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Agitate - Stir up

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Agitate - Provoke Agitate - Stir up Agitate - Rabble-rouse Agitate - Convulse Agitate - Perturb Agitate - Shake up Agitate - Work up Agitate - Stir Agitate - Create a stir Agitate - Toss Agitate - Churn Agitate - Bring to a fever pitch Agitate - Shake Agitate - Disturb Agitate - Fluster Agitate - Make trouble Agitate - Churn up Agitate - Shake it to make the gait over eight, by the sound of it Agitate - It will shake you, coming in an entrance like this Agitate - The way to get it at in time? that'll shake you Agitate - To have it in a semi-precious stone is enough to shake one Agitate - Upset, disturb the surface of Agitate - Disturb or shake Agitate - Disturb, cause to worry Agitate - Stir, excite Agitate - 'stir, excite (7)' Agitate - Disturb or churn Agitate - Disturb or stir up Agitate - Cause to be excited or roused Agitate - Rile up Agitate - Stir it in a football crowd Agitate - An entry without it causes stir Agitate - It takes a crowd outside to cause trouble Agitate - Stir (up public opinion?) Agitate - Stir vigorously Agitate - Part of a wash cycle Agitate - Stir up (trouble?) Agitate - It takes those attending outside to excite trouble Agitate - Roil Agitate - Wind up having sex in a way-out place? Agitate - Make nervous; stir Agitate - Make nervous Agitate - Campaign to have a barrier put round it Agitate - It's found in stone and rock Agitate - Stir, disturb Agitate - Make troubled Agitate - Trouble, make nervous Agitate - Campaign's object, set in stone Agitate - Terriers in a french holiday cottage can make trouble Agitate - Try to move the thing set in stone Agitate - Inflame Agitate - Trouble - a barrier is required to contain it Agitate - Stir violently Agitate - A time in a french farmhouse causing stir Agitate - Shake it and a stone comes out Agitate - Foment Agitate - Upset, stir Agitate - Rock - it's set in stone Agitate - Absolute swine consumed shake Agitate - "it's written in stone" does disturb Agitate - Excite Agitate - Disturb soldier in a gallery Agitate - Absolute prat swallowed shake Agitate - Trouble for a time in a french home Agitate - Disturb armed group breaking into a country house Agitate - Keep moving the italian through a doorway Agitate - Stir up trouble at gate 1 Agitate - Volunteers in a cottage in france cause trouble Agitate - Create disturbance -- a barrier contains it Agitate - Cause trouble by investing it in quartz Agitate - Work up a temperature in a french farmhouse Agitate - Incite it in a football crowd Agitate - Stir; arouse Agitate - Disturb top barman from one london museum Agitate - Stir up, excite Agitate - Worry, seeing it in a portal Agitate - Unsettle Agitate - What "singer" in seat next to you will do Agitate - Stir up trouble Agitate - Disturb a person working in us military gallery Agitate - Stir it into stone Agitate - Keep moving stone with internal magnetism Agitate - A contemptible fool swallowed shake Agitate - Get excited, setting it in ornamental stone