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Pastry - Type of cart

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Pastry - 'dough of flour, fat and water (6)' Pastry - 'it may be puff, shortcrust and flakey (6)' Pastry - 60-across, for one Pastry - A tart, cake Pastry - Baked dough Pastry - Baker's product Pastry - Baker's specialty Pastry - Bakery buy Pastry - Bakery display Pastry - Bakery offering Pastry - Bakery product Pastry - Bakery treat Pastry - Baklava, e.g Pastry - Bear claw or napoleon Pastry - Bear claw, e.g Pastry - Bear claw, for one Pastry - Breakfast or dessert item Pastry - Cake Pastry - Cake - tart Pastry - Cake pole substituted for other in larder Pastry - Choux -; puff - Pastry - Cooked dough Pastry - Cordon bleu specialization Pastry - Cream puff, for one Pastry - Cream puff, maybe Pastry - Crust of pies, tarts etc Pastry - Dad's attempt to be crusty? Pastry - Dad's attempt to make a cake Pastry - Danish Pastry - Danish model parts with yankee Pastry - Danish or cruller Pastry - Danish or tart Pastry - Danish ___ Pastry - Danish, e.g Pastry - Danish, for one Pastry - Delicate dessert Pastry - Dough Pastry - Dough base Pastry - Dough for baking Pastry - Dough made for pies, etc Pastry - Dough made from flour, fat and water Pastry - Dough of flour, fat and water Pastry - Dough of flour, water and shortening Pastry - Dough used in pie-cases Pastry - Eg turnover from discontinued lines Pastry - Eg, danish Pastry - Eg, pie crust Pastry - Father's 13 across in the kitchen Pastry - Finished railway after getting dough Pastry - Flaky hangover food Pastry - Flaky piece of catering food Pastry - Flour dough Pastry - Foodstuff flattened with a rolling pin Pastry - Good person replacing centre of 10's cake Pastry - Great western tart? Pastry - It can be puff, shortcrust and flakey Pastry - It is used to make a pasty with last of flour Pastry - It's spent on railway food Pastry - Kind of baked food Pastry - Looking pale, pocketed the last of father's dough Pastry - Maybe danish father's precursor to conversion? Pastry - Napoleon, e.g Pastry - Napoleon, for one Pastry - Old man's attempt to make some dough Pastry - Old man's effort to make some dough Pastry - Old transport system producing the dough! Pastry - Outdated lines in confectionery Pastry - Parental effort making dough Pastry - Patisserie purchase Pastry - Perhaps a danish aide's shot Pastry - Pie or cream puff Pastry - Pie or tart Pastry - Pie, e.g Pastry - Piecrust; small cake Pastry - Prune danish, e.g Pastry - Prune danish, for one Pastry - Rejected noodle: go for baked food Pastry - Secretary's attempt to make dough Pastry - See 19 Pastry - See 7 down Pastry - Small cake Pastry - Small cake in larder one bridge player provided for partner Pastry - Sweet baked dough Pastry - Tasty bakery offering Pastry - The old man's attempt to make some dough Pastry - Turnover or danish Pastry - Turnover, e.g Pastry - Type of cart Pastry - What makes crust start to rise in pie? Pastry - What the historian is looking at in half of bury for crusty type