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Local - Milk train, e.g

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Local - Union branch Local - Kind of anesthetic Local - Express alternative Local - Hometown-related Local - The slo-o-o-ow train Local - Nearby Local - Train making all stops Local - Dietary Local - Confined to one part of the body Local - Townie Local - The slow way to go Local - It's slow going Local - Milk train, e.g Local - Union part Local - Homegrown Local - Making all stops Local - Not express Local - Like some anesthesia Local - Union term Local - From around here Local - Type of news Local - Within the neighborhood Local - Around here Local - Slow train Local - Neighborhood Local - In the neighborhood Local - Close to home Local - Slower subway Local - Train designation Local - In the area Local - In one's hometown Local - Indigenous Local - ___ news Local - Type of train Local - Many-stop train Local - Train that makes all stops Local - In the vicinity Local - Not widespread Local - The anesthetic lidocaine, e.g Local - Opposite of express Local - In town Local - Not an express Local - Union chapter Local - Subway type Local - Like some bands Local - Neighborhood pub Local - From here Local - Like some news Local - Native Local - From the neighborhood Local - Line with many stops Local - It's not an express Local - Like some calls Local - In the region Local - Resident of the region Local - From the area Local - Like some trains Local - Stopping everywhere Local - Stopping all along the way Local - Making all the stops Local - Resident Local - Lifelong resident Local - Regional Local - Provincial Local - Like some produce and bands Local - In the neighbourhodd of one pound of bits of coal Local - Call around, round the pub Local - A firm turn in all that's nearby Local - There used to be a pound of coal in the neighbourhood Local - Of the neighbourhood Local - Firm back in all? not far from it Local - Like some anesthetic Local - Neighbourhood pub or resident Local - Nieghbourhood pub or its customer Local - Confined to the home area Local - Your friendly neighbourhood pub Local - The familiar neighbourhood pub Local - Confined to a limited area Local - It's hardly the express Local - Anaesthetic that numbs one area of the body Local - The neighbourhood pub Local - Drink up what's there nearby Local - All confused about the company back there and here Local - All & co, inside the neighbourhood Local - Train that doesn't skip a stop Local - Like some produce Local - Nothing about in the fifties nearby Local - Call operator first needs to make? Local - Half allocation drunk in the pub Local - The french pass back from this place Local - Where stout, diet? Local - Where to go down and down Local - Watering place preferred by one on a diet? Local - Near - one's pub Local - Neighbourhood - pub Local - Pub - not far away Local - Public house - not far away Local - Pub - of a particular area Local - Close to home - public house Local - Pub, maybe Local - (pub) of the district Local - (pub) of the area Local - Nearby - pub Local - Of the particular neighbourhood Local - Pub - of that area Local - Nearby pub Local - Pub? Local - Relating to the neighbourhood Local - Belonging to the area Local - One's nearest pub Local - One who knows the neighborhood Local - *in the area Local - Certain pub Local - From your neighborhood Local - Stopping at all stations Local - Like some trains and anesthetics Local - Belonging to a particular place Local - Anesthetist's choice Local - What pulls out all the stops? Local - Nontourist Local - It makes all the stops Local - - just look at the state of the neighbourhood! Local - Pub Local - Number of stopping train Local - From nearby Local - Number involved in hearing Local - Restricted number belonging to particular area? Local - Stopping regularly where the neighbours drink? Local - Native anaesthetic Local - Mark knopfler's kind of theme hero Local - Hero in the derby? Local - Derby hero, perhaps Local - One won't knock you out in your neighbourhood pub Local - Parochial Local - Purchase Local - Kind of pub that doesn't put anyone out? Local - Near at hand Local - Nearby; pub Local - Look at state of the nearest boozer! Local - Implying something less fattening from the pub? Local - Measures taken by miles Local - In the neighbourhood Local - Look relaxed leaving motorway round the corner Local - See one using phone half cut in bar Local - Pub's thinking sensibly when throwing out soldier Local - Non-fattening number? Local - A depression lifted at the end of spell in a pub Local - I'm amused about contents of sack turning up in pub Local - Expression of mirth going round accountant's pub Local - Commuters' train Local - Of the area Local - Anaesthetic found in public house? Local - Near-beer place? Local - With the company standing, all cluster round the bar Local - Pub down the road? Local - Pub around the corner? Local - Like non-fattening food in pub Local - Colonel knocked over a litre in one's pub Local - & 22 waves out of the pub to the station? Local - Village inn Local - Confined to a certain place Local - One won't knock you out in your pub Local - Buffalo calf penned nearby Local - Regional; nearby Local - Restricted liberal leader over state Local - In nearby area Local - Confined to a place Local - Subway train designation Local - Train with many stops Local - Boozer about to enter abbreviated text Local - Not long-distance Local - Kind of call that didn't used to need an area code Local - Convenient pub Local - A high-ranking officer turned left -- not general Local - Like fresh ingredients Local - Neighbourhood pub Local - Union group Local - Like some subway stops Local - Regional; a pub Local - Subway option Local - In-town Local - Not general, as anesthesia Local - What all politics is said to be Local - "eddie vedder" ___ h Local - Graham parker "___ girls" Local - Close-by Local - One who knows all the shortcuts, maybe Local - All-stops train Local - Good person to ask for directions Local - Not out of town Local - Anything in one's hometown Local - Such lite food served here? Local - Partie d'un bâtiment Local - Like numbers perhaps for members, not general bar Local - Fat-free drink here? Local - Not express, as a train Local - Sounds almost like it could be of interest to someone on a diet in the neighbourhood Local - Not far away Local - A pub which, hyphenated, might be regarded as nutritionally healthy Local - Horrible cola left in pub Local - Particulier à une région Local - Type of anesthesia Local - Right around here Local - Stopper at all stations Local - Stopper at all stations