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Verne - The father of science fiction

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Verne - 'michel strogoff' author Verne - 'a journey to the center of the earth' writer Verne - 'from the earth to the moon' writer Verne - Phileas fogg's creator Verne - The father of science fiction Verne - Captain nemo's creator Verne - "the mysterious island" author Verne - Phileas fogg’s creator Verne - Nemo's creator Verne - 'the mysterious island' author Verne - "20,000 leagues under the sea" writer Verne - Sci-fi standout Verne - "around the world in 80 days" author Verne - Early science fiction writer jules Verne - Fogg creator Verne - Creator of the "nautilus" Verne - "five weeks in a balloon" author Verne - 'five weeks in a balloon' author Verne - Author of "paris in the 20th century," an 1863 novel first published in 1994 Verne - 'from the earth to the moon' author Verne - "from the earth to the moon" author Verne - Father of sci-fi Verne - Father of science fiction, to many Verne - "around the world in eighty days" author Verne - Sci-fi pioneer Verne - Aronnax's creator Verne - "from the earth to the moon" author jules Verne - 'les voyages extraordinaires' writer Verne - Fogg's creator Verne - Sci-fi author jules Verne - Jules who pioneered in science fiction Verne - "off on a comet" author Verne - Sportscaster lundquist Verne - Nemo creator jules Verne - Jules, auther of around the world in 80 days Verne - Jules ..... wrote ` `20,000 leagues under the sea' ' Verne - Jules of sci-fi fame Verne - Troyer who plays mini-me Verne - Novelist jules Verne - A foreign writer who was never translated Verne - Writer repeatedly included by lover, never neglected Verne - Jules who wrote 'twenty thousand leagues under the sea' Verne - '20,000 leagues under the sea' author Verne - Seminal name in science fiction Verne - Captain nemo creator Verne - Phileas fogg creator jules Verne - Nemo creator Verne - Author of the quote 'i am not what you call a civilized man!' Verne - Sci-fi pioneer jules Verne - Far-seeing novelist, never translated Verne - Jules -, french author Verne - Author's form of letter about the navy Verne - French author never appearing in translation Verne - Writer introduced by governess Verne - Maker of french fancies, never upset . . Verne - Jules -, french writer Verne - Jules who created captain nemo Verne - 'voyages extraordinaires' writer Verne - Science-fiction writer Verne - Jules - - (author) Verne - Jules - - , french writer Verne - French author of 'around the world in eighty days' Verne - French novelist Verne - See 14 across Verne - Author in ship departing scottish city Verne - See 1-down Verne - Phileas fogg creator Verne - Jules who wrote 'around the world in 80 days' Verne - Early science-fiction writer jules Verne - He wrote volume in french about revolutionary Verne - Author with a restaurant at the eiffel tower named for him Verne - Writer jules Verne - Creator of fogg Verne - 'five weeks in a balloon' novelist Verne - "five weeks in a balloon" novelist Verne - See 27 across Verne - Author jules Verne - Giant of sci-fi