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Whiteelephant - Burdensome herbivorous mammal?

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Whiteelephant - Although receiving support, hard to wear long unwanted item Whiteelephant - Burdensome herbivorous mammal? Whiteelephant - Burdensome possession Whiteelephant - Expensive burden Whiteelephant - Expensive, unwanted item Whiteelephant - For the present it's embarrassing to be so big and pale Whiteelephant - Help a teen with ridiculously useless article Whiteelephant - Help athlete win when running, avoiding one learner's impediment Whiteelephant - I let his excellency pawn the bizarre unwanted gift Whiteelephant - It could be found in the attic Whiteelephant - It gives more trouble than it's worth Whiteelephant - It's more trouble than it's worth, chess player found before big game Whiteelephant - It's often found in the attic Whiteelephant - Not wanted for the present Whiteelephant - Points about chart-buster trumpeter found a liability Whiteelephant - Possession that proves expensive to keep and difficult to get rid of Whiteelephant - Something relegated to the attic Whiteelephant - The inapt wheel (anag) - extravagant item that proves useless Whiteelephant - The pale is unwanted, to a very large extent Whiteelephant - To a large extent it's not wanted to be too pale Whiteelephant - To one indian or african, european maybe a waste of space Whiteelephant - Troublesome or useless possession Whiteelephant - Unwanted gift Whiteelephant - Unwanted possession Whiteelephant - Useless gift Whiteelephant - Useless possession Whiteelephant - Wheel patient being treated outside hospital -- a useless and expensive thing Whiteelephant - While a pet hen possibly needs time, this creature would be too extravagant a possession! Whiteelephant - You wouldn't want anyhting so pale to a large extent