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Bed - Place for a spread

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Bed - Fourposter, e.g Bed - Rest stop? Bed - Subsoil Bed - Place where a rose arises Bed - Night spot Bed - Convertible, after conversion Bed - Night spot? Bed - Foundation Bed - Sack Bed - Retirement locale? Bed - Article of furniture Bed - Garden plot Bed - Oyster's place Bed - Place for a spread Bed - Breakfast partner Bed - You may make it in the morning Bed - Lettuce serving Bed - Breakfast companion Bed - One retires here Bed - Word with time or sheet Bed - Kind of check used at a boys' camp Bed - Pickup truck feature Bed - Oyster's home Bed - Place to retire Bed - It's made daily Bed - Roses' place Bed - Nap sack? Bed - Rock stratum Bed - Breakfast company? Bed - River bottom Bed - Single or double Bed - Hospital unit Bed - Zinnias' spot Bed - Dorm room furniture Bed - Rose's home Bed - Oyster's abode Bed - Board partner Bed - Garden area Bed - Nap sack Bed - Place to dream Bed - Truck section Bed - Retirement destination Bed - Ocean's bottom Bed - Dream location? Bed - Four-poster, e.g Bed - Pickup part Bed - King or queen Bed - Screwy place? Bed - Oyster's spot Bed - Roses' home Bed - Where some sleeping dogs lie Bed - Litter Bed - Pallet Bed - Daffodil digs Bed - Where to find retirees? Bed - Home for roses Bed - Crib or cot Bed - Some make it in the morning Bed - Flower site Bed - Single or double, say Bed - Breakfast companion? Bed - Napping place Bed - Comfortable king or queen Bed - Cot or convertible Bed - Duvet spot Bed - Stream bottom Bed - "in ___" (jokey postscript tacked onto fortune cookie messages) Bed - Quilt locale Bed - A ___ of clams Bed - Retirement place? Bed - Place to retire to Bed - Part of b&b Bed - Plant place Bed - Flower area Bed - Retirement spot Bed - Lake bottom Bed - Truck bottom Bed - B&b part Bed - Breakfast place for the pampered Bed - Brook bottom Bed - Rest area? Bed - Rose's place Bed - With 70-across, what the end of 17-, 33-, 42- or 63-across describes Bed - It's covered Bed - Dreamy spot? Bed - Dream spot? Bed - Ocean bottom Bed - Place for oysters Bed - Where goldilocks was discovered Bed - One "b" of b&b Bed - Subsoil, for a flower Bed - It's at the bottom of the pacific Bed - You can retire on it Bed - Flower's place Bed - ___ and board Bed - Place to retire to? Bed - Floral foundation Bed - Special place to have breakfast Bed - King or queen? Bed - Rest area Bed - Place for roses Bed - Something that goes with breakfast? Bed - Place to turn in Bed - Lettuce formation Bed - Conk-out spot Bed - Cot, for one Bed - Flower's home Bed - Bottom of an ocean Bed - Oyster colony Bed - Barracks unit Bed - Carefully cultivated plot Bed - Daffodils' digs Bed - Place for a spring Bed - It's made every day Bed - Self-indulgent place for breakfast Bed - Berth or bunk Bed - Where some let sleeping dogs lie? Bed - Garden section Bed - Dreamer's spot Bed - Nap site Bed - Hotel fixture Bed - Sleep spot Bed - Flower spot Bed - Sleep site Bed - Flowers' place Bed - ... and where to find them Bed - Founda-tion Bed - Stratum Bed - Layer of lettuce Bed - Pepys' destination Bed - Hotel-room necessity Bed - Where goldilocks was found Bed - Cot Bed - 'once upon a mattress' prop Bed - Hotel room necessity Bed - Garden plot ... Bed - Shuteye site Bed - Snooze site Bed - Motel fixture Bed - Where a good date might end Bed - It would be enough to make anyone bad-tempered to find a crab on it if one were lying Bed - It's enough to make one morose to have a crab on it, lying there Bed - That could be the hundreds you get for lying Bed - That's all you get for lying Bed - That could be the hundreds one gets for lying Bed - That's what you get for lying! Bed - That's what you get for lying for a start, bedad Bed - Or this would be gettin around for lying Bed - If we were to come back after this, it might make us wet Bed - Place for plants and sleep Bed - Place to sleep Bed - Word with rock or roll Bed - Bottom of the sea or river Bed - Plot for plants Bed - For plants and sleep Bed - For sleep and flowers Bed - In which to place the body of flowers Bed - Plot in which plants are growing Bed - Or this gets round to this for lying Bed - And that's what you get for lying Bed - There might be hundreds lying there Bed - Oh, you in after this, lying in the desert Bed - That's what you get for lying Bed - How the debutante turned up for lying Bed - You make it after you use it Bed - __ rest Bed - Disobedient at heart, slept there Bed - Rice may be served in it Bed - Flower place Bed - Flat bottom Bed - Place to take a nap Bed - Crash site? Bed - __ and breakfast inn Bed - Lettuce, at times Bed - Odd bits of bread often seen with breakfast? Bed - Degree required for sphere of work in nursery? Bed - See 17 Bed - With 45-across, recuperation aid Bed - Gardener's preparation Bed - Sleeping site Bed - For sleep and for flowers Bed - Sack that's good for hitting? Bed - Sleep on it Bed - Four-poster ___ Bed - It's often made before breakfast Bed - Dream world? Bed - Word with oyster or rose Bed - Breakfast partner? Bed - Murphy __ Bed - Take to sleep with, say Bed - Soil holder Bed - __-and-breakfast inn Bed - Site for roses Bed - Soft spot Bed - Sleeping spot Bed - Flower garden Bed - Mattress site Bed - Retirement destination? Bed - Kids, it's not a trampoline Bed - Board's partner Bed - What three examples of 54-across are hidden under Bed - Garden portion Bed - "the princess and the pea" prop Bed - Plot at foundation? Bed - Relative of a twin Bed - Furniture store buy Bed - Final destination, in a way Bed - Resting place Bed - Where the bears found goldilocks Bed - King or twin Bed - Spring place Bed - Mattress's place Bed - One with flower, sleeper, in Bed - Ub 40 and chrissie hynde had breakfast in it Bed - Plot a society girl overturned Bed - Bottom of river Bed - Sleeping place Bed - Brahms implied that bacon lacked it Bed - Firmly settle to represent duke Bed - Napping site Bed - Plot in a garden Bed - (garden) plot Bed - Cot or bunk Bed - Retirement venue Bed - Couch Bed - Divan Bed - Plot contrived by a graduate Bed - Educationist in plot Bed - Plot Bed - E.g. four-poster Bed - Crook with no name in plot Bed - Sea bottom Bed - Piece of furniture Bed - Matrimonial duties? adam falls short Bed - Place to lay one's head Bed - Queen, for example Bed - Hotel item Bed - Place for pillows Bed - Cot or crib Bed - Retirement location Bed - Stream's bottom Bed - See 15-across Bed - See 38-down Bed - Place to insert a bulb, say Bed - Boudoir furniture Bed - Place for patient in hospital Bed - Board partner? Bed - Four poster Bed - Pickup truck part Bed - Sub-editor reveals plot Bed - Growth area Bed - Where some flowers are found Bed - "i want to lay you down in a ___ of roses" Bed - "___ of roses" Bed - Beck "__ and breakfast getaway weekends" Bed - Bunk, e.g Bed - Truck part Bed - Furniture to sleep on Bed - Where many retire Bed - "once upon a mattress" prop Bed - Place to plant Bed - Bon jovi "___ of roses" Bed - Oysters are found in one Bed - It may get covered in throw pillows Bed - Place for tulips Bed - Oyster's resting place? Bed - Flower plot Bed - The king or queen in your home Bed - Ethan allen buy Bed - Garden part Bed - Pickup truck's cargo area Bed - Bassinet or berth Bed - Place for peas or z's Bed - Spring locale Bed - Queen, e.g Bed - Queen, e.g Bed - Place for pillow talk Bed - Place for pillow talk