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Aware - Informed

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Aware - Hip Aware - Sentient Aware - In the know Aware - Mindful Aware - Informed (of) Aware - Not in a fog Aware - Apprised Aware - Au courant Aware - Informed Aware - Cognizant Aware - Fully up-to-date Aware - Not out of it Aware - Tuned in Aware - Clued in Aware - With it Aware - Posted, so to speak Aware - Tuned in to Aware - Well-apprised Aware - Knowing Aware - With eyes wide open Aware - Hardly oblivious Aware - Witting Aware - Bearing in mind Aware - On top of it Aware - Mindful of Aware - Tuned-in Aware - Mindful (of) Aware - Vigilant Aware - Conscious Aware - On the ball Aware - Up on things Aware - Savvy Aware - Up to date Aware - Cognisant Aware - Far from oblivious Aware - Plugged in Aware - In the loop Aware - Self-___ Aware - Alerted to Aware - Enlightened Aware - Omniscient Aware - Not in the dark Aware - Cognizant of one's surroundings Aware - On the qui vive Aware - Well-informed Aware - Regardful Aware - Watchful Aware - Onto, with "of" Aware - Sensing Aware - Open-eyed Aware - Not blind Aware - Cognizant (of) Aware - Forewarned Aware - On top of things Aware - Not clueless Aware - "not that i'm ___ of" Aware - Not ignorant Aware - Alert Aware - ___ of (knowing about) Aware - Sophisticated Aware - Not oblivious Aware - Know you've got something to sell? Aware - Is one alive to the fact that there's fighting in there? Aware - Do you know that george russell got around fighting? Aware - Do you know that's a sort of crockery? Aware - Do you know there's fighting over the east? Aware - Do you know there's fighting going on in there? Aware - As one nose, by the sound of it, it's for sail, by the look of it Aware - Do you know there's fighting in there? Aware - As you know, there's fighting in here Aware - Do you know that it's for sale? Aware - Do you know there's something for sale, perhaps? Aware - Do you know of a sort of pottery like this? Aware - This might be a form of pottery, you know Aware - The artist turned up, knowing how to be in awe of this Aware - Know that this might be for sale? Aware - Do you know that this is a brand of crockery? Aware - Do you know there's some fighting at the east? Aware - Do you know there's fighting in here? Aware - How ae might have known to be around for a military occasion Aware - Do you know there is fighting over the east? Aware - No wing, by the sound of it Aware - One knows about fighting at the east Aware - Do you know this is a sort of crockery? Aware - Be this 2, no? Aware - That's a sort of crockery, as you know Aware - Know this is for sale? Aware - Do you know there's fighting at the east? Aware - Bearing in mind Aware - Conscious, knowing about Aware - Having knowledge of, informed Aware - Do you know there's fighting in here Aware - Knowing there's fighting going on in there Aware - Alert, conscious of Aware - Cognisant, mindful Aware - Having knowledge or realisation Aware - Conscious or having knowledge of Aware - Apprised or informed Aware - Conscious or informed Aware - Do you realise it's a sort of pottery? Aware - No wing sound Aware - Know there's fighting to the east? Aware - The sound of no wing Aware - One may know it's something for sale Aware - No wing could make this sound for sale Aware - Fighting to the east for something for sale Aware - Know that there's fighting in here Aware - Knowledgeable Aware - Not uninformed Aware - Not taken by surprise Aware - Conscious (of) Aware - Well-informed article(s) Aware - Informed some of the raw article is rejected Aware - Knowing some battles have point Aware - Having knowledge (of) Aware - Acquainted with or mindful of Aware - Appraised (of) Aware - Up on, with "of" Aware - Fully informed Aware - Conscious of a lot of fighting at point Aware - Clued into arab domain surrounding conflict Aware - With it, in a sense Aware - Conscious of a major fight to get central agreement Aware - Paying attention Aware - On one's toes Aware - Cognisant (of) Aware - Acquainted with or conscious of Aware - Conscious; informed Aware - Having knowledge Aware - Heads of art and woodwork are informed Aware - Having knowledge (of fact) Aware - Conscious it's a manufactured article Aware - Saw a reason for trapping fly Aware - Informed, conscious Aware - Informed; conscious Aware - Knowing peace at last after a period of conflict Aware - Knowing engagement will follow a romance, ultimately Aware - Knowing (of) Aware - Apprised of a conflict with sweetheart Aware - Conscious of a conflict beginning to erupt Aware - Conscious hostility between arabs' and europeans' leaders Aware - Knowing top card, fight to replace clubs Aware - Knowing (of something) Aware - Briefed Aware - Conscious of conflict in arab emirates, initially Aware - Informed of a conflict by mid-september Aware - Knowing about fights in accident & emergency Aware - Informed about a herts town Aware - Conscious of a revolutionary green source of energy Aware - Wonder about a queen being well-informed Aware - Conscious respect surrounding rising artist Aware - See 27-down Aware - Opposite of "oblivious" Aware - Hip, so to speak Aware - Knowing a monarch should be held in high regard? Aware - Not duped Aware - Academy newbie Aware - Conscious of Aware - Informed of fighting in a & e Aware - Conscious of fighting in accident and emergency Aware - A battle with leader in europe? that's wise Aware - Popular record company/compilation Aware - Salvador's 8th album Aware - Label that seeks unknowns Aware - In-the-know managers Aware - Salvador song about being keen? Aware - (hed) p.e. "self ___" Aware - "in the know" managers Aware - John brown's body "so ___" Aware - Conscious of major trouble in accident and emergency Aware - Au fait to wear a dress Aware - Up on the latest info Aware - Wise to Aware - Opposite of "in the dark" Aware - Conscious a conflict leads to peace, ultimately Aware - Far from clueless Aware - Observant Aware - Enlightened american overcoming battle with drug Aware - Enlightened american overcoming battle with drug