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Spends - Uses money

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  • Spends - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word D
  • 6 - st. word S

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Spends - Devotes Spends - Uses money Spends - Lays out Spends - Goes for broke? Spends - Goes through the allowance? Spends - Shells out Spends - Shells out cash Spends - Runs through, in a way Spends - Whiles away Spends - Passes Spends - Loses one's balance? Spends - Pays out Spends - Goes through the allowance Spends - Uses up Spends - Isn't miserly Spends - Goes on a shopping spree Spends - Blows, maybe Spends - Goes on a spree Spends - Passes, as time Spends - Uses up Spends - There is no saving when it awaits settlement in the ship Spends - One does not do it with 2 down Spends - One does nothing save this at last at last (6) Spends - Nothing saved for this when it finishes at last, by the sound of it Spends - If one does this with one's money, it finishes at last Spends - Nothing save this one does at last at last Spends - Save for this? not if one does this Spends - One does nothing save this Spends - Does nothing save this Spends - Save for this, one never does it Spends - The postscript turns and finishes, so one does not save it Spends - Pays out money Spends - Passes time or pays out Spends - There's nothing save this when the postscript turns and finishes Spends - There's no saving a postscript up here before it finishes Spends - There's nothing, save this Spends - Has not got a saving grace Spends - One does nothing, save this Spends - Pay out Spends - Disburses, does not save Spends - Pays money or passes time Spends - Uses money or passes time Spends - Gives money to pay for goods Spends - One does nothing, save for this Spends - Save for this? never! Spends - Exhausts Spends - Decreases one's bankroll Spends - Lays out after leader of separatists hangs Spends - Boosts the economy Spends - Disburses Spends - Forks over Spends - Odds and ends found in drains Spends - Lays out (money) Spends - Passes the time shopping? Spends - Invests after starting price drops Spends - Lays out swan, dead, in boat Spends - Stimulates the economy Spends - Loosens one's purse strings Spends - Name for a spaniel Spends - Squanders, perhaps Spends - Isn't frugal Spends - Doesn't save