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Sitar - Instrument on the beatles' 'within you without you' Alou - Baseball's moises or felipe Cabaret - Liza minnelli musical Afar - Out of range, maybe Eels - Snakelike fish Red - Bull baiter Amen - Congregational response Marias - Wimbledon winner bueno and others Itsalive - 1974 thriller about a murderous baby Nepal - Country with a five-sided flag Astride - On horseback, perhaps Goose - Mother riding a flying gander Palo - --- alto, california Amen - One kind of corner Dde - 1952 political inits Sis - Family nickname Eden - Churchill's successor Calf - Muscle that a runner stretches Sty - Messy pen Eer - Suffix with mountain or musket Emails - Contents of some in-boxes nowadays Nero - Roman emperor after claudius Hiptobesquare - 1986 huey lewis and the news hit Amen - Revelation ender Ocanada - Song heard at the skydome Vinnie - One of gabe's 'sweathogs,' in 70's tv Amen - "my sentiments exactly!" Jove - "by ---!" (exclamation of surprise) Panorama - Picture representing a continuous scene Uss - Letters starting a ship's name Sent - Directed home Stationer - Beneficiary of paper profits? Pta - Local fund-raising grp Amen - 'absolutely!' Boa - Drag queen's wrap Bed - You may make it in the morning Enraged - Ready to spit bullets Aida - Elton john rock musical Tra - 'the flowers that bloom in the spring, ___ la' Cana - Biblical marriage-feast location Ere - I - i palindromic center Onside - Type of gridiron kick Den - The hague to the dutch (with 36-down) Ratio - Batting average, e.g Osha - Dept. of labor arm Hyannis - Massachusetts port on nantucket sound Lulu - Doozy Serenade - Victor herbert operetta, with 'the' Bet - Poker action Ropes - Trainees learn them (with "the")
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