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Marge - "the simpsons" character

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Marge - Blue-haired simpson Marge - Homer's wife Marge - "the simpsons" character Marge - Homer's love Marge - Bart's mom Marge - Blue-haired lady of tv cartoons Marge - Poet piercy Marge - Bart simpson's mom Marge - Homer simpson's wife Marge - Blue-haired mom Marge - One of the simpsons Marge - Simpson caught using blue dye #56 Marge - A simpson Marge - Homer's spouse Marge - Selma and patty's kin Marge - She uses blue dye #56 Marge - Lisa's mother Marge - Mrs. simpson Marge - Sitcom mom Marge - Lisa's mom Marge - Sitcom mom since '89 Marge - Homer's honey Marge - Bart's mother Marge - Bart and lisa's mom Marge - Mrs. homer simpson Marge - Homer's better half Marge - "the simpsons" mom Marge - 'the simpsons' matriarch Marge - Diminutive, fat and married to homer Marge - Butter substitute (abbr) Marge - Mom of bart and lisa Marge - Looking back, for example, it's the sheepish type with poetic edge Marge - Homer simpson's wife; a spread (abbr.) Marge - Lover of homer has the edge, poetically Marge - Butter substitute is the limit Marge - Spread weight standing on top of everest Marge - Say butter's gone up; might this do instead? Marge - Butter-like spread Marge - Say, butter is on the turn - use this instead? Marge - Spread say, with jam all over Marge - A horse welcomes middle age spread! Marge - About five grams is more than enough for this ingredient Marge - Poetically speaking, not a centre spread Marge - Spread of, say, strike rising Marge - Homer's beloved Marge - Mrs simpson's horse swallowing george's crown! Marge - Woman uses 50% of butter substitutes Marge - Daughter-in-law of 60-down Marge - Abe simpson's daughter-in-law Marge - It could be butter on reflection? Marge - Toon with a blue do Marge - Animated blue-haired lady Marge - Mrs simpson’s spread Marge - 29-season sitcom mom