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Eager - Not merely ready

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Eager - Athirst Eager - Raring to go Eager - Gung-ho Eager - Enthusiastic Eager - Zealous Eager - Breathless Eager - All agog Eager - Itchy Eager - In the beaver state? Eager - Not merely ready Eager - Chomping at the bit Eager - Itching to go Eager - Rarin' to go Eager - Like a beaver Eager - Champing at the bit Eager - Displaying enthusiasm Eager - Ready, willing and able Eager - Can't wait Eager - Geared up Eager - Said of a beaver Eager - Beaverlike Eager - Like the proverbial beaver Eager - Psyched up Eager - Fired up Eager - Anticipatory Eager - More than merely ready Eager - Beaverlike? Eager - More than ready Eager - Beaver's adjective Eager - All for it Eager - All fired up Eager - More than willing Eager - Psyched-up Eager - Psyched Eager - Like a beaver? Eager - Gung ho Eager - Showing enthusiasm Eager - Not just ready Eager - Itching Eager - Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Eager - Itching to get started Eager - Keen Eager - Full of anticipation Eager - Avid Eager - Revved up Eager - Hot Eager - Yearning Eager - Ardent Eager - Ready for action Eager - Anxious Eager - Ready to go Eager - Anxious to begin Eager - Trigger-happy Eager - Hot to trot Eager - Ready to rock Eager - Impatient Eager - Not just willing Eager - Thirsty Eager - Having ants in one's pants Eager - Like some beavers Eager - Like beavers, it's said Eager - It's about time for 'er to be like a beaver Eager - This may make 'er keen to get about a lot of the time Eager - One might be wanting to agree with this Eager - One can agree that this is keen Eager - It's about time for `er to be like a beaver Eager - About time to get 'er keen Eager - Keen to find time in here Eager - Keen like this, but not when you're sad Eager - Old enough in 'er to be keen Eager - Enthusiastic, raring to go Eager - Enthusiastic, agog Eager - Showing keen interest Eager - Impatient (for) Eager - Enthusiastic, full of desire Eager - Enthusiastic, avid Eager - Avid, enthusiastic Eager - Enthusiastic, keen Eager - Keen, avid Eager - Keen and enthusiastic Eager - Excited Eager - Enthusiastic and avid Eager - Agree to be like the beaver Eager - Keen to get 'er - and about time too Eager - Long time in 'er to be said to be like a beaver Eager - Agree to be like a beaver Eager - Panting, perhaps Eager - Keen on caribbean rock but rising with lack of gravity Eager - Keen to agree to differ Eager - Wholehearted uplift for half-hearted music Eager - Keen - enthusiastic Eager - Passionate Eager - Ready and then some Eager - Breathless, say Eager - Keenly desiring Eager - Ready and willing Eager - Like some new employees and beavers Eager - Dying (to) Eager - Keenly desirous Eager - Like beavers Eager - Keen, enthusiastic Eager - Bright-eyed Eager - Whole-hearted boost for half-hearted music Eager - Agog Eager - Like some beavers in middle age, reportedly? Eager - Keenly expectant Eager - Enthusiastic monarch spanning a number of years Eager - Anxious time limited by hesitation Eager - Keenly interested Eager - Low platform Eager - Keen to hear bore speaking? Eager - Keen to entertain lavishly, turning up a pound short Eager - Swiss mountain Eager - Keen listener describing good ending to programme Eager - Keen to get on during career, throwing caution to the wind Eager - Impatient with being excluded from online betting? Eager - Very keen Eager - Keen listener gathers tips on grapevine Eager - Anxious part of bronze age reconstruction Eager - Anxious english bet on losing wicket Eager - Up for it Eager - Like the idiomatic beaver Eager - Like a beaver, it's said Eager - Hard to restrain Eager - Impatient, maybe Eager - Agree (anag.) Eager - Forever acquiring silver - really keen Eager - Desperate for time in hm's presence Eager - Keen to get on in exeter's outskirts Eager - Keen for a listener to take up for example Eager - Hesitation takes time to be keen Eager - Utter bore, but keen Eager - Fervent Eager - Sharp english drink left out Eager - Agree to differ, being passionate Eager - Keen consumer's good for credit at last Eager - Jamaican music revived without group initially keen Eager - Anxious listener starts to get emotional inside Eager - Keen to risk reversing direction at the outset Eager - Longing to see area in east germany Eager - Anxious time in us medical facility Eager - Longing for english beer with no top Eager - On pins and needles Eager - Keen to be getting on among mounted troops Eager - Cut out starter on american flier making you hungry Eager - Enthusiastic in space age? rather! Eager - Each european not half raring to go? Eager - Keen backing music that's half-hearted Eager - Anxious, but in like a good way i guess Eager - Enthusiastic, agree changes Eager - Keen (as a beaver?) Eager - English mature cheddar finally gets you hungry Eager - Keen in desire Eager - Thirsty, english drink uncorked? Eager - Earnest Eager - Like one who can't wait Eager - Pumped, so to speak Eager - Very willing listener welcomes good ending to tale Eager - Keen to get some of stone age relics Eager - Festival fans are this Eager - Like reunion tour fans Eager - Like crowd for reunion show Eager - Crowd before big show Eager - Like backstage fans Eager - Like crowd before big show Eager - "teenage tears" singer vince ___ Eager - Full of enthusiasm, agree to differ Eager - Anxious period in american hospital department Eager - Waiting with bated breath Eager - Alert and active type? Eager - Avid, very keen Eager - Some sweet pea germinate as keen as mustard Eager - Like a beaver, proverbially Eager - Impatient to get started Eager - Keen to gamble, choosing other member of bridge team Eager - Strongly longing Eager - Itching, so to speak Eager - Keen, for example, to roll up and be entertained by organ Eager - Some chelsea geriatric is as keen as mustard Eager - Keen to show hesitation about decline? Eager - Longing monarch to be around long time Eager - Agree to change, being keen Eager - '... keen and ___, as a fine-nosed hound': wordsworth