bob and christopher Skit - Improv bit Skit - Improv class routine Skit - Improv piece Skit - It's a put-on Skit - Kits for funny play Skit - Lampoon Skit - Last-day-of-camp presentation Skit - Little play Skit - Mini maybe losing top end of revs giving you a funny turn Skit - Mini-play Skit - Miniplay Skit - Monty python offering Skit - Monty python segment Skit - Monty python specialty Skit - One involves amusingly taking off garment right away Skit - Opportunity to take off in second gear Skit - Parodic piece Skit - Parodic sketch Skit - Parody Skit - Parody of king in pose Skit - Parody old bob's clothing Skit - Parody, but avoid dismissing queen Skit - Pastiche of one direction paraphernalia Skit - Playlet Skit - Revue bit Skit - Revue component Skit - Revue element Skit - Revue offering Skit - Revue part Skit - Revue performance Skit - Revue piece Skit - Revue segment Skit - Runner on foot is on time for take-off Skit - Runner on time for take-off Skit - Satiric bit Skit - Satiric segment Skit - Satirical bit Skit - Satirical drama Skit - Satirical miniature Skit - Satirical piece Skit - Satirical playlet Skit - Satirical routine Skit - Satirical segment Skit - Satirical sketch Skit - Satirical work lacking any money? that's not new Skit - School talent show staple Skit - Segment of late-night comedy shows Skit - Send-up Skit - Short comedic play Skit - Short comedy routine Skit - Short comedy sketch Skit - Short comic play Skit - Short comic sketch Skit - Short comical act Skit - Short humorous act Skit - Short humorous play Skit - Short parody Skit - Short play Skit - Short play which makes fun of something Skit - Short satirical performance Skit - Short satirical piece Skit - Short satirical theatrical sketch Skit - Short sketch Skit - Short theatrical sketch Skit - Show of humour when embracing second gear Skit - Singular outfit producing burlesque Skit - Sit around little kay and make fun of her Skit - Sketch Skit - Sketch head of state with tools Skit - Sketch king in pose Skit - Sketch monarch in pose Skit - Sketch of king in pose Skit - Sky's the limit doing the rounds with parody Skit - Small young animal that may be produced by 19 Skit - Snl segment Skit - Snl staple Skit - Snl's 'more cowbell' or 'celebrity jeopardy' Skit - Son christopher briefly appearing in satirical piece Skit - Spoof runner, backmarker in sprint Skit - Squadron leader's gear assembled for take-off Skit - Stage blackout Skit - Stage presentation Skit - Start to stow gear for take-off Skit - Take off first red garment in sketch Skit - Take off garment right away Skit - Take off garment that's not red initially Skit - Take off in second gear Skit - Take-off in second gear Skit - Take-off in second gear? Skit - Taking off piece, runner is on time Skit - Taking off woman's garment's not right! Skit - The latest to park into position for take-off Skit - Theater playlet Skit - Theatrical event Skit - Theatrical sketch Skit - Turn using second gear Skit - Upright citizens brigade segment Skit - Variety show act Skit - Variety show offering Skit - Variety show segment Skit - Variety show sketch Skit - Variety-show segment Skit - Vaudeville bit Skit - Vaudeville offering Skit - Vaudeville routine Skit - Vaudeville segment Skit - Where to take off garment king's rejected