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Sot - Toper

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Sot - Drunkard Sot - Soak Sot - Sponge Sot - Boozehound Sot - Barney on 'the simpsons,' for one Sot - Saucehound Sot - Lush Sot - Barfly Sot - Wino Sot - Bowery bum Sot - Elbow bender Sot - Tipplemeister Sot - W. c. fields persona Sot - Toper Sot - One may be drying out Sot - Boozer Sot - One who's very wet? Sot - Rummy Sot - One who can't pass the bar? Sot - Drunk Sot - Tippler Sot - Drinker Sot - W.c. fields persona Sot - Booze hound Sot - One having trouble passing the bar? Sot - Winebibber Sot - Tosspot Sot - He has a hard time passing the bar Sot - One who tips too much? Sot - Stewed dude Sot - One who finds it tough to pass the bar Sot - Aa applicant Sot - Wobbly walker Sot - Bar magnet? Sot - Liquid diet devotee? Sot - Elbow-bender Sot - Driving hazard Sot - Dipsomaniac Sot - Aa candidate Sot - Another 37-down? Sot - More than the occasional drinker Sot - Guzzler Sot - Quite a downer? Sot - Dewar's overdoer Sot - Slurrer, perhaps Sot - Martini guzzler Sot - Immoderate imbiber Sot - One unlikely to pass the bar Sot - Hooch hound Sot - Juicer Sot - Fields persona Sot - Heavy drinker Sot - One who often has one too many Sot - Kind Sot - One tippling too much Sot - One imbibing rotgut Sot - Bouncer's handful Sot - Bar ejectee, perhaps Sot - One who may not be served Sot - One lit in a bar? Sot - Excessive downer? Sot - One in need of drying out Sot - He's had ten too many Sot - Drunk tank regular Sot - Inebriate Sot - 'liquid diet' devotee Sot - "the ___-weed factor" (john barth novel) Sot - Problem drinker Sot - Pink elephant sighter Sot - Booze abuser Sot - Toss pot Sot - Liquid diet devotee Sot - Pub crawler Sot - Alky Sot - One unlikely to pass the bar? Sot - One who drinks too much Sot - One off the wagon Sot - Sighter of pink elephants Sot - "liquid diet" devotee Sot - Constantly stewed dude Sot - Falling-down drunk? Sot - Bar fixture, maybe Sot - Serious elbow-bender Sot - He needs drying out Sot - Inveterate brown-bagger Sot - Souse Sot - 31-across patron Sot - One who's had tee many martoonis Sot - No teetotaler Sot - See 37-across Sot - Hard drinker Sot - Liquor lover Sot - Toping type Sot - Bar habituŽ Sot - 'the ___-weed factor' (john barth novel) Sot - No teetotaller could have got to voce in an undertone Sot - How the drunkard got to voce in an undertone Sot - He always wants to get around Sot - Thus tea gives one a taste for drink Sot - Thus a little tea for no teetotaller Sot - Thus a little tea drunk will not make one such a drunk Sot - Thus a little tea he won't find in 10 across Sot - One drinks this to voce in a low sort of way Sot - Thus a little tea will not make one one Sot - An habitual drunkard Sot - Chronic drinker Sot - Habitual drunkard Sot - He drinks to voce in an undertone Sot - One always taking shots? Sot - Habitual drinker Sot - Bibulous one Sot - One who's had tee many martoonis? Sot - An habitual drinker Sot - Wasted one Sot - A drunkard Sot - Does one drink to voce in an undertone? Sot - Soak like this with a little tea Sot - Thus a little tea is not what this one has too much of Sot - Stewbum Sot - Barstool dweller Sot - Bar fixture Sot - Barroom elbow-bender Sot - Drunk last from cocktails too potent Sot - One often wasted Sot - One who likes cheap shots? Sot - One dominated by spirits? Sot - Boozing type Sot - Big tippler Sot - Dean martin persona Sot - One who's usually gone Sot - Habitual drunk Sot - Loaded guy Sot - One 81-across, perhaps Sot - One with bottled-up feelings? Sot - 'no! no! tzat guy's try to take my drink way but i not finisht!' speaker Sot - Juice fiend Sot - Mayberry's otis, for example Sot - One perhaps having one too many Sot - One going [hic!] Sot - One on a liquid diet? Sot - Barney on "the simpsons," for one Sot - Boozing sort Sot - One who's all wet? Sot - N.s.w. locale Sot - Barstool topper Sot - One likely to go [hic!] Sot - One seeing pink elephants Sot - W.c. fields' persona Sot - Falstaff, for instance Sot - Bar habitué Sot - Barfly, say Sot - Loaded one Sot - Throwing odd characters out, escort a drunk Sot - Nothing stops the way of a drunk Sot - One's often intoxicated with love, second time around Sot - Drunk from well at top of town Sot - Lush singer's top when covering genesis etc Sot - Drunkard with very little time Sot - One drinks shorts regularly Sot - Lush so to speak Sot - One getting shots regularly Sot - A chronic drinker Sot - Pink-elephant spotter, stereotypically Sot - Bar fixture? Sot - Literally, 'fool' Sot - [hic!] producer Sot - Swillbelly Sot - He may find it hard to pass the bar Sot - One with a six-pack, usually Sot - More than a liquor lover Sot - I'll need second round before 'time' Sot - Teetotaler's counterpart Sot - Tavern overstayer Sot - One who has trouble passing the bar? Sot - Drunk rocker Sot - Guided by voices album Sot - Guided by voices song about drinker? Sot - More than a heavy drinker Sot - Beer chaser? Sot - Dipso Sot - One finding it hard to pass the bar? Sot - Seriously heavy drinker Sot - Dénué de jugement Sot - Otis of mayberry, e.g Sot - Happy hour habitué Sot - Pas rapide Sot - Bête Sot - One continually taking shots? Sot - One befuddled by drink Sot - One who has a lot of screwdrivers? Sot - Habitual elbow-bender Sot - One who's plagued by spirits? Sot - Toper starts session on tuesday Sot - Bar's juicer?