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City - Metropolis

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City - Word with slicker or hall City - Kind of desk City - Jackson or cleveland City - Part of n.y.c City - Metropolis City - Slicker's home? City - It has its limits City - Part of a gas mileage rating City - Truth or consequences, e.g City - Slicker home? City - Like lowest-mileage driving City - The big apple, for one City - What a bypass may bypass City - Washington or madison City - Miami or london, e.g City - Something with a skyline City - Half a gas mileage rating City - Mayor's bailiwick City - 2 san francisco, e.g City - Word in four state capitals City - See 83-down City - Frank miller book series "sin __" City - Tampa or tacoma City - Part of 19-across City - Kind of slicker City - Chicago, e.g City - Las cruces or las vegas City - Lincoln or madison City - Municipality City - Charlotte or sydney City - See 19-across City - Slicker's place City - Half of an e.p.a. mileage rating City - Gary, norman or eugene City - The 'c' in n.y.c City - Word with clerk or council City - Jerusalem, for one City - Norman or irving City - Population center City - Half of an e.p.a. rating City - It's got its limits City - Nancy in france, e.g City - Washington or lincoln City - Mayor's domain City - Part of 85-down City - Map dot City - Normal in illinois, say City - Salem or selma City - Concord, for one City - Word with clerk or hall City - __ hall City - Pierre, e.g City - Certain council's concern City - Not country City - Urban area City - 'sex and the --' City - Metro area City - Town City - Vera needed this for t. ruth, it seems City - O! pa can make the last of 35 across thick City - Sounds as if something so rusty and urban is not urban at all City - There would be not much of a scar on this place City - Might be a shortage to scar this, not in the country City - Scar this town and there won't be much of it left City - Densely populated urban area City - Word with "slicker" or "hall" City - Could there be not much of a scar there? City - Scar the town for a short age? City - Mend a one such that's lying, not in the country City - One might scar this place if there's a shortage City - Cap a this as much as you can take out of the country City - It is in there but is not in the country City - The _____ magazine City - Place on the edges of celebrity? City - Classy girl leaves it in large town City - See 10 City - See 24 City - (100-1 chance) heartless metropolis City - Important town City - Town with cathedral City - See 4 City - See 5 City - See 17 City - See 9 City - See 2 City - Major residential area City - Major town City - Large town City - Big town City - Large urban area City - Urban centre City - Word with "clerk" or "council" City - Application datum City - Chicago or miami City - Large village City - Mayor's responsibility City - Incorporated region City - Cork has its limits City - Spot for some blocks City - Irving or norman, e.g City - Map listing City - Commuter's destination, often City - Fat __ City - Mileage rating category City - Dodge __ City - 64 across or 4 down City - Dallas or detroit City - See 45-across City - Job application datum City - Gary, e.g City - Conurbation City - Eg, london, coventry City - - of god (st augustine) City - Large conurbation City - Series of analytical returns it's important to see City - Why i see tea, say, ordered differently in tokyo, for example City - Say london's west end of course is theatreland, yes? City - Coventry, say: its heart was torn out and then it was put back City - Man's sporting partner in agreement not on form City - "sex and the ___" City - See 16-across City - Newport or salem City - __ block City - London or louisville City - Second half of 23 City - Eg new york City - Cathedral town? City - Manchester footballers not united City - Urban district City - Urban settlement City - Cathedral town City - Civility depleted at the core in business community City - Function not covering a large town City - Louisville or baltimore City - Bath for one that's cold and regularly filthy City - All-round cinema quality in metropolis City - Dot on a map City - Incidentally, forgoes landline in galway City - A section of traffic, it yielded in town City - Capital __ City - Word following kansas or oklahoma City - Gary, eugene or ogden City - Santa claus, for example City - Word in many place names City - Urban development City - And 22: dweller in a large town seen as over-sophisticated and untrustworthy City - Richmond or reno City - Word in four state-capital names City - See 27-across City - '97 jon bon jovi film "little ___" City - Hamlet's big brother? City - Location of many blocks City - Part of the names of four state capitals City - Incidentally, forgoes landline in cork City - It's not in the country or in 16 down for instance? City - See 23 City - Kiss "detroit rock ___" City - Civic responsibility limits the big smoke City - ___ desk (newspaper post) City - Stars have a house in the country and an apartment here City - Word after fat or inner City - Large town on the outskirts of civil engineering university City - Soul asylum "and along came an offer from the ___ of steel" City - Soul asylum "and along came an offer from the ___ of steel"