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Eels - Fish captured in pots

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Eels - Sushi supplies Eels - Spawning fish Eels - Trattoria entree Eels - Slippery critters Eels - Grown-up elvers Eels - Congers and kin Eels - Fish lacking ventral fins Eels - Sargasso sea swimmers Eels - Stork's supper, perhaps Eels - Fish captured in pots Eels - Morays, e.g Eels - Sushi bar fishes Eels - Snakelike fish Eels - Aquatic shockers Eels - Sushi fare Eels - Sushi fish Eels - Morays Eels - Sniggler's catches Eels - Some are over 11 feet long Eels - They may be charged in the water Eels - Curvy swimmers Eels - Long swimmers Eels - Pickled delicacies Eels - Unagi and anago, at a sushi bar Eels - Snaky swimmers Eels - Slimy creatures Eels - Sigmoid swimmers Eels - 'the little mermaid' baddies Eels - Coral reef dwellers Eels - Stunning swimmers Eels - Sniggling catches Eels - Swamp ___ (predatory fish) Eels - Slithery critters Eels - Snigglers' catches Eels - Slender fish Eels - Nocturnal swimmers Eels - Sushi dishes Eels - Reef denizens Eels - Squiggly swimmers Eels - Sushi bar servings Eels - Smoked fish Eels - Paragons of slipperiness Eels - Snigglers' prey Eels - Sinewy creatures Eels - Some are shockers Eels - Congers and morays Eels - Users of electrolocation Eels - They're slithery and may be smoked Eels - Denizens of the sargasso sea Eels - Bioelectric swimmers Eels - Elver's parents Eels - Slippery creatures Eels - They may be smoked or electric Eels - Slippery swimmers Eels - Bioelectric critters Eels - Electrifying swimmers? Eels - Smoked delicacies Eels - Slithery fish Eels - Bioelectric creatures Eels - They may be smoked Eels - Lampreys, e.g Eels - Sniggler's haul Eels - Snakelike fishes Eels - Fish caught in pots Eels - Sargasso swimmers Eels - Soft-finned fishes Eels - Seal meal Eels - Kin of hagfish Eels - Wriggling fishes Eels - Scaleless fish Eels - Slippery ones Eels - Sinuous swimmers Eels - Congers Eels - Sushi choices Eels - Wriggly swimmers Eels - Reef dwellers Eels - Unagi, in a sushi bar Eels - Congers, e.g Eels - Slippery sorts Eels - Orinoco shockers Eels - Adult grigs Eels - Lengthy lurkers of the deep Eels - Anguilliform creatures Eels - Aquatic zappers Eels - They're caught in pots Eels - Snigglers' wrigglers Eels - Mud, sand and cusk Eels - Sargasso sea migrants Eels - Smorgasbord dish Eels - Wriggly fish Eels - They may be shocking Eels - Snakes in lakes Eels - Snakelike swimmers Eels - Elusive swimmers Eels - What many sushi bars offer Eels - Catch in pots Eels - Slippery fish Eels - Elvers Eels - Electrified swimmers Eels - Conger and moray Eels - Some sushi fare Eels - Stork's supper, sometimes Eels - Reef lurkers Eels - Sushi servings Eels - Bioelectric critters, perhaps Eels - Seals' meals Eels - Slim swimmers Eels - Scaleless wonders Eels - Reef residents Eels - They may shock you Eels - Jellied dishes in england Eels - Sushi-bar selections Eels - River zappers Eels - Slithery fishes Eels - Lagoon lurkers Eels - Some stunning swimmers Eels - Sushi servings, perhaps Eels - Wrigglers Eels - They're trapped in pots Eels - Often-smoked fish Eels - Fish with charges Eels - Slippery varmints Eels - Slippery devils Eels - Squirmy catches Eels - Serpentine swimmers Eels - Slithery swimmers Eels - Sniggler's pursuit Eels - Long fish Eels - Elongated wonders Eels - Seals' meals, sometimes Eels - Sargasso sea dwellers Eels - Slippery sea critters Eels - Jellied delicacy Eels - Slim ocean predators Eels - British pie ingredients Eels - Sinuous shockers Eels - "electric" creatures Eels - Sushi elements Eels - Fish seen on fear factor Eels - Lampreys or congers Eels - Some bioelectric swimmers Eels - Sniggler's take Eels - They lack ventral fins Eels - Slippery catches Eels - Elver's elders Eels - They may be charged at sea Eels - Sniggler's pursuits Eels - Sushi ingredients, sometimes Eels - Sea slitherers Eels - Adult elvers Eels - Producers of currents in currents? Eels - Slippery sea creatures Eels - Grown grigs Eels - Slender swimmers Eels - Sushi-bar display Eels - Collared or jellied dishes Eels - Moray and lamprey Eels - 'novocaine for the soul' band Eels - Fish in sushi bars Eels - Skinny dippers? Eels - Freshwater delicacies Eels - Marine shockers Eels - They may slither until smoked Eels - Otters eat them Eels - Snaky fish Eels - Sushi serving Eels - Apodal creatures Eels - Snakeline swimmers Eels - Rock band with a fishy name Eels - Sushi creatures Eels - Underwater slitherers Eels - Jellied delicacies Eels - Band whose 'saturday morning' is featured in 'wordplay' Eels - Spiny ___ (aquarium fish) Eels - Fish with only minute fins Eels - Fish that can move equally well forward and backward Eels - They might store electric charges Eels - "electric" swimmers Eels - Snaky creatures Eels - Sources of some leather Eels - Wriggly critters Eels - Sushi candidates Eels - Anguine fish Eels - Electrolocation users Eels - They're slippery when wet Eels - Shockers in the deep Eels - Seafood choice Eels - Otters' prey Eels - Electric swimmers Eels - Conger line? Eels - "electro-shock blues" band Eels - Finless fish Eels - Wiggly swimmers Eels - Wet wigglers Eels - Fish with slimy layers Eels - Sniggler's reward Eels - They're unarmed, but could be dangerous Eels - 'end times' band Eels - Some jellied dishes Eels - They may be shockers Eels - Japanese restaurant stock Eels - Anguine fishes Eels - Hydroelectricity providers? Eels - Wriggly, watery critters Eels - Sushi bar stock Eels - Some are shocking Eels - Members of a wriggly field? Eels - Shriekers in 'the princess bride' Eels - Elusive types Eels - Moray and conger Eels - Some electrical generators Eels - Sniggler's prey Eels - Fishes that may shock you Eels - They're slippery and wet Eels - Sushi-bar fare Eels - Electrifying wonders Eels - Anago and unagi Eels - They're difficult to grasp Eels - Elongated fish Eels - Fish dish Eels - Deep shockers Eels - Wiggling fish Eels - Morays, for instance Eels - Swimmers that can shock Eels - Creatures with electrocytes Eels - Sushi chef's purchases Eels - Electrifying swarm Eels - Grownup elvers Eels - Erstwhile elvers Eels - Lampreys Eels - Slithery group Eels - Unagi, at a sushi bar Eels - 37-across swimmers Eels - Morays and congers Eels - 'electric' swimmers Eels - Fish that wriggle Eels - Serpentine fish Eels - Very thin fish Eels - Jellied fishes Eels - Sinewy swimmers Eels - Japanese cuisine staple Eels - High-voltage creatures Eels - Skinny swimmers Eels - Congers and morays, e.g Eels - They would turn up with the piano for a doze, or a twist Eels - Not the sole support of the unaspirated? Eels - Can they twist and look back around the half-century? Eels - Twisters or else twisted Eels - You might to cong with 'er for one of them Eels - Not the sole support for the unaspirated Eels - Not the sole support of the unaspirated Eels - Not the sole support of the aitch-droppers Eels - They twist or else get twisted Eels - Charge us with the horn Eels - They twist 15 across, in the water Eels - See 25 down or else get it all mixed up Eels - What twist or else get twisted Eels - One of these elsewhere in 25 down Eels - Long to see 9 across for them Eels - Long to get to be on foot for cockneys Eels - For cockneys, but not soley for them, in a manner of their speaking Eels - Not the sole support of those lacking 8 down Eels - They get twisted in water (4) Eels - They twist, or else they fet twisted Eels - They give a twist to 15 across Eels - For the unaspirated, they may go on foot Eels - Not the sole unaspirated way to get 4 down from them Eels - Do get along as twisters? Eels - They're long, or else they're twisted Eels - Like 11 downs, but not on the land Eels - Twisters, such as 9 across Eels - They're not the sole support of the unaspirated Eels - One can't stand putting cayenne on them and eat them Eels - Perhaps they have a longing to be on foot for the unaspirated (4) Eels - They long to be in the water Eels - They long to be so fishy and twisty Eels - Long to be in the water Eels - They long for fish Eels - Long to be in the water (4) Eels - They will belong - or else Eels - It's not the cockney's toes that are notable for 27 across Eels - The cockney may like them, but they're not his sole support (4) Eels - Long and go a long way in the sea Eels - Not the sole support of the cockney Eels - They long to be twisting under cockney feet Eels - Not the sole support of the unaspirated in water Eels - Long for them in a fishy sort of way Eels - On foot for the cockneys 10 across Eels - At length they are fishy twisters Eels - Long, or else fishy Eels - Long to be not only 7 down Eels - Sea snakes Eels - That's the way to make 24 across last Eels - Their defenses may be shocking Eels - Water snakes Eels - Symbols of slipperiness Eels - Undulating swimmers Eels - Snakes wriggling in lees Eels - Snake-like fish Eels - Sea snakes among lees Eels - Else they're fish Eels - Marine wrigglers Eels - Feels small imprisoning water creatures Eels - Sea creatures found in lees Eels - Long, fleshy fish Eels - Snakes found in lees Eels - Unagi, in sushi Eels - Snakes in lees Eels - Water snakes twisting in lees Eels - They're twisters, or else long to be Eels - They would twist or else get twisted in the end of 2 down Eels - They twist onto the limbs of a cockney Eels - They long to be in the water at the feet of the unaspirated (4) Eels - Long for fish that's not the sole support of the cockney Eels - Long to be in water Eels - They're not the sole support of the cockney Eels - Make at length for the fish Eels - In water they are long and narrow (4) Eels - Long to fish for them Eels - They're not the sole thing on the cockney's feet Eels - The twisters long to be in water Eels - Long to be so slippery Eels - Turn the top of the sleeve, being too long Eels - The twisters long to be in the water Eels - 'not the sole, slippery support of the unaspirated (4)' Eels - Long for them to be 22 down Eels - This makes them long for fish Eels - One of them wriggles into 34 across Eels - Long to be such twisters as they Eels - Most of the sleeve is turned up for the fish at length Eels - They long to go on foot for the cockney Eels - Not, in short, fish Eels - Twisters long to be in the water Eels - Long to see up about fifty in 29 down Eels - Electric creatures Eels - Long to be the making of 22 across Eels - Fisherman's slippery catches Eels - See about a learner that raised the fish Eels - Exemplars of elusiveness Eels - Elongated swimmers Eels - Shockers in the 'journal of biological oceanography'? Eels - Elvers all grown up Eels - Sushi bar selections Eels - Fish see reflection over lake Eels - ... slippery types Eels - These fish feel slippery inside Eels - Fish cures, i've ’eard Eels - Serpentine swimmers with marylebone's last golfer Eels - Fish kay removed from the bottoms of the boats Eels - Some sushi sources Eels - Great barrier reef denizens Eels - Wet wrigglers Eels - What else is fishy? Eels - Ribbon-like fish Eels - Some nonkosher fish Eels - Ocean current sources? Eels - Wet zappers Eels - Fish that may be jellied Eels - Grown-up grigs Eels - Smoked seafood Eels - Consumers of crustaceans Eels - Grilled fish in japanese unadon Eels - Bet leaves beetles swimming in canal Eels - British pie contents Eels - Sushi options Eels - Ocean burrowers Eels - 27-down predators Eels - (slippery) fish Eels - Shocking swimmers Eels - Sushi bar layout Eels - Ones unable to swim straight? Eels - Sushi bar display Eels - They may be shocking until smoked Eels - Fishes caught in pots Eels - Fish that can swim backwards Eels - Sinuous fish Eels - Fish without pelvic fins Eels - South american freshwater shockers Eels - Snaky fishes Eels - Fish Eels - Traditional cockney delicacies Eels - Great barrier reef swimmers Eels - Fish in the lees Eels - Slithery ones Eels - Slithery school Eels - Some use electric organs Eels - Entrées for otters Eels - 88-down, e.g Eels - Critters that may be 'live' Eels - Pit-dwelling fish Eels - Critters that may be "live" Eels - Sleek swimmers Eels - Jellied ___ (british delicacy) Eels - Slippery fishes Eels - Electrified fishes Eels - Fish experiences having head cut off Eels - Mud ___ (bottom-dwelling fish) Eels - Sea shockers Eels - Sushi fishes Eels - Sushi staple Eels - Turns up cork flower from one side of gardens with japanese delicacies Eels - Marine predators Eels - Popular japanese pizza topping Eels - They lack pelvic fins Eels - Squiggly critters Eels - They're hard to pin down Eels - Food for cockney - does him good, he says? Eels - Having removed head, takes the skin off fish Eels - Their albums include souljacker and beautiful freak Eels - Graham - or maybe johnny Eels - Their albums include beautiful freak and electro shock blues Eels - Susan's house dwellers Eels - Misfit studt Eels - Wriggling catches Eels - Touches headless fish Eels - Abstract nineteen sixties style Eels - Fish, not quite glossily healthy, sent back Eels - Fish found in only two-thirds of fish baskets Eels - General surfacing, to the south, of fish Eels - They swim back in their sleep Eels - Somewhere else, where fish can be found Eels - Around lake observe somersaulting fish Eels - Fish drift off shortly after journey back Eels - Fish here as wintry downpour is shortly to recede Eels - Some of eliza's shoes and slippers? Eels - Shockers in a river Eels - Snigglers' catch Eels - 'electric' creatures Eels - Slippery delicacies Eels - "i don't mind ___ / except as meals" (nash) Eels - Symbols of elusiveness Eels - Unagi sources Eels - Else (anag.) Eels - Slender fishes Eels - Eg conger Eels - Fish, or else go crazy Eels - Slippers - or part of 'em? Eels - They may be shocking swimmers Eels - Despicable people decapitated fish Eels - Recognise up to over fifty fish Eels - Where else to find fish? Eels - Fish skins (excluding head) Eels - Slippery fellows in parts of ship missing at first Eels - Look back over lake for fish Eels - Anguillae Eels - Fish you can see in eyeglass, oddly Eels - They may be jellied or else cooked Eels - Snake-like fishes Eels - They may be found in a creel, squirming Eels - Long fishes Eels - What kipper will do mostly over fish Eels - Fishing equipment missing first fishes Eels - Put back smooth tailless fish Eels - ... needs. cancel new date, and adopt line taken by other swimmers! Eels - Fish found in bottoms of boats with head removed Eels - Devious people, they're often pickled Eels - Smooth fishes Eels - Electrifying fish Eels - Fish with 'sawtooth' and 'cutthroat' families Eels - Small-scale school Eels - Twisting fish Eels - Fish (that may be jellied) Eels - Electrified fish Eels - "slippery" swimmers Eels - Getting a lift, kipper salesman going for more fish Eels - Unadon fillets Eels - Somewhere else to house fish Eels - Seafood often smoked Eels - Wriggly sea creatures Eels - Ambush predators of the sea Eels - Feels trim with slippery characters Eels - Congers and such Eels - Fish used as bait in bass fishing Eels - Sushi supply Eels - Skinny fish Eels - Electrical fish Eels - 14-like fish Eels - Reef wrigglers Eels - Sea wrigglers Eels - Fish without scales Eels - Dodgy types Eels - 'electric' fish Eels - Sushi kitchen supply Eels - Jellied ___ (english seafood dish) Eels - Jellied or smoked seafood Eels - Sinuous coral reef dwellers Eels - Slim, slithery fishes Eels - Stuff seen in sushi Eels - Sargasso sea spawners Eels - They're slithery and slippery Eels - Sniggler's wrigglers Eels - Slithering sea creatures Eels - Slippery creatures, mostly well-dressed, coming round Eels - Fish where else - at sea? Eels - Jellied --, traditional dish Eels - "last stop: this town" guys Eels - "novocaine for the soul" band Eels - Snakelike "hombre lobo" band? Eels - Mark oliver everett's band Eels - E's band Eels - "beautiful freak" band Eels - "souljacker" band Eels - "mr. e's beautiful blues" band Eels - "last stop: this town" band Eels - "hombre lobo" band Eels - "daisies of the galaxy" band Eels - Elongated fishes Eels - Senses tip-off leads to slippery creatures Eels - Narrow-bodied swimmers Eels - Swimmers feel sick inside Eels - Sushi sources Eels - Ingredients in some london pies Eels - They have long bodies and very small fins Eels - Jellied ___ (english fish dish) Eels - Wriggly fishes Eels - Wrigglers in reefs Eels - Fish doze endlessly going round Eels - Slippers into which these go (not at the front) Eels - Mature elvers Eels - Long thin fish Eels - Unagi and anago, in japanese cuisine Eels - Thin fishes Eels - Fish trapped in pots Eels - Slithering water creatures Eels - Long, wriggly swimmers Eels - Charged fish? Eels - Meals for seals Eels - 'a creel of __, all ripples': sylvia plath Eels - "a creel of __, all ripples": sylvia plath