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Snl - Belushi venue, for short

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Snl - Debut of 10/11/75, briefly Snl - Variety show since 1975, briefly Snl - Nbc prog. since 1975 Snl - Sketch-based tv show, briefly Snl - Where the blues brothers debuted: abbr Snl - Show with skits, for short Snl - Show that's launched many film careers: abbr Snl - Chevy vehicle, briefly Snl - 26-yr.-old series Snl - Debut of oct. 11, 1975 Snl - Belushi venue, for short Snl - Belushi's tv showcase Snl - Show that premiered oct. 11, 1975 Snl - Tv inits. since 1975 Snl - Inits. in comedy Snl - Nbc perennial Snl - Weekend show, for short Snl - Tv inits. since 10/11/75 Snl - Chevy vehicle of the 1970s, briefly Snl - Inits. in tv comedy Snl - Nbc fixture since 1975 Snl - Tv premiere of 1975 Snl - News satire source, briefly Snl - Chase vehicle, briefly Snl - Nbc weekend comedy, briefly Snl - Show on which the blues brothers debuted: abbr Snl - Nbc revue Snl - Weekend tv show, for short Snl - Crystal work, once: abbr Snl - Inits. in tv comedy since 1975 Snl - Nbc show since 1975 Snl - Weekend tv staple Snl - Chase vehicle?: abbr Snl - Nbc show once hosted by al gore Snl - Tv prog. with a different host each week Snl - D.c. spoofer Snl - Longtime nbc show Snl - 'mad tv' rival Snl - Nbc weekend comedy show, for short Snl - It has a wkly. guest host Snl - Nbc satire series Snl - John belushi was originally on it: abbr Snl - Big inits. in tv comedy Snl - "... from new york!" show, briefly Snl - Lorne michaels show, for short Snl - Debut of oct. 1975 Snl - Nbc show for three decades, briefly Snl - Venue for the not ready for prime time players, in brief Snl - Show that debuted 10/11/1975, for short Snl - Nbc weekend revue Snl - Tv show since '75 Snl - Nbc sketch series Snl - It's live from n.y Snl - Late night tv fare Snl - The coneheads' show, for short Snl - Nbc offering, in brief Snl - Nbc show since '75 Snl - Nyc sketch show Snl - John belushi venue, for short Snl - Amy poehler gig, for short Snl - Nbc fixture since '75 Snl - Nbc show with skits Snl - Chase/belushi/aykroyd venue, briefly Snl - Source of tv laughs for 30 years Snl - Show that did the skit "lazy sunday" Snl - 'lazy sunday' airer, briefly Snl - Long-running nbc program Snl - 'live from new york!' letters Snl - Nbc comedy revue Snl - Show featuring many alumni of l.a.'s groundlings comedy troupe Snl - Tv show with a "weekend update" segment Snl - Nbc long-running hit, initially Snl - Springboard for new comics, briefly Snl - Nbc weekend comedy Snl - "... from new york ..." show, briefly Snl - Eddie murphy's old show, for short Snl - "not ready for prime time players" show Snl - Comedy/variety inits. since 1975 Snl - Tv home of the ambiguously gay duo Snl - Longtime nbc inits Snl - Initials for two belushis Snl - Weekend nbc hit, for short Snl - Ferrell's fmr. show Snl - Chase scenes were once common here, informally Snl - Sketch show, for short Snl - Weekend tv staple since '75 Snl - Nbc skit show Snl - Show which several "30 rock" actors came from Snl - See 87-across: abbr Snl - Lorne michaels' tv show Snl - Satirical tv show since '75 Snl - Show that inspired '30 rock': abbr Snl - Nbc staple Snl - Nbc inits Snl - 'mad tv' rival, for short Snl - Tv mainstay broadcast from studio 8h Snl - 'madtv' alternative Snl - Weekly nbc offering Snl - Nbc show Snl - Show that banned adrien brody for life in 2003 Snl - Roseanne roseannadanna's venue, initially Snl - Broadcast from rockefeller ctr Snl - Tv show with the coneheads Snl - 'sloths' airer, briefly Snl - Irreverent weekend hit, informally Snl - Mr. bill's outlet, once: abbr Snl - Nbc hit starting in '75 Snl - Comedy show letters Snl - Weekly tv satire, informally Snl - Wayne's world venue, initially Snl - Nbc weekend comedy show Snl - ___ digital shorts (late-night comic bits) Snl - Olympia cafe venue, briefly Snl - Weekend tv hit Snl - Late-night tv fare since 1975 Snl - 'tv funhouse' show, for short Snl - Andy samberg's employer, briefly Snl - Weekly 90-min. show Snl - Sandler's old employer: abbr Snl - "30 rock" inspiration Snl - Show from rockefeller ctr Snl - Follower of weekend news, briefly Snl - Nbc show that did "celebrity jeopardy!" parodies Snl - Nbc hit since '75 Snl - Comedy prog. since '75 Snl - Nbc show that ends sun. morning in some time zones Snl - "mad tv" rival Snl - Old chevy vehicle, briefly Snl - Where crystal had a ball: abbr Snl - It's shot at 30 rock Snl - Nbc series since '75 Snl - Tv show that featured killer bees Snl - Show that featured fey as palin Snl - Tv show that had recurring "killer bees" sketches Snl - Tv show thought to have influenced some 2008 voters Snl - Long-running nbc show Snl - Tv home of "wayne's world" Snl - Weekend initials since the '70s Snl - Nbc weekend show Snl - Show with loads of film spin-offs Snl - Show that released the edited version of "i'm on a boat," for short Snl - ___ digital short Snl - Tv staple for over 30 years (and a hint to 17-, 21-, 32-, 41-, 54- and 61-across) Snl - Nbc-tv inits Snl - Tv series since '75 Snl - "weekend update" prog Snl - Show that brought us wills ferrell and forte Snl - Nbc inits. since 1975 Snl - Its first host was george carlin Snl - Nbc show with baba wawa skits Snl - Birthplace of "wayne's world," briefly Snl - Nbc show that began its 35th season in sep. 2009 Snl - Long-running nbc show, for short Snl - Longtime nbc hit Snl - Nbc weekend hit, briefly Snl - 'laser cats' airer Snl - Where the blues brothers got their start, familiarly Snl - Show with a "weekend update" segment, briefly Snl - Nbc sketch show Snl - Oct. 1975 nbc debut Snl - Nbc fixture for nearly 35 yrs Snl - Tv show with recurring "killer bees" sketches Snl - Nbc show where chase, belushi, radner et al. got their big breaks Snl - Andy samberg show, for short Snl - Nbc show with satirical skits Snl - Show with "celebrity jeopardy!" spoofs, briefly Snl - Nbc comedy show Snl - Betty white recently hosted it Snl - Where the blues brothers began, briefly Snl - Longtime tv inits Snl - Janis ian, billy preston and george carlin were its first guests Snl - ". . . from new york!" show, briefly Snl - '___ digital shorts' Snl - Weekend nbc comedy, for short Snl - Weekly tv show with guest hosts, for short Snl - Tina fey was its first female head writer, briefly Snl - Wiig gig Snl - Show that launched eddie murphy and chevy chase, for short Snl - Drew barrymore hosted this show at age 7: abbr Snl - Show based at 30 rock Snl - Show announced by don pardo for 30+ years, for short Snl - Where bill hader is a veteran Snl - Irreverent nbc hit Snl - Tv revue since '75 Snl - Weekly nbc staple, for short Snl - Nbc weekend skit show, for short Snl - Wiig gig, for short Snl - Tv show filmed at 30 rock Snl - Weekly show starting at 11:30 p.m. e.t Snl - 'weekend update' show, for short Snl - Where tina fey debuted her sarah palin impression Snl - Nbc staple for over 30 years Snl - Weekend tv listing Snl - '30 rock' inspiration, for short Snl - Long-running sketch comedy show, for short Snl - Oct. 1975 tv debut Snl - Nbc series turning 30 in '05 Snl - Show with '70s samurai sketches, briefly Snl - Lorne michaels brainchild, for short Snl - Long-popular comedy show, for short Snl - Mr. bill's home, briefly Snl - Lorne michaels' brainchild, for short Snl - Nbc comedy show briefly, Snl - Variety show inits. since 1975 Snl - Weekend nbc hit Snl - Long-running nbc show, briefly Snl - Fall '75 tv debut Snl - Long-running nbc prog Snl - Thirty-five year old sketch comedy show Snl - Show that released the edited version of 'i'm on a boat,' for short Snl - The last episode of its current season will be hosted by bryan cranston Snl - Nbc show with baba wawa skits, briefly Snl - Fred armisen's show, for short Snl - Amy poehler hosted its first episode this season Snl - Show with coneheads (abbr.) Snl - Sketch show that launched 40-across's career, in short Snl - "30 rock" is loosely based on it, briefly Snl - Nbc skit show since '75 Snl - Sketch source Snl - Show with a 'cold open' Snl - Nbc show with skits, in brief Snl - Nbc staple since 1975 Snl - Weekly satirical tv show, briefly Snl - Sketch show since '75 Snl - Collection of sketches, for short Snl - Nbc comedy show since '75 Snl - Kind of short Snl - Irreverent weekend show, briefly Snl - Show with stefon, the city correspondent for new york city Snl - Nbc post-prime time staple Snl - Show with digital shorts, for short Snl - Show done at 30 rock Snl - Big inits. in comedy Snl - Nbc offering, briefly Snl - Weekend nbc staple, for short Snl - Nbc comedy showcase Snl - 1975 tv debut, briefly Snl - Early gig for chase and belushi, for short Snl - Nbc weekend staple Snl - #10 of tv guide's "50 greatest shows" Snl - "30 rock" inspiration, for short Snl - Mr. bill appeared on it: abbr Snl - Tv show that gerald ford was the first president to appear on Snl - Nbc debut of '75 Snl - Tv show that has spawned many movies, briefly Snl - "weekend update" show, briefly Snl - Skittish nbc show? Snl - Nbc comedy series Snl - It launched e. murphy's career Snl - Kenan thompson's sketch show Snl - Casting source for some h'wood comedies Snl - Conan o'brien's employer from '88 to '91 Snl - 1-across's home, once: abbr Snl - Nbc weekend fixture, for short Snl - 'celebrity jeopardy!' show, briefly Snl - Nbc tv inits Snl - Nbc comedy staple Snl - Skit site, for short Snl - Nbc show that launched many comics' careers Snl - Show with a five-timers club, for short Snl - Tv revue since 1975 Snl - Show on sen. franken's résumé Snl - Aykroyd tv show Snl - Irreverent nbc show Snl - Longtime nbc staple Snl - Hit with skits and bits Snl - Nbc late-night comedy hit Snl - Hit with skits, for short Snl - Series staged at 30 rock Snl - Its studio was built for the nbc symphony in '37 Snl - Precursor to talk shows for jimmy fallon and seth meyers, in short Snl - Presenter of many a spoof, for short Snl - Ray charles hosted it in 1977: abbr Snl - Weekend tv fare for nearly 40 yrs Snl - It's associated with chris rock and 30 rock Snl - Nbc debut of 1975 Snl - Fallon's first big tv gig Snl - 1975 nbc debut, briefly Snl - Comedy/variety show since '75 Snl - Sketch comedy tv series since '75 Snl - 'live from new york!' initials Snl - Show on which lennon and mccartney considered reuniting, for short Snl - Letters on fey's résumé Snl - Chase scene producer, for short Snl - Tv show created by lorne michaels, for short Snl - Falsetto-voiced muppet Snl - See 11-down Snl - 'celebrity jeopardy' broadcaster, for short Snl - "celebrity jeopardy" broadcaster, for short Snl - Lorne michaels show, briefly Snl - Series that inspired "30 rock" Snl - Show for which conan o'brien once wrote, in brief Snl - Long-running nbc staple, for short Snl - Nbc show since 1975, briefly Snl - Sketchy program, for short? Snl - Skit show since '75 Snl - Nbc show for 40 years Snl - Nbc show that celebrated its 40th anniversary in feb Snl - '75 tv debut Snl - Pre-letterman gig for paul shaffer, for short Snl - ___ alum Snl - Skit show, for short Snl - Nbc weekend sketch show Snl - Former gig for sen. franken Snl - Nbc skit show, familiarly Snl - Nbc satirical show, for short Snl - Nbc show turning 40 this year Snl - Longtime nbc show, initially Snl - "weekend update" show, for short Snl - Tv show since 10/11/75, eight of whose former stars appear in the circled squares in this puzzle Snl - Longtime lorne michaels-produced show, for short Snl - Nbc show in its 41st year Snl - Show broadcast from 30 rock Snl - Long-running nbc comedy show Snl - Nbc sketch comedy Snl - Nbc weekend fixture Snl - Long-running nbc variety program Snl - Nbc sketch comedy show that no matter how old you are was better when you were 15 Snl - Onetime gig for wiig, in brief Snl - Tv series airing from what was once the world's largest radio studio Snl - Show that debuted in oct. 1975 Snl - 40-yr.-old nbc show Snl - Show donald trump - yes, presidential candidate donald trump - recently hosted Snl - Show that features taran killam as 1860s newspaper critic jebidiah atkinson, briefly Snl - Staple for sketches, for short Snl - Sen. franken's old show Snl - Show where twice an episode, a famous person introduces a musical act with 'ladies and gentlemen...' Snl - Venerable nbc series Snl - Nbc show on which tina fey impersonated sarah palin Snl - High-profile gig for a musician, for short Snl - Show with kenan thompson, briefly Snl - Weekly nbc offering since 1975, briefly Snl - Tv home of 'weekend update,' in brief Snl - Show that's earned more than 40 emmys, in brief Snl - Nbc sketch series, briefly Snl - Early tina fey show, briefly Snl - Show on which sen. franken was a regular Snl - Show with the most overall primetime emmys, briefly Snl - Long-running nbc comedy Snl - Sketch series since '75 Snl - Program with more than 40 primetime emmys, briefly Snl - Subj. of some "bossypants" chapters Snl - Nbc show that featured the coneheads Snl - Nbc show first hosted by george carlin Snl - Tv show referenced in 'bossypants' Snl - Nbc weekend show since '75 Snl - Long-running nbc sketch show, for short Snl - 'weekend update' show, briefly Snl - Hit skit show, in brief Snl - Nbc skit show broadcast from 30 rock Snl - Nbc institution Snl - Sketchy nbc series Snl - Nbc sketch show, for short Snl - Tv show that featured motivational speaker matt foley Snl - Popular nbc show Snl - At age 88, betty white was its oldest host, briefly Snl - 'land shark' sketch show, briefly Snl - Show with "weekend update" skits, initially Snl - Tv show on which 'the chanukah song' debuted, informally Snl - Nbc weekend skit show Snl - Venue for alec baldwin's trump impersonations, briefly Snl - Show with a 'cold open,' for short Snl - Show filmed at rockefeller center, for short Snl - Nbc staple for more than 40 years Snl - 42-season nbc series Snl - Show with a record 200+ emmy noms Snl - Tv show that comes on at 11:29 (not 11:30) p.m Snl - Nbc series shot at 30 rock Snl - George carlin hosted the first one, briefly Snl - Where baldwin does trump, briefly Snl - Show for which louis c.k. unsuccessfully auditioned in '93 Snl - Nbc show that inspired '30 rock' Snl - Nbc show that inspired "30 rock" Snl - Tv premiere of oct. 11, 1975 Snl - Its artists do many sketches, for short Snl - Nbc weekend sketch show, for short Snl - Show that spawned the blues brothers, informally Snl - Che's gig, briefly Snl - Emmy-winning show of both 1976 and 2017, in brief Snl - Variety show since 1975, familiarly Snl - Venerable nbc weekend show Snl - Weekly 90-min. tv show Snl - Sen. franken's former show Snl - Sketch show from nyc Snl - Nbc show with a "weekend update" Snl - The land shark's show, for short Snl - Long-running nbc weekend show Snl - Goal for aspiring comedians, for short Snl - Hot show with a cold open, for short Snl - Hit skit show since '75 Snl - Hit skit show since '75 Snl - Show featuring leslie jones, for short Snl - Show featuring leslie jones, for short Snl - Show on which jimmy fallon once appeared Snl - Show on which jimmy fallon once appeared Snl - Tv show with the most primetime emmy noms Snl - Show with the "more cowbell" skit