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Claret - RosŽ alternative

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Claret - Bordeaux output Claret - Rosé alternative Claret - RosŽ alternative Claret - Bordeaux wine Claret - Table red Claret - Bordeaux product Claret - Popular table wine Claret - Red wine Claret - Kin of zin Claret - Red selection Claret - Red wine from bordeaux Claret - Red table wine Claret - Shade of red Claret - Red bordeaux Claret - Deep red Claret - Dessert wine Claret - Bordeaux choice Claret - Wine from bordeaux Claret - Dry red wine Claret - Carmine's cousin Claret - Purplish red Claret - Dinner wine Claret - Dark purplish red Claret - Dark purplish shade Claret - Sommelier's suggestion Claret - Bordeaux variety Claret - Irish county almost makes a red wine Claret - If you get to the county before tea you may have wine instead Claret - At the county does one get a little tea? no, wine Claret - In ireland a little tea can make the wine red Claret - Get to the county before tea and for wine Claret - Have the wine of the county with a little tea Claret - That's the county where they make wine with a little tea Claret - At the county, have a little read - or some wine? (6) Claret - Red enough to need a little tea at the end of the county Claret - With the county, drink a little tea and see red Claret - The county might drink before tea Claret - At the county, a litle tea perhaps - or some wine? Claret - Get it to the county with a little tea - no, wine Claret - For the county, a little tea, or some wine Claret - For the wine a real mixture - see tea around it Claret - For the county, a little tea; for the wine, a little red Claret - Red wine of bordeaux Claret - Red bordeaux wine Claret - Dark purplish-red colour Claret - The country where you get a little tea, not wine like this Claret - The county for red tea Claret - A drink for the county with a little tea Claret - Cartel for bordeaux red wine Claret - Dry red wine of bordeaux Claret - Dry red wine from bordeaux Claret - Type of red wine Claret - Red bourdeaux wine Claret - Irish county starts the wine Claret - Get to the county and have a little tea with wine Claret - The county will provide a little tea with the wine; take it as read Claret - Get to the county with a little tea to make wine with it Claret - The wine is red for the country at first Claret - Get to the country for a little tea, but got wine instead Claret - A wine that's blended later, after a century Claret - Wine from the county town initially Claret - Wine gives a sign of something lacking when litre is bottled Claret - Wine spilt by 10? Claret - The colour of treacle that's not quite off Claret - Drink and drug covered with mud Claret - Poet with little time for wine Claret - College tutor's first with the wine Claret - Wine, less than half its content given up for soak Claret - Nun, first to take wine Claret - Poet gets time to drink Claret - Cambridge college has tons of wine Claret - Musical instrument missing in bordeaux Claret - Wine? cambridge college has tons Claret - French wine cartel broken up Claret - English word for bordeaux Claret - Red wine from southern france Claret - Wine from the bordeaux region Claret - Sommelier's pick Claret - Graves in empty chapel are finally shut Claret - Purplish-red color Claret - Red choice Claret - Galway neighbour takes temperature of drunk in bordeaux Claret - Bordeaux red Claret - Wine cartel of a kind Claret - Girl finds time for wine Claret - Bordeaux red wine Claret - (bordeaux) red wine Claret - The tipple of vampires? Claret - French wine Claret - County town originally producing wine Claret - Blood vessel might contain this? Claret - Wine can get you real drunk in club before "time" Claret - Woodwind dropping in 1 down Claret - College student's last drink Claret - Dry, red wine Claret - Purplish-red - blood Claret - Wine delivered by woman on time Claret - The wine cellar, start later to dispose of Claret - Wine Claret - A french wine cartel broken up Claret - A girl with time for french wine Claret - Bordeaux Claret - Instrument not in the drink Claret - Instrument not involved with making wine Claret - Pour, later on, the cold wine Claret - Audibly whine and point in the mud Claret - 150 are taking time with wine Claret - Woman with time for wine Claret - A red wine Claret - Dark-red wines of bordeaux Claret - Carrying large crate out -- wine Claret - Possibly, vintage cambridge college close to street Claret - Cartel spilled blood Claret - Irish county team's leader in bordeaux Claret - Room for wine, but not the spanish and french wine Claret - Red mark of omission circles line Claret - Drink from irish county town, originally Claret - Wine in litres -- there's a written sign outside Claret - Deep red colour Claret - Purplish-red colour Claret - Treacle endlessly refined to make booze Claret - Instrument that's dropped in red wine Claret - Cambridge college student's last bordeaux Claret - Deep purplish red Claret - County cricket finally demanding blood Claret - Red mark of omission surrounds line Claret - Deep purplish-red Claret - Munster county town wanting own wine Claret - Cambridge college has tip-top wine Claret - English word for red bordeaux wine Claret - Dry red table wine Claret - Holy woman with little time for wine Claret - Red wine choice Claret - Bordeaux can't lose at rugby, eliminating toulouse initially Claret - __ jug: british open trophy Claret - Table wine Claret - Poor nun reaching end of eucharist gets wine Claret - Irish county town's beginning to make wine? Claret - St francis's friend first to taste wine Claret - Left in charge, teenager's opening wine