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Rifle - Ransack

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Rifle - Musket, e.g Rifle - Rummage Rifle - Remington arm Rifle - Elmer fudd prop Rifle - Annie oakley's accessory Rifle - Annie oakley's firearm Rifle - Firearm Rifle - Biathlete's weapon Rifle - Remington product Rifle - Chuck connors' winchester Rifle - Sort (through) Rifle - Biathlete's gear Rifle - Long-barreled weapon Rifle - Drill item Rifle - The 'r' in n.r.a Rifle - Hunter's gun Rifle - The "r" in nra Rifle - Item with a barrel Rifle - Hunting need Rifle - Hunting weapon Rifle - Soldier's arm Rifle - Weapon Rifle - Gun type Rifle - Long gun Rifle - One might shoot the sprite up at last Rifle - The flier with the barrel Rifle - When the elf returns at last it gets fired Rifle - Ransack the place and one may get fired Rifle - If you ransack like this you may get fired Rifle - How a thief might deal with something more modern than 2 down Rifle - One might have this to carry out an armed robbery Rifle - Standard military gun fired from shoulder Rifle - Shoulder firearm Rifle - It has a range Rifle - Long-barrelled weapon, normal army equipment Rifle - Search and rob for army weapon Rifle - Search and rob with gun Rifle - Shoulder weapon Rifle - Search and rob - with long gun? Rifle - May be shot but not with shot Rifle - Fire one that's partly steel to steal with Rifle - May be fired to steal like this Rifle - What a bore one has to steal so offensively with it Rifle - Fire fifty in fire and ransack it all Rifle - Go through energetically, as drawers Rifle - It shoots over the spanish gentlemen in ireland Rifle - Sight site Rifle - Winchester or springfield Rifle - Strip firing mechanism Rifle - Gun left buried in common Rifle - Take from stricken flier Rifle - Search in winchester Rifle - Gun, toy blowing head off Rifle - Pixie (irish) brought up in winchester? Rifle - In anger fellow produces weapon Rifle - Rob's half-hearted flick through magazine? Rifle - Large gun found in search Rifle - Weapon that's sweet, taking head off Rifle - General holding large gun Rifle - Firearm - plunder Rifle - Strip - firearm Rifle - Gun - ransack Rifle - Gun Rifle - Weapon - sack Rifle - Steal and carry off - firearm Rifle - Plunder - ransack Rifle - Ransack - firearm Rifle - Pick head off dessert and ransack through rest Rifle - Sharpshooter's weapon Rifle - Winchester weapon Rifle - Elmer fudd's weapon Rifle - Hunter's arm Rifle - Gun - steal Rifle - Pillage Rifle - Plunder is common around leatherhead Rifle - Search (through) Rifle - Weapon in sack Rifle - Ak-47, e.g Rifle - It can kick back Rifle - Resistance to one returning santa's little helper provides shot across the bows perhaps Rifle - Ransack; a weapon Rifle - Pilferer's weapon? Rifle - Pillage; a weapon Rifle - Steal, using firearm Rifle - Sack Rifle - Shoot from the shoulder? Rifle - Not a bore for malcolm cooper! Rifle - Loot left in epidemic Rifle - It may be used in the prone position Rifle - Weapon and loot in sack Rifle - Go through exeter if leaving centre Rifle - One that has stock to go through? Rifle - Long-barrelled gun Rifle - Weapon in sack? Rifle - Gun with long_barrel Rifle - Gun; thoroughly search Rifle - Flier brought to grief by a gun Rifle - Author of report gets sack Rifle - Cause anger seizing fine weapon Rifle - Baker's dog (in old sri lanka) accompanied it Rifle - Search is widespread - criminal finally caught Rifle - If carried in both hands, start to empty sack Rifle - Cap removed from toy gun Rifle - Go through lock, stock and barrel Rifle - Weapon the spanish nearly let off when retreating Rifle - Security provider with stock to plunder Rifle - An arm to strip bare? Rifle - Browning, for one Rifle - Upset about head of family one's butted? Rifle - What the lexington minuteman statue holds Rifle - Root canal finally stops teeming Rifle - A firearm with a spirally grooved barrel Rifle - Sack fathead in anger Rifle - Gun; plunder Rifle - Plunder winchester, for example Rifle - Carry off, lock stock and barrel Rifle - Lifer (anag.) Rifle - Weapon of the left in general Rifle - Gun; sack Rifle - General carries the league's weapon Rifle - Flier (anag.) Rifle - Gun; ransack Rifle - Obtain weapon from mad flier Rifle - Sack; firearm Rifle - Sack; gun Rifle - Weapon search Rifle - Carbine Rifle - Try to find the source of the report Rifle - General accepting lead in lethal weapon? Rifle - Toy, not the first to be put in sack Rifle - Put out about female getting sack Rifle - Consumed by anger, following pillage Rifle - Level firearm partly rearwards -- this one? Rifle - Part provided for old firearm Rifle - Lots primarily seen in overflowing sack Rifle - Get uptight about female strip Rifle - Stir if leak reveals loot Rifle - Anger about fellow getting sack Rifle - Search heading's off a little bit Rifle - Terror if leader's concealed weapon Rifle - Annoy fellow inside with firearm Rifle - Cap removed from toy firearm Rifle - Get annoyed about fellow's weapon Rifle - Rummage (through) Rifle - Certain gun Rifle - Search for weapon Rifle - Backwoods weapon Rifle - M1, for one Rifle - General carries sovereign's weapon Rifle - Go through folio in anger Rifle - M16, for one Rifle - Woman involved in resistance on french island produces a gun Rifle - Fudd's weapon Rifle - Search through lost file under bottom of drawer Rifle - Nra piece? Rifle - Lock, stock and barrel? Rifle - Annie oakley's weapon Rifle - ... to plunder something that can kill Rifle - Arm uprooting the spanish tree Rifle - One taking a long shot? Rifle - Ransacking weapon? Rifle - Minuteman munition Rifle - Crockett's weapon Rifle - Certain shooting iron Rifle - Search quickly (through) Rifle - "stolen shoes & a ___" blitzen trapper Rifle - Blondie "___ range" Rifle - Search with intent to steal weapon Rifle - Part of the nra Rifle - Firearm; ransack Rifle - Weapon current around loch Rifle - Type of range Rifle - Leave in disarray, probably Rifle - Tin soldier's weapon Rifle - It has a lock, stock and barrel Rifle - Weapon held up by rebel first Rifle - Go through hastily, as drawers Rifle - Search quickly through Rifle - Part of n.r.a Rifle - Winchester's one awfully common pupil gets detention