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Medical - Insurance category Medical - A doctor's profession Medical - Pertinent to doctors Medical - Insurance type Medical - Curative Medical - Concerned with the healing arts Medical - How the detectives returned in what they're eating for the doctor Medical - Of the healing sciences Medical - Relating to healing Medical - Relating to the art of healing Medical - Of the science dealing with treatment of disease Medical - Eat it around the cid back there just for practice Medical - Doctor-related Medical - Award about 99 for examination Medical - An examination wrongly claimed Medical - 151 mice deaths involved in such questions? Medical - Relating to doctoring Medical - Thorough health check Medical - Examination of physical health Medical - Relating to treatment rather than surgery Medical - Relating to doctors Medical - Kind of care Medical - Check-up - declaim (anag) Medical - Doctor claimed expenses, for example Medical - Part of 'm.e.' Medical - Type of leave or insurance Medical - Doctor's test claimed to be bogus Medical - Health check-up Medical - Health examination Medical - Fitness examination Medical - A hundred participating in intermediate examination Medical - Kind of research Medical - Health check Medical - Doctors' exam the most ignorant could pass Medical - Claimed to be relaxed in examination Medical - Retired tecs tucked into dinner after check-up Medical - Doctors claimed to give you health examination Medical - Detectives turning up during lunch, say, for a health check Medical - Doctor calmed individual brought in for check-up Medical - Claimed to be injured? take this Medical - Beginning to cough during intermediate doctor's examination Medical - Claimed free treatment as a result of this Medical - Partner of dental and vision Medical - Claimed wrong doctor's examination Medical - Discovery of a cure, say Medical - Detectives come back during lunch, possibly for a health check Medical - One caught splitting gold, perhaps, being clinical Medical - Decoration goes around one getting first in chemistry exam Medical - Note flipping sharp learner in examination Medical - Award when one gets a hundred in that examination Medical - Award, securing one first in chemistry examination Medical - Examination -- one of those coming down here is confused!