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Sister - Vanessa, to lynn

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Sister - *1990's sitcom Sister - Nun Sister - 'little ___' (1961 elvis song) Sister - Woman with a cause Sister - Many a bridesmaid Sister - Devoted feminist Sister - Vanessa, to lynn Sister - Mother superior's charge Sister - Wimple wearer Sister - One with a habit Sister - Wimpled woman Sister - Dreiser's carrie, e.g Sister - Sob ___ Sister - Convent address Sister - Artemis, to apollo Sister - A next of kin Sister - Female sibling Sister - '__ carrie' (dreiser title) Sister - Phoebe, to mnemosyne Sister - Family member Sister - Rock's twisted __ Sister - Sorority member Sister - Woman with a habit? Sister - 96-across, for one Sister - Order member, perhaps Sister - Nun, to a nun Sister - Moon unit, to dweezil Sister - Woman with vows Sister - 'you said it, ___!' Sister - Title for a nun Sister - Orderly type? Sister - Nun's title Sister - Mary-kate, to ashley Sister - Any of the dionne quintuplets Sister - Sounds as if there's none to go with 10 across Sister - The sort of relation 4 across would have Sister - She goes 35 across for work Sister - One works relatively inwards Sister - Sounds like none other than the one that works inwards Sister - 7 down is in hospital Sister - I get her in a twisted tress Sister - Look for her 4 down Sister - Sounds as if there's none like her Sister - How one is relatively in a twist tress Sister - Is in the rest; is in the ward Sister - In close relation with nursing Sister - Look inwards for her Sister - Sounds as if there's none relatively like her Sister - Award she gets is for her work Sister - One's relatively inward- working Sister - One has inward work to a relative extent Sister - Relatively inward? Sister - One works inwards in the family Sister - The rest gets relatively with patience, by the sound of it Sister - One is relatively busy inwards Sister - There may be none so sound as she in the family Sister - One works inwards Sister - She could have a job inwards Sister - She is on the job, relatively inwards Sister - In family inward Sister - May be working inwards Sister - The rest is relatively feminine Sister - Sounds as if there's none like her inwards Sister - Below 11 down, to a relative extent Sister - The rest is relative Sister - A relative to resist Sister - Nurse, nun or relative Sister - Female relation Sister - A kinswoman Sister - 'nurse, nun or relative (6)' Sister - Close female relative Sister - Sibling Sister - Female relative Sister - Inward relation Sister - In opposition to a relative extent re this Sister - Kinswoman Sister - Relative in hospital? Sister - Relative to resist Sister - Relative in hospital Sister - .a relative to resist Sister - Twisted ___ Sister - Nurse, nun or relation Sister - Nurse, nun and sibling Sister - Bridesmaid, often Sister - One may perhaps be conventional or work inwards Sister - All the rest is merely relative Sister - One's in a house or a ward Sister - She is relatively among the rest Sister - One's sibling is in church Sister - She works relatively inwards for the church Sister - How i rests to a relative extent Sister - One is to be found in her tangled tress Sister - She works relatively inwards Sister - One is relatively in the tangled trees Sister - You'll find this one relatively inwards Sister - She's to be found relatively inward Sister - None so good as she, by the sound of it Sister - Inward worker to a relative extent Sister - This one of the family may be necessary of one is sickening Sister - Relatively hospitably? Sister - One of the family is among the rest Sister - 'she works relatively inwards, it seems (6)' Sister - The rest is what makes this to a relative extent Sister - She works relatively inwardly Sister - Relatively rests about one Sister - The rest is for her Sister - Relatively in wards Sister - One is relatively in the tangled tress Sister - One of the family Sister - Certain sibling Sister - Tender, relatively speaking Sister - Relative is up to rest being broken Sister - Nurse someone like ophelia Sister - Nurse is to inject into back shortly Sister - Family member who's kept in order? Sister - Relation between staff nurse and matron Sister - One of chekhov's trio, first in short series Sister - Relative Sister - Resist what's found in the cloister Sister - Mother superior has built ties in the family Sister - Resist breakup of feminist organisation Sister - Resist breakup in feminist organisation Sister - Lucas leaves secularists with relative Sister - Lisa, to bart Sister - Malia, to sasha Sister - Brian leaves sinister bar with relative Sister - Brian leaves sinister bar to relative Sister - Convent-ional title? Sister - Venus, to serena Sister - Heard none of the family could have one Sister - Relative, nurse Sister - Martin —, film director Sister - Relative; nun Sister - Rest is ordered for woman in hospital Sister - Form of rest is something she might recommend Sister - Bros' chart relative Sister - Nurse demanding cut is bandaged Sister - Close relation Sister - Close relative Sister - Senior nurse; relative Sister - Nurse helping to give injections is terrific Sister - Senior nurse Sister - Cunningly tries to introduce son as sibling Sister - Nurse is outwardly severe, for the most part Sister - Desperately resist dreiser's carrie Sister - Martin -, film director Sister - Gretel, to hansel Sister - The nurse in charge of some wards is terribly stern Sister - Resist changing hospital worker Sister - Relation Sister - Lord embracing holy woman or vice versa? Sister - Resist interference by family member Sister - A nurse will make the connection Sister - Nun, nurse Sister - Resist (anag.) Sister - She is not the only child in the ward Sister - Nun; sibling Sister - Nun of the slums is teresa Sister - Is she a fellow? Sister - Tender relative Sister - Resist awkward member of the family Sister - Nun from the slums is teresa Sister - Resits (anag.) Sister - One responsible for organising tenders Sister - Relation is turning severe, almost totally Sister - Christmas is terrible, admits nurse Sister - Is raised by practically strict nun Sister - Resist being corrupted by family member Sister - Female family member Sister - Maid of honor, often Sister - Electra, to orestes Sister - Resist mixing up one of the relatives Sister - Nurse, nun and relative Sister - Relation in mathematics is terrible Sister - Gretel, to hansel Sister - Convent resident Sister - Cordelia, to regan Sister - Family girl Sister - '87 sonic youth album Sister - Zsa zsa, to eva Sister - Many a maid of honor Sister - Only out of storylines in the hospital Sister - Outsiders reject duo from the family Sister - Nun or sibling Sister - Resist (anag) - nurse Sister - Relationship between matron and nurse Sister - A relative