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Cat - Cool fellow

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Cat - 'the ___ in the hat' (rhyming seuss book) Cat - Manx or persian Cat - Be-bopper Cat - Hipster Cat - Eliot's grizabella, e.g Cat - Mouse catcher Cat - Jazzman Cat - Clawer Cat - Russian blue, e.g Cat - One who litters Cat - Jazz man Cat - One kept in the bag? Cat - Big name in earth-moving equipment, for short Cat - Curiosity victim Cat - Cool fellow Cat - Dude Cat - Meower Cat - Felix or sylvester Cat - Leopard, e.g Cat - Felix, for one Cat - Garfield, e.g Cat - Seuss's hat-wearer Cat - Siamese ___ Cat - Dr. seuss character Cat - 38-across catcher Cat - Ailurophobe's dread Cat - Turkish angora, for one Cat - Siamese or burmese Cat - Member of a certain broadway cast Cat - Cool ___ Cat - Tabby Cat - Garfield or felix Cat - Subject of a b. kliban drawing Cat - Frequent litterer Cat - F. domesticus Cat - Well-known hat wearer Cat - Jazz lover Cat - Fido's nemesis Cat - Burmese or persian, e.g Cat - Whiskered pet Cat - ... Cat - Kind of burglar Cat - Grimalkin Cat - Manx, for one Cat - One familiar with litter Cat - Home companion, for some Cat - One eyeing a canary, maybe Cat - Big bulldozer company, for short Cat - Grimalkin, e.g Cat - Friskies eater Cat - Creature in a clowder Cat - Hat-wearer of children's literature Cat - Kilkenny fighter of rhyme Cat - Jazz player Cat - Fiddler of rhyme Cat - Persian or siamese Cat - Bebopper Cat - Cool dude, in jazz Cat - Purring pet Cat - Jazz aficionado Cat - Mouse manipulator? Cat - Grimalkin, for one Cat - 33 down pursuer Cat - Persian, e.g Cat - Felix or fritz Cat - Bird watcher, maybe Cat - Habitual scratcher Cat - Tonto in harry and tonto Cat - Feline Cat - Ailurophobe's bane Cat - Dick whittington's companion Cat - Fancy feast eater Cat - Sofa scratcher Cat - Cool dude Cat - Meow mix consumer Cat - Scratching post user Cat - Night stalker Cat - Himalayan, for one Cat - Rex, for one Cat - Leopard or lion Cat - Singer yusuf islam, formerly ___ stevens Cat - High-tech scanner Cat - Cool one Cat - Popular pet Cat - ___ island, bahamas, boyhood home of 47a Cat - Object of ailurophobia Cat - "persian" pet Cat - Persian, say Cat - Jazz figure Cat - Lion or leopard Cat - Eliot's jennyanydots, e.g Cat - Whiskered one Cat - Fritz or felix Cat - Calico, e.g Cat - Fiddler in the nursery Cat - String player? Cat - Balinese or burmese Cat - Sneeze inducer, for some Cat - Feline pet Cat - Garfield, for one Cat - One who digs gigs Cat - Medical acronym Cat - Koko's pet all ball, e.g Cat - Birman or burmese Cat - Excavation machine, for short Cat - Old deuteronomy, e.g Cat - Stray, often Cat - Cornish rex or ragdoll Cat - Sylvester of cartoons, e.g Cat - Persian, for one Cat - Hip dude Cat - See 66-down Cat - Purrer Cat - Jazz club habitue Cat - Whiskas eater Cat - Friskies consumer Cat - Lion or tiger Cat - Notorious bird-watcher Cat - Seuss hat wearer Cat - Tom, for one Cat - Mouse chaser Cat - Tongue depressor? Cat - Tree rescuee Cat - He digs gigs Cat - Four-legged leaper Cat - Tabby or tiger Cat - Jazz fan Cat - Bopper Cat - Rum tum tugger, for one Cat - Maine coon or manx Cat - T.s. eliot's favorite animal? Cat - Natural bird-watcher Cat - Ocelot, for one Cat - Jaguar, e.g Cat - Tabby or calico Cat - Stray, maybe Cat - Bucky of "get fuzzy," for one Cat - Jazz guy Cat - Garfield or morris Cat - Mungojerrie or skimbleshanks, in a musical Cat - Maine coon, for one Cat - Maine coon, e.g Cat - Garfield or fritz Cat - Cool sort Cat - Animal that can right itself Cat - Animal called 'maeow' in thai Cat - Rum tum tugger or sylvester Cat - Victim of curiosity Cat - Purrfect pet? Cat - Puma, for one Cat - Fancy feast fan Cat - Abyssinian or siamese Cat - Burmese or balinese Cat - Meowing mammal Cat - Litter box visitor Cat - Animal known for its righting reflex Cat - One often planted on a window ledge? Cat - Nap or nip preceder Cat - Tractor make, briefly Cat - Lynx or leopard Cat - "cool" dude Cat - Big tractor, informally Cat - Common viral video animal Cat - Manx or siamese Cat - Eliot's old deuteronomy, e.g Cat - Well-known hat wearer of kiddie-lit Cat - Scratching-post user Cat - House __ Cat - Sylvester, e.g Cat - Milk lover Cat - Siamese, e.g Cat - Purring animal Cat - Common house pet Cat - Tabby or tom Cat - Seuss' hat-wearer Cat - Purring 40 down Cat - Ailurophobe's fear Cat - Mouse hunter Cat - Purr producer Cat - Lynx or lion Cat - Windowsill sitter Cat - Burmese, for one Cat - Alley prowler Cat - Window-sill sitter Cat - Purr producer Cat - Manx, e.g Cat - Jazz enthusiast Cat - Heathcliff, e.g Cat - Sylvester or stimpy Cat - Heathcliff, for one Cat - Clarinet in 'peter and the wolf' Cat - Garfield or heathcliff Cat - Cheetah or puma Cat - Witch's familiar, often Cat - Tabby, e.g Cat - Witch's familiar, usually Cat - String chaser Cat - Lion, e.g Cat - Alley roamer Cat - Ocelot, e.g Cat - 'peace train' singer stevens Cat - See 85-across Cat - Purring one Cat - After that, s can see through one Cat - A ma ran after it for the sale, by the sound of it Cat - A ma ran after it over the water - how beastly! Cat - A ma ran after it over the water Cat - That needs a comb to get below the surface Cat - Give it a log, by the sound of it, if you wish to enlist it, perhaps Cat - Give one a list, by the sound of it, to get things going Cat - By the sound of it, give it a list to get a reaction Cat - That used to be over the hay for chiina Cat - Could be tom that gets a log, by the sound of it, or a list to get things going, by the sound of it Cat - That has to have acomb to get it underground Cat - Give it a comb for the underground Cat - Alan could make it spanish Cat - See 2 down Cat - Give it a list, by the sound of it, for a quick change Cat - If it were on a log, by the sound of it, it would have a list Cat - What a beastly m.o. user! Cat - Give that beast a log, by the sound of it, to give it a list Cat - Same number of tails as lives Cat - Sounds as if it might get a list with a log Cat - That might have a comb underground Cat - After this it sounds as if alice is able to speed things up Cat - Could that be the line of the fee, by the sound of it? Cat - Sounds as if it needs a log for a list Cat - Give it a comb to bury under the ground Cat - Give it a comb for the dugout Cat - What a beastly beginning for the long ones of this puzzle! Cat - A pair of such for 28 down Cat - Sounds as if it gets a list to get more of a reaction Cat - The beast gets a comb for those that are late down below Cat - The beastly way it will turn up to begin 7 down Cat - Sounds as if the line follows the fee for this Cat - Might the pet sup with sauce? Cat - Quarry for 22 across Cat - What sort of a beastly thing has alan got from spain? Cat - Tails or lives, it's all the same; one over the eight Cat - Could be tom from the man without a tail Cat - Feline mammal Cat - Sailor's whip with nine knotted strands Cat - One would begin to catch 25 across Cat - Said to have the same number of tails as lives when one over the eight Cat - One has an eye to being on the road Cat - Feline mammel Cat - An old whip with nine tails Cat - Stevens who is now yusuf islam Cat - Whip with nine tails Cat - 12 across to begin 32 across Cat - That creature is the one that gets up so saucily Cat - Hay for the beast from old china Cat - Sounds as if alice is after this fee line in a chemical sort of way Cat - Not canine, but may have nine at the end of it (3) Cat - Sounds like the line of the fee gets the nine of the livings Cat - Alan might be after that brute in spain Cat - 'afterwards, a man with hulls ran this little beast (3)' Cat - 'that's tom, like as not (3)' Cat - Panther or puma Cat - 'the black ___' (poe story) Cat - Puss Cat - One who "must have three different names": eliot Cat - Friskies fan Cat - Critter to 8-across, perhaps Cat - Meow mix muncher Cat - Title word in many lilian jackson braun novels Cat - Double curve Cat - Fiddler in a kids' rhyme Cat - Lynx or puma Cat - Meowing pet Cat - Slippers in theodore roosevelt's white house Cat - Blofeld's constant companion, in bond films Cat - "___ on a hot tin roof" Cat - It may be let out of the bag Cat - Feline - whip Cat - See 21 Cat - Animal (domesticated or wild) Cat - Pussy Cat - Shelter purchase, sometimes Cat - Pet that purrs Cat - Dr. seuss title character Cat - "alley" animal Cat - Calico pet Cat - See 30-down Cat - Black halloween animal Cat - Alley hisser Cat - Kind of scan Cat - At the beginning of catalogue from bombay Cat - Alley lurker Cat - Puma, say Cat - Whiskered 28-across Cat - See 44 across Cat - Koko or yum-yum, in lilian jackson braun mysteries Cat - House pet Cat - Curiosity victim, in a saying Cat - Nyan ___ (internet meme) Cat - Well-known hat-wearer of kiddie-lit Cat - Bird watcher Cat - Curiosity victim, in an old saying Cat - Possible predator of a 26-down Cat - Felix or morris, e.g Cat - Monopoly token introduced in 2013 Cat - Little hisser Cat - Scratcher at a post Cat - See 19-across Cat - Hepster Cat - Witch's familiar Cat - Adult kitten Cat - Purr former Cat - Siamese or abyssinian Cat - Subject of many a viral video Cat - Dr. seuss animal Cat - Curiosity killed it Cat - Tiger, e.g Cat - Frequent bird watcher Cat - Ragamuffin or maine coon Cat - *see 29-across Cat - Alley howler Cat - Nursery rhyme fiddler Cat - Seussian mischief maker Cat - Any of t. s. eliot's 'practical' creatures Cat - Certain house pet Cat - Himalayan, e.g Cat - Cool __ Cat - Bird-watcher's pet hate? Cat - A tom Cat - Whip one's pyjamas? they're an excellent thing Cat - Boat is here - about time Cat - About time to raise anchor Cat - Bert williams Cat - Animal; converter; boat Cat - Nickname of bert williams Cat - About time for boat Cat - Goalkeeper bert williams Cat - Did they provide a big beat for phil collins? Cat - Links clive lloyd and bert williams Cat - Phil tufnell nickname Cat - Bert williams nickname Cat - Eg, tiger, lion Cat - Phil tufnell when caught napping! Cat - Common pet Cat - Eg, leopard Cat - Lash jazz fan in panic attack Cat - Malicious gossip bringing article into court Cat - A pet work of colette? Cat - Laser chaser Cat - With 51-across, med. diagnostic Cat - 'cool' guy Cat - Sure-footed pet Cat - "'meow' means 'woof' in __": carlin Cat - Word with bird or call Cat - "the ___ in the hat" Cat - Anne hathaway's persona in 2012's 'the dark knight rises' Cat - Purring persian Cat - Bird watcher, perhaps Cat - Viral video critter, often Cat - Small domesticated feline mammal Cat - Tom's boat Cat - Animal Cat - Eg leopard Cat - Boat for jazz fan Cat - Leo caught both sides of argument Cat - See 23 Cat - Domestic animal Cat - Carnivore; whip Cat - Enemy of the pictured animal Cat - Meow mix eater Cat - See 3 Cat - Garfield, famously Cat - Monopoly token that replaced the iron Cat - Morris, e.g Cat - Curious pet Cat - Persian or abyssinian Cat - Puma or panther Cat - Critter in a clowder Cat - Abyssinian, for one Cat - One of the burglars caught a temperature Cat - See 76-across Cat - Sno-__ Cat - Word before tail or nip Cat - Tom, perhaps, and son excluded by players Cat - Monopoly token that replaced the iron in 2013 Cat - Pet that's often aloof Cat - Angry hisser Cat - Fancy feast fancier Cat - Hep one Cat - Gaggle : goose :: clowder : ___ Cat - Avid bird watcher? Cat - Socks, e.g Cat - Angora, e.g Cat - Siamese, for one Cat - One notably entertained by a laser pointer Cat - Crookshanks, in harry potter fiction Cat - Carroll grinner Cat - Animal that an ailurophobe fears Cat - Cause of an allergic response Cat - Crookshanks, notably Cat - Manx or lynx Cat - Scratchy, in 'the simpsons' Cat - Iams eater Cat - Cougar, e.g Cat - Subject of many an internet meme Cat - Stealthy sort Cat - Manx Cat - Stealthy animal Cat - Witch's familiar, maybe Cat - Birman or bombay Cat - 'loco' sort Cat - Household pet Cat - Tonto in 'harry and tonto' Cat - Nyan ___ Cat - Al stewart "year of the ___" Cat - ___ power Cat - Al stewart's favorite pet? Cat - Spin doctors "cleopatra's ___" Cat - Litter box user Cat - Abyssinian or persian Cat - Felix of cartoons Cat - 'what greater gift than the love of a ___?': dickens Cat - Birman or bengal Cat - See 53-across Cat - Cartoondom's tom or sylvester Cat - One of the burglars gets half of 25 across Cat - Lynx or ocelot Cat - Clowder creature Cat - Rapt bird watcher, perhaps Cat - Laser beam-chasing pet Cat - Animal that can follow the first word in each of this puzzle's four theme entries Cat - Possibly pedigreed pet Cat - Frequent chaser of its own tail Cat - Laser pointer chaser Cat - Tiger or tabby Cat - "cool" hipster Cat - Windowsill sunner Cat - Hopeful birdwatcher Cat - 'cool' hipster Cat - Hat-wearing seuss character Cat - Type of household pet Cat - Monopoly token since 2013 Cat - Player in an indoor tree Cat - Batter of balls? Cat - Kind of "scratch fever," to ted nugent Cat - Cream alternative Cat - "___ scratch fever" Cat - American shorthair, for one Cat - Indoor __ Cat - Animal - one with nine tails! Cat - Persian you pet Cat - __ scan Cat - Al stewart's favorite animal? Cat - Victim of curiosity, in a saying Cat - 'cool' sort Cat - Eliot's gus or macavity Cat - Half of a "game" pair Cat - Milk lapper Cat - Mouse catcher "in the well," to dylan Cat - Burmese or persian Cat - Habitual birdwatcher Cat - Word with big or house Cat - Word with big or house