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Lampoon - Spoof

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Lampoon - Spoof Lampoon - Harvard tradition Lampoon - Satire Lampoon - Ridicule Lampoon - Send up or put down Lampoon - Perhaps it's skittish to be so light with nothing on the end Lampoon - It's light enough to have nothing on to make it a sort of 4 down Lampoon - Make fun with it and light of it with nothing on it Lampoon - For light, nothing on this is satirical Lampoon - Piece of writing that ridicules Lampoon - Ridicule with satire Lampoon - Satirical attack Lampoon - Ridicule in writing or verse Lampoon - Written ridicule of polo man Lampoon - Piece of writing that ridicules someone Lampoon - Personal satire Lampoon - Satirize Lampoon - Travesty of light o' love with knight Lampoon - Satirise Lampoon - Literary satire Lampoon - Parody Lampoon - Satirical personal attack Lampoon - Pool man (anag) Lampoon - Satirize without mercy Lampoon - Local crackpot hides musical equipment for skit Lampoon - Nothing in lighthouse working? a ridiculous scenario Lampoon - Us city politician initially outraged about send-up Lampoon - Make fun of lighting - nothing's working Lampoon - Simpleton holds current measure for pointed mockery Lampoon - Satire of so-called ancient mariner to receive booster Lampoon - Burlesque Lampoon - A parliamentarian involved in a silly subject to ridicule Lampoon - Satire featuring a politician trapped by fool Lampoon - Oscar working after light satire Lampoon - Fool accepting amount of current ridicule Lampoon - Simple-minded person - that's a politician in satire Lampoon - Round partitions something we might switch in dark parody Lampoon - Nothing working beyond light satire Lampoon - Ridicule eccentric about topless seductress Lampoon - Fool to accept quantity of current ridicule Lampoon - Harsh satire Lampoon - Mock silly person, a politician taken in Lampoon - There's nothing on after light satire Lampoon - Satire that left a member with nothing on Lampoon - Ridicule a member in madman's clutches Lampoon - It's a mockery that lantern soon won't start Lampoon - Maiden in hollow with nothing on engenders ridicule Lampoon - The french member needed oxygen before performing satire Lampoon - Interrupted by a politician, fool is subject to ridicule Lampoon - Mock Lampoon - A politician in mostly crazy satire Lampoon - Parody from weirdo about a politician Lampoon - A politician trapped by 'swivel-eyed type' mockery Lampoon - Make fun of the french politician with nothing on Lampoon - Ridicule a person in seat -- fool around Lampoon - Ridicule for a politician ensnared by bird Lampoon - Poke fun at a politician in flier Lampoon - Ridicule satirically Lampoon - National ___, bygone humor magazine Lampoon - Light working with nothing plugged in? it must be a spoof