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Levy - Conscript

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  • Levy - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word V
  • 4 - st. word Y

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Levy - A charge imposed and collected Levy - Administer, as a fine Levy - Amount, forces, raised Levy - An imposed tax or duty Levy - Andrea --, author of 'the long song' Levy - Assess Levy - Assess, as a fine Levy - Assess, as a tax Levy - Assess, as taxes Levy - Assessment Levy - Authoritative imposition Levy - Charge Levy - Charge (tax) Levy - Charge a fee or tax Levy - Charge imposed and collected Levy - Collect - tax Levy - Collect a few in the meadow Levy - Conscript Levy - Conscription is a duty Levy - Contribution from members of an association Levy - Daniel, in the chair at tottenham Levy - Duty Levy - Endless accommodation provides sign that this is positive for the tax returns Levy - Eugene of "american pie" Levy - Eugene of "american reunion" Levy - Eugene of "best in show" Levy - Eugene of "curious george" Levy - Eugene of 'a mighty wind' Levy - Eugene of 'american pie' Levy - Eugene of 'american reunion' Levy - Fee or tax Levy - Financial charge Levy - Giddiness created by putting it into this tax Levy - Government collection Levy - Government imposition Levy - Group of people vying for tax money Levy - Impose Levy - Impose (as a tax) Levy - Impose (tax) Levy - Impose a tax Levy - Impose a tax, fine, etc Levy - Impose and collect (money) Levy - Impose as with a tax Levy - Impose tax/fee/fine Levy - Impose, as a fine Levy - Impose, as a parking fee Levy - Impose, as a tax Levy - Impose, as a ticket charge Levy - Impose, as taxes Levy - Imposed charge Levy - Imposition of a tax Levy - Imposition of charge Levy - Impost Levy - In bulgaria ready to finally pay tax Levy - Irs collection option Levy - It's an imposition Levy - Legally impose Levy - Miner leaves liverymen with collection Levy - Money raised from taxes, etc Levy - Moneys raised by fines, taxes Levy - Raise (money, troops) Levy - Raise - army (or money for it) Levy - Raise defensive structure of america in conversation Levy - Something for the government banks from lebanese navy Levy - Sum of money raised Levy - Tariff Levy - Tax Levy - Tax assessment Levy - Tax collected Levy - Tax enlisted troops Levy - Tax frivolity when sex is no more Levy - Tax frivolity, dismissing it Levy - Tax it out of frivolity Levy - Tax it out of light heartedness Levy - Tax produces flippancy when it's dodged Levy - Tax raised Levy - Tax, fee, fine Levy - Tax, fee, fine, etc Levy - Tax? there's high spirits, seeing it abolished Levy - Toll Levy - Troops opposed to entering field Levy - Without that certain something irreverence can be fine