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Friend - Quaker

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Friend - Quaker Friend - Ally Friend - Joey or ross, e.g Friend - Damon, to pythias Friend - Sidekick Friend - One listed on myspace Friend - Thank you for being a ___ Friend - Close one Friend - Pal Friend - Chum Friend - He's all for you just before the start of sat Friend - One likes you to have the fir in bits at last Friend - When the last of 27 across one is not 31 across you Friend - It's good to have one just before saturday, in short Friend - On your side just before saturday Friend - Does this one, like you, have been in the pan around the north? Friend - The last of the first of friday is a quaker Friend - Before that start of sat, pal Friend - Sat start after this, so you'd like to have one Friend - Just before 14 down, that makes one 31 across (6) Friend - Sat start then? Friend - Nice to have one on your side from the pan around the north Friend - 'a . . . . . . in need is a . . . . . . indeed' Friend - One you know well and regard with affection Friend - One in need is one indeed Friend - Pal, amigo Friend - Buddy, chum Friend - Buddy, mate Friend - Pal, mate Friend - Recommended reply to a sentry Friend - Pal or buddy Friend - Ally, supporter Friend - Comrade for finder Friend - Person regarded with trust and affection Friend - Buddy, pal Friend - Before one sat at last there was no foe Friend - Been in the pan around the north, pal? Friend - Where sat starts? Friend - Are shortly in the devil sat soon Friend - You like to have one just before sat. starts Friend - May be how sat starts for a pal (6) Friend - 'sat at last after this, pal (6)' Friend - Friday is beginning to finish with no foe Friend - Person with whom you have a bond of mutual affection Friend - Right before sat, start to get intimate Friend - One you might 5-down Friend - See 10 Friend - Familiar road fine for jogging Friend - Society member and well-wisher Friend - One in favour of half-day closing Friend - Enthusiast embraced right partner Friend - Devil-dodger finally buried in 'the loved one' Friend - Day before check mate Friend - It's half-day closing, mate! Friend - Quaker in china Friend - One you'd like to see on last day of weekend Friend - 3's piece at last achieves mate Friend - Day to finish with mate Friend - The devil's about right for a companion Friend - Quaker - pal Friend - Close acquaintance Friend - Buddy Friend - One who gives proof of genuine regard Friend - One listed on facebook just before saturday start Friend - Companion at end of week reaches limit Friend - Crony Friend - One on your side at the end of the day Friend - Comrade Friend - Mate Friend - One may be imaginary Friend - Acquaintance Friend - One on a facebook news feed Friend - Close of day for close companion Friend - Associate, supporter Friend - The quaker allowed to pass by the guard Friend - China from france that's bonded in the middle Friend - Father's one close pal Friend - Organisation's supporter establishes objective after half a day Friend - Devilish character snatching queen's china Friend - Run into brutal person in 11 Friend - Supporter of cause - one quaking in society? Friend - Enthusiast welcoming monarch in china? Friend - Colleague right to interrupt nuisance Friend - Intimate acquaintance Friend - Member of a religious community Friend - Anita brookner's was from england Friend - Comrade's resistance stopping monster Friend - Father: one's ultimate buddy? Friend - Member of religious society runs into the devil Friend - Close associate Friend - One of gibson's pals Friend - Companion Friend - Run into the devil's familiar Friend - Supporter Friend - Female diner's poor companion? Friend - Devotee runs in to find well - wisher Friend - Well-wisher to finish after half a day Friend - Supporter of half-day closing Friend - Enthusiast taking rook for mate Friend - Supporter's someone fanatical collecting queen Friend - Associate Friend - Quaker offers resistance when beset by devil Friend - Cliff --, co-writer of the 'looney tunes' theme song 'the merry-go-round broke down' Friend - Close or intimate acquaintance Friend - Patron Friend - Degenerate pinches piece of china Friend - Devil conceals writing companion Friend - One that's thick infernal sort? about right Friend - Companion; quaker Friend - Writing consumed by demon chum Friend - Oddly fertile - and lacking a mate? Friend - Twelve hours you could say put paid to ally Friend - - Friend - Intimate goal on day five Friend - Starter of nectarine slices cooked in china Friend - When does the weekend start, mate? Friend - Quaker introducing religious leader to addict Friend - There's little right in devil becoming a chum