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Iona - Island with a 13th-century cathedral Esso - Renamed oil company Aaa - Bumper sticker letters Cashin - Redeem Onthelam - Hiding out Una - A, in aquila Ant - Symbol of industry Aerie - Eagle's roost Crumb - Merest remnant of a sandwich Style - Edwardian or victorian Sari - Delhi wrap Aerie - Cliffside dwelling Eatyourhout - Words of gloating Ions - Particles in particle accelerators Radio - Pilot's communicator Ettu - Senate accusation Baa - Sheep's cry Theshunsignboys - Group that ignores four-way stops, e.g.? Lowrise - Building with just a few floors Billedwilliam - Invoiced a british royal Elleryqueen - Ralph bellamy's master detective role Sendsanote - Expresses condolences, perhaps Elsa - Leonine movie star Birthstare - One's first hard look at the world? Gear - Paraphernalia Medoc - Vineyard region of france Michaelcaine - 29-across's co-star in 'the muppet christmas carol' Aug - Mo. in which bill clinton was born Aug - Mo. in which bill clinton was born Aug - Mo. in which bill clinton was born Aug - Mo. in which bill clinton was born Nude - Titian's 'venus of urbino,' for one Gear - Camping stuff Odor - What wavy lines mean, in comics Nude - Revealing work of art? Brad - Thin nail Asian - Like 60% of the world's people Wile - --- e. coyote Uncoined - Already existing, as a phrase Looniest - Most out-to-lunch Aspect - Look Redo - Provide with a new look Kissandmakeup - Things linked in the minds of 70's music fans? Reseen - Like cult films, again and again Kern - "the last time i saw paris" composer Stair - Word with way or well Eden - Locale of original sin Unaided - Helpless? Amer - Part of ascap: abbr Mensch - Person of integrity and honor
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