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Cognac - French brandy

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Cognac - Product of a pot still Cognac - Café royale ingredient Cognac - French brandy Cognac - Crêpe suzette flavorer Cognac - Fine brandy Cognac - French spirits Cognac - Courvoisier, for one Cognac - Hennessy, e.g Cognac - Colombard grapes product Cognac - Snifter filler Cognac - After-dinner brandy Cognac - After-dinner drink Cognac - After-dinner order Cognac - Brandy variety Cognac - It is toothsome to be able to get up for 2 down, perhaps Cognac - High quality brandy Cognac - Napoleon brandy Cognac - A french brandy Cognac - Brandy as for napoleon Cognac - Brandy as for napoleon (6) Cognac - Brandy from a french town Cognac - Drink can go cold sitting about Cognac - The drink, not half powerful, has vessel capsizing Cognac - Tinpot general served up brandy Cognac - Drink can forced under tooth Cognac - Leader to come back, able to move the spirit Cognac - Brandy Cognac - (french district famed for) fine brandy Cognac - High-quality brandy Cognac - Drink up in the vatican? go carefully Cognac - Able to leave a hundred turning up for a drink Cognac - At last, can return to go back with charlie for an after-dinner drink Cognac - Courvoisier or remy martin Cognac - French town - french brandy Cognac - Some can go crazy over a drink Cognac - Clubs know how to proceed over strong drink Cognac - Type of brandy Cognac - French brandy region Cognac - Drink can go cold when put back Cognac - Brandy container to become cold when taken to altitude Cognac - Liquor in tin commander in chief brought back Cognac - May become cold? turning warmer Cognac - On rising is able to try cold drink Cognac - Good brandy Cognac - Turns up, is able to go to clubs with drunk in france Cognac - Is able to travel back after cold drink Cognac - Unimportant employee put back container for drink Cognac - High quality grape brandy Cognac - Knock over tin? leave charlie a brandy Cognac - Drink may turn cold, served up Cognac - French town , centre of the district famed for its brandy Cognac - Someone in routine job can up and drink Cognac - Tooth is able to lift brandy Cognac - Spirit of minor player turned cooler Cognac - Drink might become cold if rejected Cognac - Town around 60 miles from bordeaux Cognac - Machine part can bring back some spirit Cognac - Clubs are able to move up, showing spirit Cognac - Alcoholic drink, cold, can go the wrong way Cognac - Courvoisier, e.g Cognac - Drink, when cold, can go the wrong way Cognac - Spirit nobody in large organisation is able to raise